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Chapter 1: I Really Want You

Can't believe the feeling that I felt when I saw youIf I was an artist, onto paper I would draw youHang it on a wall with all the masterpieces'Cause that's where you belongBefore long the people would be lined up down the streets just to see youPeople that will never get the chance to really meet youThey won't see in this gallery just how beautiful you are


It's the day I have been waiting for, for the past four months. Ten Count Fall is finally playing a show in Seattle. (A/N: Yes, Ten Count Fall is a real band. They are some friends' band. They aren't as big as I am going to portray them as in my story. There will be a link to their myspace on my profile.) It has been at least a year since they played here last. And tonight they are playing at a rather small venue. I bought my tickets as soon as I heard about the show, I was afraid they might sell out. Last I know there are still a few tickets left.

I was snapped out of my fan-girl state by excited screaming, "What color do you want to wear? Blue or green?"

"Alice this is a concert not a fashion show, there is no need for a cocktail dress. I was going to wear some jeans and a t-shirt." I saw the flood of sadness on her face. "Don't give me that look. Okay, I will give in to wearing a skirt, as long as I am allowed to pick a t-shirt. Oh and by the way Alice, I hope you're not going to change. You look perfect." Alice was wearing some skinny jeans and a random graphic tee. I guess this wanting to overdress is a given since this is Alice's first concert. I am taking away Alice's concert virginity. Popping her concert cherry.

"Okay, you know me, I won't let this beautiful dress go to waste. We will find somewhere else to wear them." She just smiled that knowing, almost evil smirk.

I just giggled as I took the rather cute jean mini skirt she picked out from my closet, and went into the bathroom to change. I came out wearing a fitted pink Muse t-shirt along with the skirt. (A/N: Picture of both Bella and Alice's outfits are on my profile.) As soon as I came out, she pushed me down in the vanity chair to do my hair and make up. Before she started I told her adamantly that she was to do nothing too fancy. A simple ponytail and light make up will do.

In an hour, not the usual hours (yes I do mean plural) my hair and make up was done, simple and light just like I wanted. Wow she actually listened to me? That was probably because she already went wrong with our outfit choices. After finishing her grueling work on me, Alice touched up her make up and added a little more hair product to her hair. We slipped on our shoes, Alice was wearing some silver ballet flats and surprise 2 of the night, she let me wear my new Chucks. Before we left our apartment, I checked to make sure we had our tickets for about the hundredth time.

We walked out to Alice's car, she demanded that we take hers. Good thing too, I don't know when my truck will die and plus her car is way better. Only if I had the cash to get a cool car like hers. I am not much of a car buff, but I know this car is much better than my older than dirt, secondhand antique that I call my truck. We quickly parked the car and made our way to the venue.

There was a big line out in front, and I saw Alice start to glare at me. She must think we had to wait. We walked towards the front where the large security guard was standing.

"Hey Bella! Its great to see you again. I saved you a seat." He smiled at me and motioned to the stool beside him in front of the venue doors.

"Thanks Gary! Its great to see you too. This my friend Alice." I motioned towards her. They shook hands. Gary got on his walkie talkie and another man came out with another stool. "Have seat ladies." We smiled and sat down.

As the line got bigger, Gary was busy keeping people in line. Alice asked how I knew Gary. I told her how I met him when he saved me from being squished against the stage at a concert when some huge guy mistakenly thought he was going to push his way to the front. I told her that we talked for awhile. He even introduced me to Mark, his boyfriend who was in security too. And how he always let me sit on these stools and be the first one in. I love Gary for this. I always get the best spot up front. Sometime I get to go in before everyone else. As I thought that, Gary came back to the front of the line. And suddenly Mark appeared at the door. Mark led us in early. We made our way up to the stage, where we were front and center. Then the sound of people bustling through rang out in the room.


Today started off like any other day when we have big concert. We practiced in the morning, then played Rock Band until noon and headed out to the Chinese Buffet for lunch. After returning, we started to pack all our equipment out into the trailer. Emmett and I were lifting Jasper's bass amp up into the trailer.

