"And I shouldn't hold my breath, because a sponge like you needs a puddle to go to. And I, I have breathing room, because the puddle in which you fell, my diamond coated plastic could repel."


After I cured my case of the munchies, I checked my cellphone and saw that I had two hours of school left. I told Alice the time and she said we should probaly go back, or her brother would freak.

With a pout, I grabbed my large coke and walked back to school with Alice. After going our seperate ways, I ducked in to a bathroom and checked my appearance. I looked fine, except for my eyes being all puffy with big unattractive bags underneath them. I searched around in my messenger bag and pulled out a big pair of vintage Jackie O sunglasses. After putting them on and putting my hair into a sloppy, casual ponytail, I trudged off to class.

My class just happened to be Chemistry. Eww.

Without even knocking, I opened the door and strolled in. I was halfway to the back before I was rudely interrupted.

"Miss Swan is that you?"

No, shit. Who else would it be?

Instead of voicing my thoughts, I just turned around and gave the teacher a nonplussed look. Which was actually kind of hard since the glasses took up a majority of my face.

"That...outfit," The teacher said as if the visual image of my hoodie and jeans was replusing, "is not school appropriate."

"My b." I said in an exhausted voice. I was just itching to sit down and take a nap. Damn, was that to much to ask for? Really?

"Excuse me?" The teacher asked in what he must have thought was threatening tone. Really, Charlie was more feirce than this man. And for the record, Charlie was as fierce as a kitten.

"My bad." I retorted as if I was talking to a child.

A few titterings trickled out of the students around me, which just further pissed the teacher off.

"I will make let you off with a pat on the wrist today Miss Swan, seeing as you are new to this institution and all. But just be aware that the Academy does not tolerate hooligans or inaproppriate conduct of any kind!"

"Yeah, whatever." I muttered as I took the empty seat at the back.

"Now, before I was rudely interuppted," cue a glare towards my general direction, "I was talking about the new project thqat we will begin working on..."

I drowned out the teacher and laid my head on the desk I was currently occupying. This is some bullshit. I definitely taking an extended vacation tomorrow.

I was about to drift off to never, never land when I felt someone poke me inbetween my shoulderblades.

"What?" I said tiredly, mildly swatting off my offender.

"Are you Izzy?"

That got my attention.

"Depends who's asking."

I heard a chuckle. Not a 'Ha ha, you're funny' chuckle, but more of a arrogant chuckle. A sort of chuckle that was directed at me, not with me.

My eyes narrowed, and I looked up to see the 'Perfect everything' boy. How typical. "Something funny about my face. Or is it the clothes?" I asked in an edgy tone.

"Something like that, yeah. Alice was right." the boy said, after letting out another brief laugh.

My face twisted in thought. "Tinkerbell?"

The boy's eyes gleamed in mirth, and I had to take back my initial thoughts about him. I'm beginning to think he can't help but be a jerk. That arrogance is just what came along with the package. I could deal with arrogance, no problem.

"Yeah, her."

"Cool, what'd she say?" I asked curiously.

"That you're an interesting peice." The boy said with a smirk. His smirk intensified when he brushed his fingers up my leg casually and I didn't flinch, "Well, well, you are interesting."

"It'll take more than a brush of your fingers to make my panties come down." I said with an eyebrow raise.

The boy nodded, and looked more pleased than disapointed. He then took in my appearance. Noticably my Black Flag hoodie. "You like the band, or are you just trying to be trendy?"

It was my turn to smirk. "Rollin's good, hell, even great. But overrated. Greg Ginn will forever be my man."

"Yeah, but Rollin made things intense. He made Black Flag." The boy said arguably.

I sat up straight, always in a good mood to discuss great music. "But Ginn could take a joke and made things fun."

The boy paused, frowned, and then smiled faintly, all in the course of ten seconds. "Maybe. Sounds like he just appeals to your lifestyle."

I snickered. "Prolly. How much did Alice say anyways?"

