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Painted In Different Colours (Echo's POV)

Sometimes I wonder what missions I have been on. I wonder what I have seen and done, what skills I have acquired and what personalities I have taken on. I wonder what emotions I felt while I was completing the 'engagements' I have been on.

I know in my heart that whatever happened and whoever I was during those times, that it's not me. I am me. I am Echo, a blank canvass ready to be painted in different colours until the time that the picture is beautiful and complete. It's a beauty that will never last, of course; my missions may be done, but when they are I do not know of them.

I am painted over when my usefulness is abated to start fresh.

One thing about painting a picture over though is that it doesn't remove what was once beneath. It covers it, disguises it, but can never destroy it.

Somewhere beneath the layers of paint is my true identity and someday I will know it once more.