"Come on Eddie! You know that this is a team lift! Putsome of those hidden muscles into it!" Emmett chuckled.

I lifted it higher and Em wasn't ready for it. "There, is that better?" I asked as he slid it into place. Jasper finally came out of the practice space with the last of his stuff. He always takes awhile. He liked to double check and even triple check to make sure we didn't forget anything.

"Done, Jasper?" I asked.

"Yeah I think we have everything." he said.

Loading that trailer is just like playing Tetris. Just have to know where everything fits.

The venue is only across town but we left right away. It's a combination of nerves, excitement to be playing with a bigger named, out-of-town band and knowing that we don't want to show up later when all the other bands show up. Three bands loading into a venue at the same time is not good. I chuckled a little as I heard Emmett singing along with the play list on his ipod that is aptly named "Driving to Shows Tunes". Now he is trying to get his voice to be as high pitched as Michael Jackson's was, back in the Jackson's 5 days. Now you can hear why either Jasper or I do all of the singing. All three of us laughed and eventually we joined in. A new song started.

"Take it away Edward! This is your song." I smiled. I truly loved this song and I really don't know why.

Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl" was blaring through the speakers. We were getting some strange looks from passing motorists and pedestrians on the street.

Hey where did we go, Days when the rains came Down in the hollow, Playin' a new game, Laughing and a running hey, hey Skipping and a jumping In the misty morning fog with Our hearts a thumpin' and you My brown eyed girl, You my brown eyed girl. Whatever happened To Tuesday and so slow Going down the old mine With a transistor radio Standing in the sunlight laughing, Hiding behind a rainbow's wall, Slipping and sliding All along the water fall, with you My brown eyed girl, You my brown eyed girl. Do you remember when we used to sing, Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da So hard to find my way, Now that I'm all on my own. I saw you just the other day, My how you have grown, Cast my memory back there, Lord Sometime I'm overcome thinking 'bout Making love in the green grass Behind the stadium with you My brown eyed girl You my brown eyed girl Do you remember when we used to sing Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da.

As I finished my song we were pulling in the back of the venue. A tall, leggy blonde wearing some light washed jeans and a Blondie t shirt was leaning up against the wall of the building. (A/N: Rose's outfit is on my profile.) I knew that she was here when I saw the cherry red BMW convertible in the parking lot in the back, where no one parks except for bands and the crew. As soon as Em stopped the van he rushed to Rosalie, his girlfriend and our merch girl.

Jasper and I started to unload our equipment, as Emmett quickly grabbed the merch to get Rose set up. After getting everything into the venue, I went outside and peeked around the corner see how many people were in line. There was really long line, even though it was only 5 and doors don't open until 6. I saw a beautiful brunette in the front of the line, whom I have never seen here before. Wow she is really gorgeous. I stared at her as I saw her animatedly talking to this pixie-like girl. I finally pulled myself away and walked back inside. I went over to our merch table and took off my jacket revealing my plain black t shirt and my dark jeans.

As we were helping the first band, Gracer, set up, Mark was escorting the drop dead gorgeous brunette and her friend in. "Hey man! Thanks for helping us." Ryan the lead singer and guitarist said. All three of us wished our friends good luck. "Break a leg Ryan and Paul." I smile as I slapped both of them playfully on the back.

I watched her as much as I could. (A/N: Gracer is also my friends band. A link to their myspace will be on my profile.) Time just flew by so fast, and then Ryan was announcing that we were up next. "New Dawn is coming up next, so stick around for some great music." Ryan told the crowd that really loved their music.

The guys and I took our spots on stage. The mysterious brunette was center stage right in front of my mic and by my keyboard. We played our fans' favorite songs. Then I played my favorite song. I normally hated covering songs, but I loved this song. This was a song for this girl in front.