The boy shrugged in fashion that obviously stated Alice was old conversation. I rolled my eyes and tossed out a rare smile. "So what are your thoughts on Dinosaur Jr?"

The boy's eyes widened. "My thoughts are that they're fucking amazing."

Okay, so this boy was pretty much me in male form. Holy, shit.

"Favorite band?" I asked, looking him straight in the eye.

"Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers."

And there goes the perfect streak. "Laaaame."

The boy let out a laugh at my statement. "And what is yours praytell?"

"Shit that sounds like the devil's screaming in your ear." I said, head cradled in my arms, still looking at the boy with the purposely mess up auburn hair. I could see me and him bumping uglies. Apparently, from the looks and vibes he was sending me, he could see it to.

"You mean the Dead Kennedys?"

My jaw dropped down. "Fuck yeah, I mean the Dead Kennedys!"


The boy just waved his hand at the bleached blond who was trying to get his attention. I just snorted.

"Edward? What the shit kind of name is that?"

Edward rolled his perfect little eyes and quickly snapped back into his holier-than-thou attitude. "Sure as hell is a lot better than Izzy."

"Bella." I said softly.

"Huh?" Edward asked, giving me a strange look.

I rolled my eyes at the daft boy. "Call me Bella."

"Well Bella, my best friend's holding a party tonight. You down?" Edward asked.

"Sure, just give me the deets."

Edward tossed me his phone and I gave him mine. After exchanging numbers, Edward finally turned around to address the girl from earlier. "What, Lauren?"

Laurned drew her lips into a firm disaproving line at me, before facing Edward, and giving him her full attention. "I was wondering if I could get a replay of last night."

Several of the girls who I assumed were her friends (or leeches, whatever) giggled behind her. Edward looked like he was actually thinking it over in his head before shrugging. "I guess whatever."

I almost felt an upset wave go through me, before I realized I had just met the boy and at most times I was no better than he was.

Lauren smirked at me. "Great. Walk me to class."

Edward considered the blond once more before shaking his head no. "Nah, I think I'll kick it with Bella here."

Lauren's face immediately twisted into an ugly frown. "What-"

"He's obviously moved on." I said, cutting through Lauren's dramatics rudely, yet smoothly. "Guess you're not as great as you think you are. Catch ya on the flip side."

During my bitchy brush off, I had linked arms with Edward. We had already began walking off before Lauren could retort, leaving her gobsmacked behind us.

"Nice." Edward said approvingly as we headed towards the cafeteria.

"Everything about me is." I said.

"You got that right."

"Didn't anyone ever tell you tricks are for kids?" I asked Edward, obviously referencing to Lauren.

Edward smirked for like the billionth time today. "I was bored. It didn't mean nothing."

I shrugged nonchalantly. "It's not like care. It's just, if me and you ever full around I don't want to catch her shit, got me?"

Edward let out a loud laugh at that. "Damn, you're so sure of yourself!"

I let our arms drop and casually let my hand squeeze his inner thigh. "Do I have any reason not to be?"

Edward groaned. "No, you have every reason to be. You almost quite literally have me by the balls."

"Good. You fancy a drive to the mall?"

Edward glanced at me in shock. "You've only been to one class all day."

I shrugged. "So? I need to find some shit for the party and I'm already sick of this scene. Let's go."

"Promise to show me a good time?"

And there was that smirk again. The thing about Edward is, well, from what I know so far about him anyways, is that he is as full of himself as one person could possibly be without exploding. He's beautiful and he damn well knows it. He's also like me in a way, so I guess that's why I like him so much. He knows how to have fun without any strings attatched and that's how I like my men and friends.

"I'll let you fuck me in the dressing room."

"Let's go then."


a/n: i was originally going to do the party and the bella/edward scene in this chapter but it ran to long so all that's in the next chapter. so i guess the story really gets rolling NEXT chapter, because that's when Jasper is introduced. do not fret, this is still a jasper/bella story. the chapters will get longer to, i just have to set things up. :o)

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