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Part 2

Chapter 3: Deadly Toys

"So this is it huh?" Naruto questioned allowed as he along with team eleven and Chiyo stared at the massive boulder in front of them. "There's a seal on it." Naruto added while pointing to the seal posted directly in the center of the boulder they assumed was the entrance way. "Do you recognize it Fu?" Naruto questioned.

"Yeah" Fu answered with a nod of her head. "It's a Five Barrier Seal, high quality stuff right there."

"Well how do we go about removing it then?" Haku asked curiously.

Placing her hand on her chin in a thinking pose Fu recited thoughtfully. "Well this kind of barrier is made by creating five seals with kin written on them. You then space them out in the vicinity, too far apart from each other and it won't work. We just have to remove all the seals including this one." Fu concluded.

"We'll need to find these seals quick." Anko spoke up. "Get to work on it Naruto."

"I know." Naruto returned while stretching out his hands. "This shouldn't take too long if the seals are close by." Naruto added as thousands upon thousands of kikai emerged from his sleeves and took off into the air.

"So looks like you guys beat us to it." A voice piped in from behind Anko.

"Tsk so Tsunade-sama sent your team then Kakashi?" Anko deduced while turning around to face the newly arrived team seven.

"Naturally." Kakashi responded with an eye smile.

"It's you isn't it!" Chiyo suddenly shouted interrupting the small greeting of teams, causing Kakashi and the others to stare at her in slight confusion.

"Me?" Kakashi returned while pointing to himself.

"I shall see you dead white fang of Konoha!" Chiyo proclaimed as she unveiled a kunai and charged Kakashi with surprising swiftness for an old woman, only to have her wrist caught firmly in Sasuke's hand.

"I don't know what quarrels you have with Kakashi-sensei, but you'll have to get by me to settle them." Sasuke challenged.

"Kakashi?" Chiyo muttered as she pulled back from Sasuke. "I've made a mistake then, please forgive me." Chiyo reasoned with a light smile.

"I can see how you made the mistake." Kakashi piped in with an eye smile. "The white fang was my father after all."

"Naturally the resemblance is uncanny." Chiyo concluded.

"Yes I assume so." Kakashi added before taking note of the seal posted on the boulder. "So a five barrier seal then eh?"

"Yeah we've already come to that conclusion." Anko explained. "Right now Naruto has his kikai out searching for the remaining ones."

"I see." Kakashi stated while nodding his head thoughtfully. "And how much time has passed since the extracting process started?"

"It's been a good two days by now." Chiyo answered.

"Oh pardon me for not asking this before, but who are you exactly?" Kakashi questioned directing his lazy eye towards Chiyo.

"She's lady Chiyo, an adviser from the sand." Naruto answered. "But more importantly my comrades seem to be returning." Naruto pointed out as several clouds of beetles appeared in the distance. Reaching out his arms his beetles returned back into his body.

"They found them." Naruto stated. "On top of a rock about five hundred meters north east of here is the first one. The second is on the trunk of a tree on a river bank about three hundred and fifty meters south east. The third is on a mountain side six hundred and fifty meters north west. The last is inside a grove of trees eight hundred meters south west." Naruto recited.

"So which of our teams are going to go and get them?" Kakashi questioned although he already knew the answer.

"Obviously it's going to be your team." Anko remarked. "I'm not about to go searching all over the damn country side for some seals."

Sighing to himself Kakashi reached into his bag and pulled out five radio headsets. "The seals need to be removed at the same time so these will come in handy, just listen for my message." Kakashi explained as he handed Anko one of the headsets and the rest to his own team.

"Alright we're counting on you to get this done Kakashi." Anko added.

"Leave it to us." Kakashi offered with a lazy wave of his hand. "Alright team scatter!" Kakashi ordered as he along with Sakura, Sasuke, and Sai vanished in a blur of speed.

(Meanwhile Inside the Cave)

"It appears Konoha has arrived at our doorstep." Zetsu suddenly spoke.

"We cannot allow them to interfere." The ring eyed shadow spoke with a slight hint of anger in his normally calm voice.

"We still got a day to go don't we, there's no way they can find all the seals in time." One of the shadows spoke in a tone far too cheerful for the circumstances.

"Shut up Tobi yeah." Deidara snapped back. "They got an Aburame wit them, they'll find the seals easy yeah."

"If they make it inside before the extraction process is complete you two will dispose of them." The ring eyed shadow spoke to Deidara and Sasori. "But make sure both Jinchuuriki are captured alive." He added.

"Hmph Kakuzu you've faced both of the Jinchuuriki before, what are these bastards like?" Sasori questioned his stock comrade.

"The Nanabi is brash and confident in her abilities, while the Kyuubi is calm, collected, and not flustered easily." Kakuzu answered.

"Is that all you got on them yeah?" Deidara asked slightly intrigued with the prospect of fighting another Jinchuuriki.

"You'll meet them soon enough." Kakuzu responded tightly before returning to his silence.

"Tch real informative yeah." Deidara remarked snidely.


