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I try inverse ABC, inverse RST, inverse shark, inverse snake, and any combination of them; if that doesn't work, I ask out the assistant technician for a coffee while my brute force algorithm runs.


Smile. (Only works with female technicians.)

Smile more broadly. (Works with almost everyone.)

Smile really broadly, including fangs. (Works with everyone.)


Look for post-its under the keyboard. Try to do a psychic reading of the keyboard. Call my colleagues.

Have a long talk with Goose about acceptable ways to find out the password when this is over.


Get a search warrant for the computer. Get a second search warrant for the whole premises. Unfortunately, we will have to shut down the whole company while we search it. You do remember the password?


Password breaking? As easy as breaking bones. Whoever knows the password has friends and relatives. And they know pain.


Shoot the technician who is least likely to know the password first. Ask the remaining technicians.


Who shot all the technicians? And who called the Galaxy Rangers?!?

Captain Kidd

Get Squeegee to eavesdrop on the technicians.

Queen of the Crown

I have competent personnel for that.

Why did suddenly all the lights go out?

Audra Miles

I hate civilization!

Roy McIntyre

I'll try 1234. Hey, it worked.

I wonder why that statue is moving.


I know the password. But I can't tell you. It's a secret.

Commander Walsh

I don't want to know how you found out the password.