A small young girl gazed outside a very small building. The girl had little green eyes and curly black hair and wore a long white night gown.

"Belle?" shouted a female voice from downstairs; the girl turned her head and walked towards her door.

"Alice? replied the small young girl.

"Will you come downstairs?

Belle descended down the stairs and as she entered the hallway she saw her slightly older sister wearing her dark green corset with black stitching and a long black skirt. Her Alices her unlike her sister Belle was of a sandy blonde colour but she none the less inherited the long cascading curls; she even possessed her fathers cool forget me not eyes.

"I see your ready for work Alice" said Belle as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Belle I've told you many a times if neither of us work then we shall live on the streets."

"Father will come back for us one day Alice!"

Alice bit her lower lip in anger " Belle its been 13 years since he walked out on us! He is a pirate! he placed his duty towards his ship before his family!"


"Belle stop this on going dream of being reunited with father it will never happen! Happiness with happen to either you or me! Even if he did come back for us it would have to be someone whod control him to for him to see us!"

"You mean a woman to control his heart?"


"I had a vision the other night Alice"

Alice rolled her eyes she never enjoyed it when her sister told her the dream she had they often about her father fighting the infernal child who had stolen him away.

" More dreams about the flying brat?"

"No this time it was about a young woman she is older than you and I. Perhaps in her 30's I don't recall. She placed her hand upon her stomach and lies next to our father. She loves him. She once loved the boy who flies above us."

"Your visions as your call it are no more than childless hopes. Grow up Belle. Think what woman could ever love Captain James Hook?" with this Alice grabbed her long black velvet cloak and exited the small home.

Belle ran towards the living room window and watched as her sister walked threw the cold cobbled streets. As she watched her sister fade away into the distance she saw a tall slender woman but not so slender that she could not hide a bump upon her stomach. Her wavy light brown hair caressed her skin. The long white dress and white shawl everything about this woman was identical to the woman of her vision.

Belle could not contain her excitement any longer could this be the woman that she saw her dream or not she must know now she left her home and chased after the older woman.