Anko had positioned her self on the side of the boulder and was currently awaiting Kakashi's message to remove the seal.

"Remember Naruto, I want you to shatter this thing the moment I peel the seal off got it!" Anko shouted down at Naruto.

"I understand." Naruto responded as he created a Rasengan in his hand, and prepared to launch himself at the boulder.

"You guys find those seals yet?" Anko suddenly questioned through her headset.

"I've located mine." Sai responded from his position.

"I see it, I'm ready when you are." Sasuke's voice echoed through the speaker.

"Yep it's here alright." Kakashi responded as well while crouching next to the seal he'd found. "How's things going on your side Sakura?"

"I just found it; I'm in position now." Sakura confirmed.

"Good on the count of three everyone rip off the seal." Kakashi ordered. "one…two…..three!"

"Now Naruto!" Anko shouted as she ripped off the seal and launched her self from the boulder.

"Rasengan!" Naruto shouted as he drove the spinning orb of chakra into the boulder shattering it with minimal effort.

"By the sound of it I guess they got in." Kakashi noted over his speaker. "Alright team let's meet back…" Kakashi started but stopped when he noticed something was growing from the mountain side near him.

"By the sudden stop in what you were saying I'm guessing the same thing is happening on your end then Kakashi-sensei?" Sasuke spoke over the speaker as he watched an exact copy of himself emerge from the ground in front of him.

"Whaaa what the hell is this!" Sakura squealed over the headset. "You guys aren't going to believe this but somehow a clone of me formed out of the water from stream next to here."

"We believe you alright." Kakashi confirmed as he stared into the eye of his own doppelganger. "Sai are you seeing the same thing?"

"Yes Kakashi-sensei" Sai answered calmly. "This is a rather strange Jutsu." Sai reasoned as he stared at his clone carefully.

"So they thought that far ahead did they?" Sasuke remarked with a smirk. "I guess even if the barrier was disabled a trap was set to keep us further busy, damn bastards."

"Can't be helped." Kakashi replied with a sigh. "Well Anko looks like we may have our hands tied up for a while."

"Don't worry we'll handle things on this end." Anko responded as the dust began to settle and the light from outside illuminated the cave.

"What the hell is this!" Fu shouted taking in the appearances of all the silhouettes in the room that were still focused on their task of extracting the Shukaku from Gaara. "And what the fuck is that!" Fu added while pointing to the massive demonic statute that was currently draining the Shukaku from Gaara.

"Calm down Fu-san." Haku advised. "By the looks of it, we made it in time."

"Ah the brash one yeah, you must be the Nanabi my man was telling me about." Deidara greeted. "So which of you is the Kyuubi huh?"

"Deidara, we have a job to do." Sasori rebuked irritably as his eyes landed on Chiyo. 'Hm so my dried up old grandmother really is here after all.'

"Sasori" Chiyo muttered to herself.

'So these are all the Aktasuki members' Naruto assessed while observing each of the seven silhouettes not counting Sasori and Deidara. 'Nine in all, Itachi, Kisame, Deidara, Sasori, Kakuzu, and four I don't recognize, looks like one of them is a female, but which one is the leader?' Naruto thought as his eyes landed on the man with the ring like pattern in his eyes.

"You seem to be staring at me quite intently boy." The man with the rings in his eyes commented.

"You're the leader aren't you?" Naruto questioned coolly while taking in his surroundings carefully.

"Hm you are quite something." The man admitted. "Enough of this Deidara, Sasori our guest have over stayed their welcome."

"As cool as the other side of the pillow yeah." Deidara interrupted. "You must be the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki then yeah?"

Ignoring Deidara's question Naruto continued to take in every thing around him. 'This statute like creature seems to be what they're using to extract the Biju. Two eyes on it are open does that mean they've already gotten a hold of two Jinchuuriki?' Naruto pondered to himself, before taking note of one of the eyes that was in the process of opening.

'That eye is about two thirds open; it has to be an indicator for how far along they're in extracting the Shukaku from Gaara.' Naruto concluded. 'Perhaps if I destroy this thing they'll lose their means of extracting Biju.'

"Didn't you hear me yeah?" Deidara tried once again. "I'm talking to you try paying attention."

Naruto's answer was to perform a hand seal creating a clone at his side. "I can hear you just fine." Naruto confirmed before taking off directly towards Deidara and Sasori with his clone at his side.

"What the hell are you doing!" Anko shouted.

As Naruto dashed towards his targets he formed a Rasengan in his hand. "Now" Naruto muttered prompting his clone to grab him by the arm.

'So that's what he intends to do.' The ring eyed shadow thought as he watched Naruto's clone grab him by the arm before spinning around and launching Naruto with as much force as it could muster.

"Kid has got guts, I'll give him that." Deidara stated.

"Fool he's after the Gedo Statue!" Sasori shouted as he tried to intervene by shooting his iron tail towards Naruto only for it to be grabbed by a snake protruding from Anko's trench coat.

"Sorry but you're not getting in his way, got that?" Anko remarked with a snide smirk.

