This is random, but whatever.

'I'm sick and tired of that rotten, good-for-nothing, ferret Slytherin boy!' Hermione exclaimed one evening. Several heads in the Gryffindor common room turned towards the three friends, but they went unnoticed by the angry prefect. 'He's always making fun of us for no reason what-so-ever, and most of his insults don't even make sense! I just want to set him on fire, shoot him, blow him up, stomp on his ashes, throw them away, toss them into a garbage truck, then send the truck over a cliff into the ocean where it will explode on impact!' Harry and Ron shrank back from the fuming girl.

'Well, 'Mione,' Harry said logically, 'there's nothing we can do about it now. You've just got to ignore him.' Hermione rounded on him.

'I can't just ignore him, Harry James Potter!' she shrieked. 'I've been ignoring him for six years now! I can't stand it! And there is something I can do about it!' Something about her expression made Ron and Harry stay silent, and also fear for their lives.

The next day, Harry and Ron found themselves at the Gryffindor table without Hermione. There were wondering where she could be, when there was a bang, and the doors to the Great Hall burst open. Hermione raced over to the Slytherin table and dragged Draco out of his seat. He looked very surprised and unhappy.

'Draco, I can't do this anymore!' she said so everyone could hear. 'It's too stressful and it's driving me crazy! Please, can we not keep in a secret? I love you so much!' The hall was silent and Draco looked bewildered.

'What are you talking about?' he asked, dumbfounded. Hermione promptly burst into tears.

'I knew it!' she cried. 'You don't really love me! You only care about your stupid pride!' she ran out of the Hall crying. Draco stood still, eyes wide and all eyes were on his. He didn't say anything. The Gryffindors were glaring. The Hufflepuffs were glaring because the Gryffindors were glaring. The Ravenclaws were glaring because if how horrible Draco seemed. Even some Slytherins were glaring, while others just stared, not knowing what to do.

Word spread about how Hermione and Draco were dating in secret, and Draco didn't want to tell anyone because his pride was so big, and he made Hermione cry for hours on end. Hermione and Draco, however, knew it wasn't true. Hermione enjoyed the results, and Draco denied everything but was unsuccessful. If he learned anything from this, it was…

Don't piss off the Mud-blood.