Authors Note:

Over on Live Journal I made a little challenge for myself. I asked people to give me random quotes or one-liners (either from Abby or Gibbs). They could be made-up or taken from the show, and my challenge was to include them all in a story. I have included them all, they are in bold. Here is the list (In random order):

Gibbs: You tell Abby I want her….
Abby: Oh Gibbs I never knew!

Gibbs: I'd hate to start smacking you like I do DiNozzo.
Abby: You wouldn't! You would?
Gibbs: It won't be on the head.

Gibbs (walking into Abby's lab and overhears)
Abby: Oh my God! Can I touch it?
Tony: Of course Abbs, when have I ever denied you?
(Abby gives raised eyebrows which Gibbs can't see just yet)
Tony: Well aside from that one time, but you know the Boss would kill me if he knew.
Abby: Nah, he would just give you a smack on the head.
Gibbs: (finally entered and sees the object is Tony's collector's edition Magnum PI car) Like this? (smacks Tony's head and Tony grimaces)
Abby: (nodds and laughs) Just like that oh great one.

Gibbs: "Don't make me come down there, Abby!"

GIbbs: All you had to do was ask, Abby.

Abby: Tell him you love him, McGee. Works for me.
Gibbs: Not all the time.

Abby: I'm totally prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse...see?

Abby: I like Bananas
Gibbs: For what? *smirking*
Abby: For eating Gibbs! Geez, get your mind out of the gutter!

Abby: "Gibbs do you have a lucky number?"
Gibbs: "Five."
Abby: (laughter) "Oh you leave me no room for error then."

Gibbs: I've had a few wives, Abby.
Abby: And yet you know so little about women.

Gibbs: This bed is too small.
Abby: It's a king.

Hollis: (to Gibbs) Then what makes you so sure?
Abby: (tugging Hollis' arm) Never question the gut.

ABBY: "Yes, sir!"
GIBBS: "Don't call me sir."
ABBY: "Yes, ma'am!"

Abby: Correct as always my silver-haired fox - I mean Gibbs, sir, boss.

Abby: "Don't hurt Tony, Gibbs. He spent all last night in a coffin. It was his first time."

Gibbs: (enters with any of the three or them all) You got anything for me Abbs?
Abby: Oh I got a lot for you Gibbs but I'm not sure work is the place for me to give it to you.
Gibbs: (gives her a look before cracking a grin and hands her a CafPow!) Well I'll take what I can get right here right now.
Abby: (takes CafPow! and sighs) Always so impatient you are.... (gives results she has for her silver haired fox)

Abby-"There's more, Mr. President. If you're interested..."

Gibbs: Give me some good news, Abby.
Abby: I'm not pregnant.
Gibbs: Too much information.
Abby: Just kidding. Not that there's anything wrong with being pregnant. I love kids. Doesn't mean that I'm trying. Y'know, and even if I were trying that doesn't mean I know anybody that I'd want to try with. Am I being trying, Gibbs?

Gibbs: Abbs, that's apples and oranges.
Abby: *flirty* There's a fetish for that, too.

Abby: Permission to hug?

Gibbs-"No Abbs. I called to flirt"


Now, on to chapter one… (there are four total).