"Rasengan!" Naruto shouted as he attempted to plant the spinning orb of chakra into the demonoid statue.

"I won't allow it." The ring eyed figure spoke just as the statue vanished in a cloud of smoke.

"Shit." Naruto grumbled while passing through the spot the statue had been only moments before. Canceling out the Rasengan Naruto stood up and glared at the ring eyed shadow's silhouette.

"Very wise of you to go after my Demonic statute of the outer path." The man commented, as Gaara's body dropped to the ground with a thud. "It seems that you have succeeded in stopping us from extracting the Shukaku for the time being. But even so, we've managed to take two third's of its chakra. Besides you will be captured here and now Kyuubi boy."

"No, your subordinates will be killed here and now." Naruto returned with conviction in his voice. "I'll mark your numbers down at seven before this day is through."

"We shall see." The man retorted as he along with the remaining silhouettes began to shimmer from existence. "Make sure this boy is captured at all cost." He ordered Sasori and Deidara before finally disappearing completely.

"Well aren't you a bothersome one yeah." Deidara piped back in. "I went through all the trouble of catching this bastard, and you fucking ruin the whole show. Not cool at all man."

"Not cool?" Naruto repeated while adjusting his shades. "You believe capturing and trying to kill a villages Kage cool?"

"No shit anything that gives me the chance to show my art to the world defines cool to me yeah." Deidara answered.

"What is this idiot talking about?" Fu shot in. "Art? What the hell does art have to with anything right now!"

"Allow me to show you my art yeah." Deidara offered as the large clay like owl that had been carrying Gaara landed beside him. "Fine art is that single fleeting moment of explosion, true beauty at it's finest." Deidara continued as the owl swept up Gaara's still unconscious body into its mouth. "Sorry my man." Deidara called out to Sasori while jumping onto the birds back. "My art isn't something that can be previewed in such a cramped space, see yah later yeah." Deidara concluded as he took off for the exit of the cave.

"Damn he's getting away with Gaara!" Fu shouted as she made to follow after Deidara, only to be stopped by Naruto.

"No, that one is a bad opponent for you." Naruto reasoned. "He'll use your hotheadedness to his advantage." he continued while biting down on his thumb. "Besides I think my skills are better suited for this fight." Naruto claimed as he slammed his palm on the ground. "Summoning Jutsu!" A cloud of smoke erupted from the spot Naruto had slammed his palm and once it cleared Sukushi stood in its place.

"You rang Naruto-sama?"

"Sorry I have to keep the pleasantries short Sukushi." Naruto remarked while jumping onto Sukushi's back. "Our opponent is of the flying sort, we don't have time to waste."

"Say no more Naruto-sama." Sukushi returned before opening her shell and stretching out her wings. "Here we go!" Chorused Sukushi as she took off into the air but not before Anko landed on her back as well.

"Damn Gaki, what ever happened to group decisions?"

"Forgive me Anko-sensei but time is of the essence." Naruto responded. "I made a judgment call based on the various factors, this was the definitely the best move."

"Tch whatever." Anko responded before shouting down at Haku and Fu. "Me and Naruto will handle this one that's making a run for it! You two help Chiyo take out that other one down there!" Anko managed to get out before she and Naruto disappeared from view.

"Understood" Haku confirmed as she along with Fu and Chiyo turned to face their opponent.

"Hm so you three shall be my opponents?" Sasori mocked as though the mere thought of it was humorous. "Very well I shall make each of you apart of my collection then."

"Collection, what does he mean by that?" Haku asked keeping her attention completely focused on the man before her.

"What you're seeing now isn't Sasori's true form." Chiyo answered while pulling out a dozen kunai from her baggy sleeves that suddenly began to float in mid air.

'Chakra strings?' Fu concluded thoughtfully at seeing the trick Chiyo was performing.

"I'll show you." Chiyo offered before firing off the kunai towards Sasori with blinding speed and accuracy.

'Tsk, you'll have to do better then that, you dried up old wind bag.' Sasori thought with mirth while pulling up his iron tail to shield himself from the incoming projectiles.

The cave echoed with numerous clanks from the kunai hitting Sasori's tail and unprotected parts before they dropped to the ground, along with his cloak that didn't survive the onslaught of kunai.

Fu nearly gasped at what was revealed underneath Sasori's shredded cloak. "What the hell is that?" Fu muttered as she observed the strange construction perched on all fours, that was Sasori.

"It's a puppet." Haku answered. "But not like one I've ever seen, besides where's the wielder controlling it?" Haku concluded as her eyes began to wonder about the cave in hopes of spotting the man pulling the strings of what was in front of her.

"You are correct in that being a puppet." Chiyo explained. "But you needn't look for the person controlling it, since he's already facing us."

"You mean he's inside of that then?" Haku returned slightly wide eyed.

"Exactly." Chiyo answered dryly.

"Hehe." Sasori chuckled. "Do you wish to know how I do it?" Sasori offered, although he had full intentions of explaining regardless of their answer. "First, I rip out all of your entrails, and then your skin will be the next to go. After which I'll clean off all the blood, and treat your body so it never decays. Finally I'll add you to the rest of my collection." Sasori stated darkly. "This is my art, and after I've collected you, I'll have exactly three hundred and one bodies in my collection."

