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The Pokemon world… a world where humans and Pokemon alike live together in harmony.

Just what are Pokemon? Pokemon are creatures with amazing abilities. How many there are in the world, no one may ever know. Humans who raise Pokemon and take the gym leader challenge are known as Pokemon Trainers. Those who choose to be a coordinator shows elegance and style in Pokemon Contests. Pokemon Breeders raise and take care of Pokemon. Finally, there are some people who just keep Pokemon as pets.

… But not all people use Pokemon for good… Some people make evil organizations and use Pokemon for their own evil deeds…

This is the story of two, young lovers who lost their lives in order to save their home region. This is a Pokemon love story… and… this… is where our story begins…

Chapter 1: The Story Begins

Paul could only watch from afar… The girl he loved… was now with another boy. She looked so happy, with that cheerful smile on her face. Paul took one last glance and moved along…

'Dammit, where did I go wrong?' The purple-haired teenager thought. 'I did everything I could've done for her, I tried to be everything a girl would want, and yet…"

… He still remembered how this had happened, how the girl he had once loved broke his heart…

2 days ago…

Paul and the girl he had loved were camping out. For some reason, she just looked so sad. She was sitting on a rock, hugging her knees. Black bags were under her eyes, showing she hadn't gotten any sleep. Paul decided it was time to find out what had happened.

"Dawn, Troublesome, what's wrong?" Paul asked. "You haven't been yourself in days, what's wrong with you?" Dawn lifted her head, she was crying.

"Paul… there's something I should've told you a long time ago…" Dawn said, still sobbing. "I'm breaking up with you…" Paul widened his eyes.

"But why?" Paul asked softly. Dawn sobbed even more.

"Please don't be mad at me…" Dawn said. "It's about my childhood friend, he came back from his Pokemon Research and…"

Dawn began explaining to Paul what had happened…

A few more days ago

A few days ago, Dawn returned to Twinleaf to see her mom again, but met with an unexpected surprise…

"Lucas?" Dawn muttered. "What are you doing here? I thought you were in the Hoenn Region doing Pokemon Research…" The boy named Lucas just smiled happily.

"Well, Dawn, I'm back… The truth is, I came back, just to see you again…" Lucas said. "I've always loved you for a long time, ever since we were kids, and I want you to be my girlfriend…" Dawn paused.

'But I already love Paul…' Dawn thought in her head sadly. 'But I don't want to hurt Lucas… He's the first friend I ever had… I also don't want to hurt Paul either… I don't know what I'm going to do…'

"I'll do it…" Dawn said dully. "I'll be your girlfriend…" Lucas smiled happily.

"Great, I'll take you somewhere special tomorrow…" Lucas leaned in to kiss her, but Dawn just turned her head away, not returning his kiss.

Flashback end

Paul couldn't believe her… She chose her friend over him? The one she said she loved.

"Why'd you choose him over me?" Paul roared fiercely. "You could've just rejected him and have gotten over it…" Dawn began crying more.

"I'm sorry…" Dawn sobbed. "You know I love you more than I love him, but he's a really close friend of mine who I hadn't seen for so long… and I don't want to hurt his feelings…" Paul's eyes softened. He realized what Dawn was going through. She had to face the toughest decision of her life. It had pained her making this choice.

"If you want to be with him, go ahead…" Paul said dully, not even bothering to show his eyes. "I'm your boyfriend, not your dad… You can do whatever you want…" Dawn smiled gratefully.

"Thank you for understanding, Paul…" Dawn said softly. "You know I will always love you the most…" Paul gave a small smile.

"Please, never forget what we had, okay?" Paul asked. Dawn smiled.

"I promise…" Dawn said.

One day later, Dawn had broken that very promise. Paul saw Dawn on her first date with Lucas. She looked so happy… she was smiling and laughed when Lucas would tell her a joke. Paul stared into the sight, sadness sweeping his heart…

"Dawn… You don't realize how much you've hurt me, do you?" Paul asked sadly. Then he left the sight out of pure sadness. What he didn't see was Dawn looking back at him, a look of guilt in her eyes.

