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by Yih

"Love—is anterior to Life—
Posterior—to Death—
Initial of Creation, and
The Exponent of Earth—"
- Emily Dickinson

14. The Difficulties of Reality

Forks 2008

Carlisle POV

I was exceedingly careful over the years never to mention Bella ever to my family, and of course, it helped that Bella's mind was so isolated within her head that it was impossible for my thoughts to give her away. I don't know how she did it, how she kept herself so hidden from view, but she was the most talented shield I had ever come across. There was nothing she couldn't do, if she put her mind into it.

It was hard, though, not to be able to talk about Bella and Alistair – as I still considered them part of my family. The modern age of constant communication made it possible for me to keep in contact with Bella and even to see her when we happened to be within easy range. Alistair, on the other hand, was hard to get ahold of and when I did hear from him it was via an old-fashioned letter or postcard, when he bothered to write at all.

I wondered when Alistair would head in this direction because I knew he would eventually, especially when Bella would be in this area for at least four years. I still found it hard to believe that Bella had managed to bargain this chance to go to medical school, something she had always wanted to do when she had learned to control her bloodlust.

Of all the vampires I had known, of all those in my family, she was the only one I really saw following in my footsteps. Of course, I had encouraged Edward to study medicine, just in case I needed him as my assistant because I never thought the Volturi would release Bella long enough to follow her dream. I never thought there would ever be a time when she would be allowed to live freely!

The first thing I had asked her when I had seen her again was if she would like to live with me and my family.

"I would love to," she began, "but as much as I still consider you a part of my family, I am not a part of 'their' family."

I sighed and she smiled knowingly at me. "I understand."

"Now you don't have to worry about Alistair getting all huffy with you," she said with a sparkle in her eyes. "And I certainly won't mention that you asked me to live with you before he got the chance."

I smiled at that memory, even though it had saddened my soul when she had first refused me.

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