"This man…he's a monster." Haku confirmed as she steeled her eyes on Sasori. "A creature such as yourself no longer has a place among men."

"Girl, believe me when I say I fully agree." Sasori retorted. "I've killed my humanity and transcended such trivial nonsense such as feelings and even time it self."

Haku remained silent but slid into a fighting stance, and glared at Sasori fiercely. 'I will not allow people such as this man to put their hands on Naruto-kun and Fu-san Haku vowed as the cave suddenly began to get colder, so much that the very walls were starting to be covered in a thin layer of ice.

'I've never seen Haku so pissed off before.' Fu thought while taking note that the cave was now cold enough to see her own breath. 'Her chakra is literally turning this cave into a damn freezer.'

'This child truly possesses a powerful chakra to have such an effect.' Chiyo thought.

"I see." Sasori spoke up as he watched the cave slowly become covered in more ice. "You're one of those Hyoton users; you will make a fine addition to my collection."

"I think not." Haku shot back as she vanished in a blur of speed.

"Foolish child, rushing in so recklessly." Sasori commented as he made to move his tail to ward off Haku's attack only to discover it had been encased in a thick layer of ice that glued it to the floor.

"I suspected you wouldn't notice the ice, considering you hiding inside that puppet." Haku explained as she outstretched her hand forming a javelin of ice.

"Naive child." Sasori remarked as he opened his mouth and fired out and impossibly large amount of senbon.

'Senbon, poisoned tipped no doubt.' Haku deduced as she began to use her javelin as a make shift staff to bat away the incoming senbon.

"It's over." Sasori claimed just as he fired the contraption on his left arm towards Haku.

Haku's eyes widened as the strange device exploded spraying thousands of senbon.

"Haku!" Chiyo shouted, as the senbon kicked up dust as they impacted the spot Haku had been.

When the dust settled both Sasori and Chiyo looked around in confusion considering Haku was no where to be found, instead only a sheet of ice was on the ground in her place.

'What the hell?' Sasori thought completely dumbfounded.

"It's over." Haku's voice echoed from above Sasori.

Quickly looking up it was too late for Sasori to avoid Haku as she dropped down from another ice mirror above Sasori wielding a massive mallet formed from ice.

"Flatten his ass!" Fu shouted just as Haku drove the massive sledge hammer into Sasori, shattering the puppet on impact.

As Sasori's puppet shattered a cloaked figure sprang from the remains, and landed a safe distance from Haku.

"Impressive." The figure spoke in a new tone worlds apart from his previous voice. "To think that my Hiruko puppet would be destroyed by a mere child."

All attention was solely on Sasori as he reached for the cloak on his face.

"But I'm afraid that my demise will not come that easily." Sasori added before pulling away the cloak revealing his true face.

"So is this the real deal?" Fu questioned Chiyo. "I mean is the real Sasori?"

"It is." Chiyo answered shortly. 'But that's impossible.' Chiyo thought to herself. 'He hasn't aged since the day he left.'

'I see my appearance surprises you grandma Chiyo.' Sasori mused. "How about I treat you three to something special?" Sasori offered while reaching for a scroll and holding it up in front of him. "He's my favorite considering how hard it was to kill and add him to my collection."

"Sasori…you didn't." Chiyo remarked.

"Hehe" Sasori chortled as a cloud of smoke erupted from the scroll, and a puppet stood in front of him. "You two young one's do not know of him, so allow me to introduce you to the sand villages late Kazekage."

"He turned one of your former Kages' into a puppet!" Fu acknowledged.

"Of course, now let us begin." Sasori ordered.


"Damn it!" Sasuke grunted as his sword clashed with his doppelgangers. 'Why can't I beat this fake? Everything I do he can do as well, even my Sharingan's abilities are mimicked by this bastards.' Sasuke summarized as his clone stared at him displaying no emotion, while pushing his sword against Sasuke's for dominance.

"You're nothing more then a cheap imitation for the real thing, and I'll be damned if I lose to you." Sasuke proclaimed just as he channeled an electric current through his blade, sending his clone flying backwards, and impacting brutality against a boulder.

Sasuke's replica had hardly looked fazed as he pulled himself from the rubble, once again ready to resume the fight.

"Pft" Sasuke spat. "So I guess it's going to take a lot more then that to put you away. Fair enough, here comes a lot more." Sasuke warned before jamming his Kusinagi into the ground. "Let's see how you like this!" Sasuke challenged only for his clone to mimic him by forcing his own blade into the ground.

"Just die already!" Sasuke shouted, in which soon after the ground began to shake and crack as a massive electrical current ripped through the ground towards his clone.

Not looking worried in the slightest Sasuke's clone returned fire with the exact same technique.

"Shit" Sasuke cursed as their attacks clashed with one another before cancelling each other out. "This is impossible." Sasuke panted while staring down his clone. "He's matched me attack for attack, but I'm the only one who seems winded."