End of flashback

Paul didn't stop, and he didn't look back.

'Dawn is happy now… I should be grateful… but I'm not…' Paul thought sadly. 'I guess I'm going to have to live my life being without her…' He didn't notice where he was going and bumped into a man with spiky, sky blue hair.

"Cyrus?" Paul gasped. Then his eyes narrowed angrily. "What are you doing here?" Cyrus smirked.

"Relax, I'm not here to cause you any trouble… In fact, I was only here to find you…" Cyrus said, grinning. "I've seen much talent in you and… I'm here to offer you a position in Team Galactic…" Paul widened his eyes.

"Do you mean what you say?" Paul asked. Cyrus grinned.

"You have much potential in you…" Cyrus said, grinning. "Come with me, and I will hone your skills to be the best they could possibly be… You'll be able to get your revenge on that blue-haired girlfriend of yours…" Paul thought of the young, blue-haired teenager. Then he thought of how happy she was with her new boyfriend.

"I'm in…" Paul said, looking the opposite direction sadly. "When do we begin my training?" Cyrus chuckled.

"All in good time, my apprentice…" Cyrus chuckled. "All in good time…"

Five years later.

Dawn was now 18. She had been with Lucas for almost five years. Although she looked relatively happy on the outside… in the inside… she was miserable…

'What am I still doing here with Lucas?' Dawn thought in her head sadly. 'I love Paul, not him… I feel so disgusting for doing this to Paul…' Lucas took one glance at Dawn, and that was enough for him to notice. He paused and sighed.

"Lucas, why'd you stop?" Dawn asked. "Didn't you say you wanted to take me somewhere special?" Lucas looked at Dawn sternly.

"Dawn, I know something is up… You're not in love with me…" Lucas said sternly. "I could tell by your eyes… You can try to look as happy as you can, but I've known for a while that you didn't love me, you loved someone else…" Dawn paused for a few seconds, and then she spoke again

"And… you're not mad at me?" Dawn mumbled. "You're not mad at me for telling you a lie?" Lucas smiled.

"Dawn, of course I'm not mad at you, I can't be mad at you… I should be mad at myself for forcing you to be my boyfriend…" Lucas said softly. "As much as I love you, all it can be is a close friendship... I can't force you to love me yourself… You only think of me as I friend, and as hard as it is, I have to accept that... I just want you to be happy and not live your life being miserable all the time, that's all… So go to that special person of yours, and tell that you love him…" Dawn smiled, tears of gratitude falling from her eyes.

"Thank you, Lucas…" Dawn said happily. "You're the best friend I've ever had…" Lucas smiled back as he saw his childhood friend run off, and smiled.

"As much as I want it to be more than that… I know it's not possible…" Lucas said softly. "It's never meant to be…" Then he walked off the opposite direction.

'I have to find Paul and apologize…' Dawn thought in her head. 'But I don't know where he is… I don't even know what he's been through all these years…'

Dawn paused and stopped running. She stared into the sky.

'Paul, where are you? I need you…' Dawn thought in her head. 'Please come back…'

Just then, Dawn's phone rang. It was from her friend, Ash. He used to travel with her on her journey, but he returned home to his hometown after he became a Pokemon Master.

"Ash, what is it? What's wrong?" Dawn asked.

"Dawn," Ash said through his side of the phone. "It's about Paul… I don't know how to break this to you… but I just found out that he had joined Team Galactic… Brock and I are coming right away…" Dawn paused, and fell to the floor.

"No…" Dawn muttered to herself, tears falling from her eyes. She could hear Ash and Brock calling out her name from her cell phone, but she did nothing about it… she was in too much shock. "I was already too late…"

Team Galactic Headquarters

Paul had served Team Galactic for five years. Thanks to his training, he became ranked into second in command, higher than even Saturn. Cyrus grinned and chuckled.

"Now that your training is complete, you are ready to have your revenge…" Cyrus said, laughing malevolently. Paul didn't say anything, he was too busy thinking about a certain, blue-haired teenager.

'Dawn…' Paul thought in his head. 'I'm sorry… but as much as I don't want to do this… it has to be done…'

To be concluded…

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