Chapter 1: A New Era Begins

A dark figure of a man lay slumped on a pile of rocks within Black Castle. From within the shadows of the rocks a young woman watches the man. The man began to stir and appears to be in pain.

"Should I tend to this man's wounds or let him die?" thought the woman. The man began to stand on his feet; he gave heavy sighs and moans as his muscles ached each moment with intolerable pain.

As the woman gazed at the man more intently she did not realised she had kicked a small pebble which unfortunately made a rather loud noise and caught the attention of the man; who was now upon his feet and taking in his surroundings. His eyes searched the rocks and coves of the castle; she stepped back further into the darkness.

"Who's there?" questioned the man, who from the woman's point of view she could only make out that he was tall; in fact possibly taller than her.

There was a flash from the storm from the outside; this of course gave a bit more light to the dark castle in which they both stood. At first he did not see her when the flash showed her area of hiding. Then by the second flash his and her eyes met. His pierced forget me not blue eyes penetrated her hazel eyes. She did not find herself afraid but entranced. Again another flash this time it revealed his curly black mane, black moustache and goatee. The flash also revealed her long wavy hazelnut hair.

Her heartbeat was racing; her pupils had grown larger as she noticed the sharp hook of steel on his right arm. Her mind was racing through her memories she knew this man; she gazed into his eyes one more time only to realise it was him.

"It's you!" said the young woman, "Your Captain James Hook"

"You know me Madame?" questioned a rather baffled Hook.

"Indeed I do sir and you should know me; please do not say you forget so easily like Pan" replied the woman who now walked closer to Hook till eventually she was face to face with him. Once more Hook penetrated her eyes; it was as if he were searching for a lost memory. And there it was in the corner of her hazelnut eyes, the girl that was once there, the girl he once knew.

"Wendy Darling?" replied Hook in astonishment.

"No not Wendy that girl is dead. It's Jill now. Red Handed Jill" stated a rather angry yet somewhat calm Jill.

"What happened to Wendy Darling?" asked an intrigued Hook.

"She died when Pan did not return to her every spring as he had promised. Her love for Pan was not worth living for since he did not return; so she grew up. She became an adult; at first she hated it but as day passed from dawn to dusk she started to enjoy being an adult. She changed and eventually made her way back the Neverland, where she would stay for the remaining of her days but not at Miss Wendy Darling oh no but as Red Handed Jill" replied Jill

"So there is nothing left of Miss Darling?" questioned again Hook.

This made Jill's eyes turn a most venomous green which was of course was reaction of jealously and hatred to her once former self. She could not believe that her old enemy Hook cared more about Miss Darling than Red Handed Jill the pirate who nearly stayed upon the Jolly Roger.

"SHE IS DEAD!!!"Shouted the vexed Jill and with this she backed away from Hook walked down a pair of stone cold steps which led her deeper into the Black Castle. Intrigued by the former Wendy and the now Red Handed Jill; he chased after the young woman. She heard him chase after her; fortunately it had stopped lightening so once more Jill hid in the shadows of the rocks watching Hook.

"JILL?" asked Hook searching with his eyes in every direction of Jill.

"Leave me be Hook" replied Jill icily.

"Jill you can't live here it is far too cold. You will catch your death here if you stay any longer." said Hook trying to tame and seduce her out of the shadows.

"Ha. I was not but 18 when I came back to Neverland, it has been 5 years that I have lived here; I hardly think I'm going to die tomorrow."

"If you stay here any longer you will die. Also because you are a woman and technically speaking your living in my castle; I will not stand for such behaviour when all I've offered is to take you back to my ship and take care of you. Stop playing this stupid mind game girl! " his eyes had turned a slight crimson red as he was growing weary with her and yet his eyes still searched the castle for her.

Jill's eyes now turned a most bloodied red and her hair turned to a fiery red; this yet again gave away her position. But she could not care for she was angry and vexed just like the demon himself. Hook gazed at her with horror "What has become of her? She never use to change so easily?"

"I am no longer a girl Hook, I am a woman. A girl is a child. And that child is dead. I am a woman of scorn, jealousy and malice." Her eyes where now burning with a passion of hatred. She then looked at her reflection in the dark water.

"What has become of me?" her hair and eyes now turned back to her normal hazelnut. She turned her cold hazelnut eyes back to Hook's cold forget me not blues. "Can you still help me?"

Hook only gazed with her a thought of sadness and pity for what had become of his little Red Handed Jill.

"I can only try Jill...I can only try"

Author's note: Hey guys this is my 1st fanfic I hope you like it for now.