"So you've noticed it too then?" Kakashi's voice echoed through Sasuke's earpiece, just as he narrowly avoided the lightning blade his clone tried to drive through his chest.

"It's kind of hard not to notice." Sasuke returned. "No matter how many Jutsu this guy uses, his chakra remains the same, while mine decreases from fatigue."

"And any attempt to put them away with a decisive Jutsu just results in them countering with the same attack." Kakashi added.

"But if that's true, how can we win?" Sakura questioned though her earpiece before driving her chakra infused fist into the ground creating a large shockwave of earth that traveled towards her mirror image. Sakura's clone quickly defended against it by ripping out a large slab of earth from the ground and shielding herself from the attack.

"You needn't worry your large forehead off." Sai's voice sounded through the receiver.

"What did yah just say!" Sakura shouted, not sounding amused in the slightest.

"That our solution is simple." Sai returned ignoring Sakura's retort. "If we can not defeat our own clone, then we should dispose of each others." Sai concluded as he watched his own ink lion wrestle with the one his clone had drawn up.

"Hn" Sasuke piped in with a smirk. "Not a bad idea Sai, it would be child's play for me to kick your clones ass."

"But were pretty spread out." Sakura deduced. "What are we supposed to do?"

"Your position isn't far from Sai's" Kakashi spoke up. "And I'm not too far from Sasuke's location. We'll have to slowly make our way towards each other."

"Besides it's not like these things are going to have a problem with following us." Sasuke summarized as he skidded under a swift roundhouse from his clone, before leaping into a nearby tree. "Alright how about a game of follow the leader?" Sasuke challenged his clone.

Not showing any sign of emotion Sasuke's clone quickly launched himself after Sasuke, whom now was already leaping though the trees at a brisk pace.

"Good, we'll meet with each other half way." Kakashi ordered as he too coaxed his clone into pursuing him.


"This puppet is the Sandaime Kazekage?" Fu questioned while studying the puppet carefully.

"Correct" Chiyo answered. "It's been well over ten years since he went missing, but to think that this is what became of him." Chiyo added.

"Grandma, you're familiar with this man." Sasori cut in. "So you should already know it's hopeless to resist me now."

"You've truly fallen Sasori." Chiyo commented. "To betray your own village to such an extent, I'll do what I must." Chiyo confirmed.

"Hn, you will try." Sasori returned as his puppet sprang towards Fu and Chiyo with speed that caught both women off guard. Multiple blades unsheathed themselves from the puppets arms as it attempted to cleave them in half.

"It's too fast." Fu thought desperately as the puppet brought its blades down on them, only to be blocked by a pillar of ice that sprang from seemingly nowhere.

The ice pillar shattered from the force of the blow but gave Fu, and Chiyo the time they needed to avoid the attack.

Not looking fazed in the slightest Sasori merely twitched his fingers causing the puppet's forearms to open up revealing several summoning seals on the interior. "Die" Sasori robotically muttered, as literally hundreds of puppet arms sprang from the seals and barreled towards Fu and Chiyo.

"Damn it!" Haku shouted as she realized she was much too far to effectively intervene.

"It's over" Sasori claimed while the puppets arms crashed down on top of Fu and Chiyo, causing the cave to shake fiercely from the violent impact. "Well that's two down." Sasori stated as he turned his attention to Haku. "You needn't look that way; I only used enough force to incapacitate the Nanabi."

"Who's incapacitated?" Fu's voice rang though the dust the attack had created.

"Impossible." Sasori muttered as the dust settled revealing Fu and Chiyo encased inside a field of electricity.

'These kids are exceptionally skilled.' Chiyo thought as she recalled just how quickly Fu was able to perform the Jutsu she had, that more then likely saved both of them.

"The inexperienced love to pat themselves on the back at every chance they get." Sasori reasoned while the arms he had used to attack them moments ago began to open up in sections before spraying hundreds of kunai towards them.

'It's my turn to contribute to this fight.' Chiyo thought while pulling two scrolls from her sleeves. After a burst of smoke and the sounds of kunai being reflected, the plum of smoke cleared showcasing two puppets guarding Fu and Chiyo.

"I see you've brought those two along with you." Sasori acknowledged as he stood upright. "The very first puppets I constructed."

"That they are, your own mother and father." Chiyo responded.

"What is it you plan to do with those relics?" Sasori questioned. "I made them; I know everything their capable of."

"I'll show you." Chiyo responded, as the two puppets pressed their hands against each other and connecting serrated wire between the two of them. "Let's see how far you've progressed." Chiyo challenged just as her two puppets sprang towards Sasori's.

Using the wire forged between the two puppets they easily sliced through the mass of arms Sasori had summoned before clashing with Sasori's puppet.

Meanwhile both Fu and Haku watched in amazement as the two puppeteers manipulated their puppets with precision only decades of practice could produce.

