~*~*Anniversary 4*~*~

"We're all addicted to something that takes away the pain."

"Come on Sasuke! Tell me where we're going!" A loud, obnoxious whine squealed in the pale boys ears. Grimacing in disgusting, he turned, enraged, to his lover and sent an icy glare streaming his way. Sadly, one of the reasons he loved his partner but also one of the reason he despised him, the young blonde dismissed the glare as nothing but a fly on a next door neighbors living room wall. The eccentric boy, still bouncing in the passenger seat in the packed 2010 Lexus GS 450h, gazed out the window trying to guess the location the raven haired boy was bringing him.

As the tall silver metal platforms dispersed, and reformed themselves into tall, slender wooden statues, the blonde's enthusiasm grew.

"Are we going horse back riding? Or how about rock climbing? Wait!", questions poured out of the bold blonde who gripped at the sleeve of the already busy driving Uchiha. "Are you taking me to be up ducted by aliens from a different dimension who will bring me back to their ship and probe me with long needles made out of super glue?" his bellowed question made Sasuke's foot inch towards the break, imagining the peaceful air about the car if he just kicked the poor blonde out. But instead the slight chuckle from the raven made the alarmed blue eyes of his lover shoot to him.

"Yes Naruto, you caught me" sarcasm dripped from every word as the blinker of the car clicked on, notifying Naruto that where ever they were going, they were almost there. Searching for the place of secrecy, he was slightly confused when the car came to a sudden stop. Looking around once more then at Sasuke, his eyes spoke more then his words could form. The raven boy snickered as he stepped out of the car, waving for his lover to join him. The hesitant movement of the boy who began to slowly slip out of the car, caused for a loud huff to escape the pale lips of the other waiting boy.

"Naruto!" His voice rose in pitches as he walked swiftly to the other side of the vehicle, grabbing the defenseless boy and dragging his squirming form out of the car. As the flailing body of his lover proceeded to tarnish the undisturbed ground, the boy spat out random curses and statements on the lines of: "Help! Someone! Rape!".

"Would you be quiet?" a forcefully tone encased the surrounding area, the wind seeming to even listen to the demand. The blonde then fell limb, dragging completely on the ground next to Sasuke's feet. As he was contemplating a way to drag the raven down with him, he was suddenly dropped onto the hard environment. Moaning in pain he slowly, painfully, turned over to see where the stupid ass hole had brought him, and he gasped.

There in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees, was a small cliff over looking mountains in the North. A empty area was mounted with a rectangle shaped tent that beside it hung lanterns and glistening lights that traveled, connecting to the trees that lay just a few feet away. Emotions flooded through the small tan boy as he stared at the sight, the sun peaking only slightly from above the mountains, the multicolor tree leaves that danced around his ankles, he was, for the first time, speechless. He turned to his lover who was slowly picking up sticks whilst watching the blondes reaction.

"What- what is all this?" Naruto questioned the raven. The raven shrugged and grabbed another twig.

"Happy Anniversary" grinning the blonde ran up to the raven and tackled him to the ground, smiling wide.

"So just as she was coming around the corner-" the blonde dramatic voice that was telling the tall tale of some sort of scary happen stance, was cut short by the flying marshmallow fireball that was flung at his head. His exclamation of shock gave him another energy to dodge the missal. Glaring back up at Sasuke, Uzumaki opened his mouth to yell all the things that he thought of the other boy at that moment but was once again stop short by a rude interruption. Glancing down at his hand, the blonde's eyes grew in horror at the spider that crawled over his now pallid hand.

"Sasuke! Get it! Get it!" Screaming in terror Naruto jumped up, throwing himself over the fire and tackling the unprotected Uchiha that then fell backwards off the log he was stationed on. Uzumaki lay, shaking, on top of the raven's chest, which was heaving in pain. Just as he was about to throw his lover off of him and yell random insults, the blonde boys sudden gasps of air stopped the enraged raven. Holding him closer to himself he picked his lover up and walked slowly to the edge of the cliff. Setting him down on a blanket he laid with him, staring as stars zoomed above their heads.

"You know," Sasuke's delicate voice whispered into the tan ear that lay on his chest, "There was this tale, about these two people. They were both madly in love. But one day, she got sick. This sickness was spreading quite rapidly, so the other lover walked to the Gods, and begged and pleaded with them to allow for his lover to be placed in the skies, so that she may live forever for he spoke so incredible about the women, even saying he was addicted to her love. The Gods thought this through and agreed, on one condition, for the his life in return. Contemplating this, he nodded, deciding that he would rather his lover to live forever than die a painful death. So, the wish was fulfilled." The raven sighed looking at the now intent Naruto and smiled slightly.

"What happened next?" the blonde urged him, gripping slightly against Sasuke's collar.

"Well, when she found out. She was destroyed, for a life without him was no life at all. So, as she was placed in the skies she whispered to the heavens to bring her lover back to her. Until, after the Gods saw the selfless love that the lovers shared, the Gods placed him into the skies with him as well. Both side by side, soon over time, merge together. These merging of their love, passion, and selflessness became known as the Northern Lights" Naruto's mouth was gaped open as Sasuke finished the story. The raven's long arm reached out and pointed toward the sky as the blonde still stood mesmerized but glanced quickly to see what the onyx eyed boy was staring at.

"See that alignment of stars? That's called Clairnia. And that one." he moved his hand in the opposite direction to gesture at another pair of stars, "Its Demecte. The Lovers of the Skies" Still to shocked at this new side to Sasuke, Naruto was barely able to speak:

"Why-why'd you tell me that?" Sasuke looked from the skies to stare deeply into his lovers ocean eyes. A small smile escaped through the usually cemented lips.

"I told you that Naruto, because you are the only one I would face death, and the God's themselves, to be with forever. I'm addicted" His words struck a cord in Naruto, as the grip on Sasuke's collar tightened, a soft, fervent kiss was placed upon pale lips.

Well, here is another Anniversary story. Sorry I haven't written in a while. I have been busy busy busy.

And sorry for this one being so...well...bad __. Our little Sasuke and Naruto will get better, :) promise.

So, I don't own Naruto and all that jazz.

This is for my baby for our 10 month Anniversary. 3