Story Title: Collapse at Windcrest Mine

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE – Word of the Week: Collapse. What is it about Winchester's and abandoned mines. This can't possibly bode well, now does it?

Disclaimer: Supernatural and its characters are not mine. Just the ideas and the mayhem they bring.

Challenge Date: Feb 22, 2009

Chapter 03: Not That One

Summary: And the bad news just keeps on coming.

Word Count: 183

Warning: Language


Previously: Hoisting his precious cargo, he turned suddenly at the sound of a frantic voice.

"Did you find him?"


"What the hell are you doing here?" he shouted at the figure as he moved towards the entrance, as fast as he dared. "I thought I told you to stay back at the camp."

"Damnit I know, but the brat's missing."

As he stepped further along the tunnel, and towards the entrance, he shifted his bundle to a more comfortable position slightly higher up on his chest. In this new position, he could hear the child's slightly labored breathing. He prayed that it was due to the dust and not some internal injury. 'Please God let him be alright.'

"Don't worry; I got 'em."

The waning sunlight caught the child's face, illuminating it to a healthier tone. But it was at the look of sheer horror on his companion's face that made the man's blood froze, and he nearly collapsed as the gravity of the situation increased exponentially.

"Not that one."

Instinctively knowing the answer, it was a deep sense of dread that he forced himself to ask the question. "Did you know which way he went?"

"I thought he was with you."