"Nice to see your skills haven't completely withered away." Sasori mocked. "But let's say I get serious?" Sasori offered, while pulling his puppet away from the battle it had been locked in. A moment later a grainy metallic substance began to pour from Sandaime Kazekage's mouth.

"So that puppet can even use the Sandaime's Jutsu…the iron sand." Chiyo mouthed.

"Iron sand, what's that?" Fu asked curiously.

"It's what made the Sandaime Kazekage, so powerful. He was able to change his chakra into a magnetic force. With that ability he could manipulate metal, in this case the iron sand." Chiyo concluded.

"I don't understand it's only a puppet." Haku cut in. "How can it be capable of using Jutsu?"

"That because it's a human puppet created from an actual living person." Chiyo explained. "A puppet constructed with this method retains its chakra from its previous life. I believe it's about time you two leave, the situation has become more dangerous then I originally thought."

"Leave?" Fu repeated Chiyo's words. "We aren't going anywhere, at least not before we put this guy six feet under."

"My sentiments exactly." Haku added. "The situation may have become more dangerous but that's all the more reason for us to help you."

"Even if you wanted to leave, I don't think you're going anywhere." Sasori piped in as he flicked the chakra strings controlling his puppet. "Iron Sand Style: Iron Drizzle." Sasori muttered causing his Sandaime puppet to form his Iron sand into thousands of small bullet shaped projectiles. "Now try and dodge this." Sasori challenged while the barrage of sand bullets shot towards the three women with lighting speed.

"Stand back!" Chiyo ordered before sending her own two puppets out in front. Quickly opening the forearms of her puppets blue chakra emerged from within forming a solid shield of chakra.

The shields intercepted the bullet barrage effectively protecting them from Sasori's incoming attack.

"A chakra shield ay?" Sasori mused. "I guess you've added some new features to them, just as I expected from you. However you've essentially sacrificed those puppets in order to protect yourself and those girls. You know well enough you should have avoided my last attack instead of blocking." Sasori explained. "Now I've worked my sand into the joints of those puppets, they'll be useless now."

'As usual he's right.' Chiyo thought calmly while discreetly testing her puppets mobility.

"But tell me grandmother, what will you do to ward off my next attack?" Sasori questioned. "Your shields are no longer effective. This attack will decisively finish you three off." Sasori claimed, as he began to mold the iron sand into sharp metallic spikes. "You're finished." Sasori concluded before firing the projectiles."

"That's what we're here for!" Fu shouted while reaching for a scroll from her bag and unsealing it. "Sealing scroll: impending consumption!" After Fu called out her attack a black vortex opened in the center of her scroll, followed by a massive suction of air.

'I've never seen a scroll with such power.' Sasori thought as he watched his shrapnel be consumed by Fu's scroll. 'She must hold even greater skill then I, in sealing.'

"Genius Fu." Chiyo commented. "But we're still far from victory."

"No" Fu retorted. "This game ends here, and my new jutsu will see to that." Fu stated while clasping her hands together. "I suggest you two take cover, this attack is anything but subtle." Fu warned, while green chakra began to incase her body. 'I don't have much practice with this jutsu but it should have more then enough power to deal with him.'

'She's starting to draw upon the power of the seven tails.' Sasori assessed as he observed a small area in front of Fu began to crackle and spark. 'Whatever she intends to do, I don't plan on letting her go through with it.' Sasori confirmed while using his puppet to manipulate the remaining iron sand into a large metallic spike and rectangle.

"Sorry, but whatever it is you have planed ends here." Sasori professed just as he combined the spike and block into one weapon and sent it towards Fu.

"Hn, looks like it worked." Fu replied with a smirk causing Sasori to go slightly wide eyed as the metal he was in control of dropped uselessly to the ground with an audible crash.

'But how was the iron sand rendered inert?' Sasori thought bewildered.

"It's an arrogant mistake to think something is unbeatable just because it's feared." Fu reasoned as the spark in front of her became a small ball of lightning. "The attack I'm using gives off immense electrical currents. So much in fact it disrupted the amount of magnetism in this cave rendering the power of Sandaime useless."

"But that's the least of your worries right now." Fu added as the small lighting ball she was creating began to grow to about the size of a large grapefruit.

'It doesn't look like it, but that attack has an extremely large amount of chakra compressed into it.' Chiyo summarized while taking a slight step back from Fu. 'If she unleashes so much condensed chakra at one time, she'll level this entire cave. Just what the hell has the leaf village been teaching these kids?'

Meanwhile Haku had come to a similar conclusion as she too took a few steps back. "What you're planning is very dangerous Fu-san. "Haku warned. "I hope you know what you're doing."

"Come on Haku it's me." Fu answered with a grin.

'That's what I'm afraid of.' Haku thought nervously.

Focusing her attention back on her opponent, Fu stared at Sasori with a calculating gaze. 'I know Jiraiya-sensei told me not to use this jutsu in confined spaces, but if I lessen the amount of chakra it should be… safe.'

A moment later a loud crackling began to ring from the ball of lightning and chakra while the ground beneath Fu cracked from the force. "You ready for this!" Fu shouted as she pushed her hands forward. "Lightning style: Elemental rage!"