Breathe in for luck,breathe in so deep,this air is blessed,you share with night is wild,so calm and dull,these hearts they race,from self legs are smooth,as they graze mine,we're doing fine,we're doing nothing at hopes are so high,that your kiss might kill won't you kill me,so I die heart is yours to fill or burst,to break or bury,or wear as jewelry,which ever you words are hushed lets not get busted;just lay entwined here, in here from all the stupid questions."hey did you get some?"Man, that is so quiet, stay near, stay close they can't hear...so we can get some.

I looked at the lovely girl in front of me. I just stared at her like I was singing to her. It felt like there was no else in the room. I hope I have a chance to meet this girl. I will meet her even if I have to lurk in the parking lot until every last person is gone.

My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill won't you kill me, so I die heart is yours to fill or burst,to break or bury, or wear as jewelry,which ever you down this is the best day I can ever remember,I'll always remember the sound of the stereo,the dim of the soft lights,the scent of your hair that you twirled in your fingersand the time on the clock when we realized it's so lateand this walk that we shared streets were wetand the gate was locked so I jumped it,and I let you you stood at your door with your hands on my waistand you kissed me like you meant I knew that you meant it,that you meant it,that you meant it,and I knew,that you meant it,that you meant it.

Hands down this really is the best day I can ever remember just by being in the same venue as this beauty. As the song ended the crowd erupted in applause. All I could do was stare at my dream girl. As we finished our set, I could see a smile on her face. I tried not stare at her too much; I didn't want her to think I was a creep. "So guys, some band, I believe their name is Ten Count Fall, is coming up next. Do any of you know them?" I said into the mic. The crowd started whooping and hollering as we started our last song. We finished and cleared the stage. I stood on the side of the stage to watch TCF's set. Okay I wasn't really watching them, I was watching her.

TCF played all their great fan-favorite songs. Everyone was really into them. This was the first time I have ever seen them play, although I did have their CD. After they finished, I snuck back to the merch table where Rose and the guys were. Deep down inside, I hoped the mystery girl would come buy something. Well I would be happy if she came anywhere near me. And if she wanted anything, I wouldn't make her pay. Soon the crowd was starting to either flow out of the venue or come towards the merch tables. A lot of people talked to us and most said they enjoyed our set.

I spied her and her friend talking to the guys in TCF. Then they turned towards to come my way. In the crowd, I saw Jasper trying to make his way back to the merch table and that's when I think fate stepped in. He bumped into her friend. I could see the pixie-like girl talking animatedly to Jasper. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but both of them were smiling. Then Jasper took the girl by the hand and led her and her friend to our table.

All three of them walked up the 6 stairs to the small balcony where the merch tables were.

"Hey guys this is Alice and Bella." Jasper pointed to the dark haired pixie and then to my dream girl.

"Hello, Alice and Bella." I flashed my crooked grin. I shook Alice's tiny hand, then I took Bella's hand and kissed the top of it. She smiled back at me, blushing slightly. I turned to talk to Bella while her friend was too busy flirting with Jasper, and he was flirting right back.

"So is this your first show Bella?" I asked.

"No, I am avid concert goer. I just never had the pleasure of seeing you guys play. You are great. I love your sound." She told me.

"Well thank you. I'm glad you liked us and I hope you will come again." I smiled at her, gently touching her arm.

Soon the bigger, ruder security guard came up the stairs.

"Hey ladies, it's time to clear out. I don't care where you go, but you can't stay here." he said. Both Alice and Bella frowned.

"So when do you guys play again?" Bella asked.

"Well if you're not doing anything tonight, would you like to go for some coffee?" I asked. I ignored her question because I didn't want to tell her we are playing tomorrow night, which might give her reason to say 'Oh I will see you tomorrow" and then she won't come to get coffee with me. Damn I hope this isn't so forward.

"Sure. Will it just be us?" She asked.

"Yeah." I smiled.

"Okay, I will meet you at Tom's Diner in an hour." She grinned at me. I hope that grin means that she is happy its just me. She and Alice started for the door and I knew that the hour couldn't pass fast enough.

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