The sphere of lightning and chakra shot towards Sasori with such speed and force the ground beneath it was shredded like paper.

'Damn, even I can't afford to be hit by such a dense chakra.' Sasori quickly concluded while hastily firing through handseals of his own.

When the lightning sphere made contact with Sasori's puppet a brilliant flash illuminated the entire cave for a brief moment before a massive explosion erupted. The shock of the explosion was more then enough to knock both Haku and Chiyo off their feet. At the same time it disintegrated the Sandaime puppet and leveled the entire cave in the process.

As the dust and debris began to settle a rumbling in the rocks was heard. Fu had suddenly emerged from the rubble, slightly roughed up from her own attack. Coughing from the dust, Fu couldn't help but grin at the scene. "Maybe I over did it a bit?"

"That's an understatement." Haku replied calmly as she helped Chiyo to her feet.

Shrugging her shoulders Fu returned to staring at the scene. "Regardless if I did, the important thing is I got rid of that guy."

"Is that so?" A voice echoed from beneath Fu just as Sasori sprang from the ground beneath her with blades protruding from his arms.

"Shit" Fu grumbled as she tried to take a leap backwards only to catch a slash across her midriff from Sasori's blade.

'A clone?' Sasori thought as Fu's body transformed into a swarm of dragonflies.

"That's called a fake." Fu shouted from above Sasori. "Lightning axe kick!" Fu called out while driving her lightning infused leg into Sasori causing a small explosion from the impact. When the dust cleared Fu stared at the spot with a narrowed brow. "Damn how'd he slip away that fast?"

"I admit, you're quite strong." Sasori called from a short distance away. His cloak was now gone revealing what he truly was.

"I don't believe it." Chiyo spoke up. "That's why you appear to not have aged in the time since I've last seen you."

"That's right grandmother I've mastered puppeteering to such a degree, there was only one place left to take it." Sasori explained.

"Are you saying you've turned yourself into a puppet?" Fu questioned with disbelief clearly written on her face. "I figured you were obsessed with the damn things, but that's just insane."

"You understand nothing." Sasori retorted as he stretched his hands towards the three women. "As an acknowledgement of your strength I'll use myself to defeat you." Sasori concluded while a nozzle protruded from each of his palms.

"Fu-san get back!" Haku shouted right as Sasori fired a jet stream of fire from his palms towards them.

Chiyo, Haku, and Fu instinctively took cover behind some nearby rock to avoid the steady flow of fire from Sasori.

"What's wrong?" Sasori mocked. "You were so confident a moment ago."

"This isn't good." Haku commented. "It won't be long before our cover melts away."

"Then what do you suggest?" Fu responded.

"Do you have enough chakra to use your rain summoning scroll?" Haku returned.

"Of course." Fu confirmed as she reached into her bag and pulled out the scroll in question. Unsealing it a vapor poured from the scroll and rose into the air.

"I hope you don't mind getting wet Chiyo-san." Haku stated with a light smile as the sound of thunder rang and the clouds above them darkened.

'A scroll that summons rain?' Chiyo thought to herself as rain began to pour down upon them. Staring at both Haku and Fu Chiyo could only remain speechless at the skill the two girls had shown. 'Is this really the power the leaf village wields?'

Narrowing his eyes at the rain Sasori continued to stream his fire on them. 'They must be preparing to go on the offensive.'

'This is it.' Haku thought while clasping her hands together, and leaping away from the cover of the boulder. "Water style: Water wave palm!" She shouted as two streams of water erupted from her palms.

Haku's water stream and Sasori's flame thrower met in a steamy confrontation for a moment, before Haku was finally able to douse Sasori's flames. Sasori's marionette body had been hit with such great water pressure he was blasted apart.

"Did you get him?" Fu asked as she left cover as well.

The answer to Fu's question came in the form of Sasori's body seemingly rejoining it self as if nothing had happened.

"Good effort, but it wasn't enough." Sasori stated calmly.

"I see you will not go down easy." Chiyo interrupted while sliding her hand into her pouch and pulling out a scroll. "I had promised myself to never use this jutsu again, but unfortunately it was not meant to be." Chiyo concluded before unrolling the scroll she had retrieved. "This fight will end here."

A moment later a burst of smoke erupted from the scroll Chiyo had used. Once the smoke had cleared ten white robbed puppets appeared in front of her at the ready.

"Hehe, very impressive grandmother." Sasori congratulated. "They say a puppeteer skill is measured in how many puppets they can wield. This is your greatest technique finger by finger, one finger for each puppet. I may be your grandson, but even I have only heard rumors of your technique."

'Chiyo-san can actually control ten puppets simultaneously?' Haku thought completely taken aback by the thought of it.

"However" Sasori cut back in. "I'm not limited to such a small number. "Let me show you what I mean." Sasori offered as he reached for a scroll on his back. Unsealing the scroll a large cloud of smoke erupted that when once it settled a hundred or so puppets became visible. Pulling open his right breast plate countless chakra strings sprang from within, attaching themselves to the puppets he'd summoned.

Chiyo, Fu, and Haku stared at the scene with wide eyes, while Sasori simply chuckled to himself.

"To think that I had to resort to my trump card, just to take down two little girls and an old hag." Sasori mused to himself. "This is my red secret technique, performance of a hundred puppets."

"It's time you two leave." Chiyo tried to reason with Haku and Fu. "I'm more then certain each and everyone of those puppets are laced with the same poison he used against Kankuro.

"I'm certain of that fact as well." Haku retorted. "That's why I was sure to bring these." She added while pulling out three syringes. "It's the antidote I was able to make for Kankuro-san. We can either take them now and have a full three minutes of immunity to destroy these puppets. Or alternatively save them for the moment we do become poisoned."

"You only brought three?" Fu asked with a quirked brow.

"Sorry but it was all I was able to make from the limited supplies back in Suna." Haku summarized while handing both Fu and Chiyo a syringe.

"Its better we save them." Chiyo reasoned. "Just incase we can't get the show finished within three minutes.

"Agreed." Haku answered as she positioned her self into a fighting stance followed by Fu whom did the same.

"It appears you're ready for the show then." Sasori cut in. "Very well, let the final scene commence."

With that Sasori's puppets sprang into action and soared towards their three targets.

"Here they come!" Chiyo shouted while clicking her fingers and sending her own puppets to meet with Sasori's head on.

Dashing forward Haku quickly ran through handseals. "Ice style: Swallow Ice Storm!" The rain water instantly froze forming hundreds of small birds with razor sharp wings that barreled towards some incoming puppets.

The puppets were instantly shredded dropping to the ground finished. But more soon took there place and Haku was put right back on the defensive.

"Damn there's just so many of them!" Fu shouted as she drove a lightning infused fist through another puppet.

"That's why we have to take out the one controlling them." Chiyo concluded while sending a couple of her puppets to aide Fu and Haku. "I'll clear the path you two head for Sasori!" Chiyo ordered before she tossed Fu a circular object.

Looking at the seal imprinted on it, Fu was quickly able to deduce what the object was. "I got it leave it to me!" Fu stated as she dashed up the path towards Sasori that Chiyo was able to clear with her own puppets. "Eat this!" Fu shouted while tossing the object that began to transform mid air.

Sasori eyes slightly widened as the object took the form of a lions head roughly the same size as him. He hadn't even the time to come up with a counter strategy before he was pinned to the wall, like a lifeless doll.

Soon afterwards the numerous puppets Sasori had been controlling merely dropped to the ground in motionless heaps.

"What was that?" Haku asked slightly dumbfounded.

"It's a sealing jutsu that suppresses chakra." Fu answered. "Isn't that right Chiyo?"

"That's correct." Chiyo returned with a pant, before taking a seat on the ground to nurse her injuries. "This fight is over, Sasori won't be able to do anything with his chakra sealed off."

"Then it's really done?" Fu stated while taking a knee to catch her breath. "We really are that good huh Haku?"

"This battle is not yet won." Haku replied dryly while staring at Sasori's body.

"What do you me…" Fu started but before she could finish her sentence Haku had already began forming hand seals.

"Ice style: Crystal Ice Mirror." Haku chanted causing a sheet of ice to form behind Chiyo just in time to block the sword Sasori had tried to plunge into his grandmothers back.

Chiyo whirled around at the sound of metal hitting ice and instinctively flicked her fingers sending both her two original puppets towards Sasori. Sasori hadn't even seemed to make an attempt to avoid the attack as the two puppets plunged their swords into his chest cavity.

"…But how the hell did you know?" Fu asked Haku dumbly.

"That device protruding from his left breast is no longer there." Haku explained, while pointing to the puppet that had been sealed to the far wall. "I figured he had to have some means of controlling his puppet form and that was obviously it. With it missing from the body he was originally controlling, it could only mean that he had moved on to another."

"Once…again…you manage to surprise…me." Sasori muttered as blood seeped from his chest.

"You got careless." Chiyo summed. "Choosing to become a puppet left you with one glaring weakness. It is impossible to fully become a puppet, a part of you will have to remain real in order to control it. I cannot say you aren't the author of your own fate. "

"Hn…me of all people bested by children and an old woman. It's a shame I won't be able to send you to hell." Sasori finished before Fu delivered a hard left hook to his jaw.

Looking at Fu with lifeless eyes Sasori merely smirked. "Foolish child, I no longer feel pain, joy, sorrow, remorse or anything for that matter. Even if I managed to kill my grandmother here I wouldn't have felt a thing. She would have simply been another one of my victims. You could say my heart is a lifeless as this very body."

"Just what in the hell are you!" Fu demanded.

"A man that failed to become a puppet." Sasori deadpanned. "Or perhaps even a monster. Regardless of what I am it no longer matters. My time is at an end, further proof I failed to become what I wanted. But here's some advice think like a shinobi, and cast emotion away. It will only bring…pain and hatred…that has…doomed this…world…" And with that Sasoir spoke no more.

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