Express Yourself.

By. Kennedy's Friday Night Delight

A/N: This is going to be the first story of the Ashton Cage series that I am writing. This is set during the time frame of Team Canada and will go up until the one night stand of Sabin and Taylor.


"You aren't going!" A blonde man shouted at his equally blonde sister, while their third sibling sat on the couch watching amused. "Like hell I am." the woman shouted back. "KIDS!" "Sorry Grammy!" They both called back while the third laughed. "Shut it. This is mostly your fault you know." "Eh?" "Don't play stupid with me." "Stop it Christian!" the woman shouted, "You are just as much to blame." "Ashton Jordan I am not going to tell you again. Keep it down." "Sorry Grammy." Ashton blushed shoving her hands into her pockets. She had just told her two older brothers both wrestlers for the WWE that she had joined Total nonstop action Wrestling as a member of Team Canada. Edge her adopted brother that it was hilarious that she joined their rival company. "That's just our sister always the rebel." Edge said when she told him. She told him separately from Christian knowing that Edge was more relaxed about it. He was the one who would train her behind Christian's back.

Christian stared at his sister, her hands shoved into her pockets looking sheepish she never shouted at anyone in their family. Her brown eyes now staring at her tennis shoes. "Why should I let you go?" "Because Christian you always told me to follow my dreams." 'Of owning your own child care center. Not being a professional wrester" "Would be different if I was going to the WWE?" she asked. "Yes it would be. We would be there." Christian said pointing to himself then Edge.

"Do you think that I want to be in my brothers' shadows all of my life. It was bad enough I had to live though it in high school. I am own person C." Ashton stated. "You said loved that." "I did when I was twelve and thirteen but now it's a little old. And beside Scotty D'amore is going to be there and so is Bobby Roode." "That's two people out of a whole roster." "Christian face it, I am not a baby anymore. I am not the same little girl who used to go running down to your room every time I had a nightmare." "Nope, now you just go to Bobby." Edge said causing his sister to stick her tongue out at him. "You aren't going." Christian stated, 'Over my dead cold body." "I am going to go Christian and you can't stop me." Ashton stated before grabbing her car keys and heading out in the winter wonderland that was known as Toronto.

Coach Scott D'amore was standing in the locker room of Team Canada. 'Alright listen up guys. We are getting a new member of our team." "Really why?" Petey Williams asked looking at the coach. "Because creative wants us to have a female member kind of cut down the roughness. I have known this girl for years." Bobby Roode's face lit up with a smile knowing who the girl was. Ashton Cage his exgirlfriend they had been serious there for a while they were both in the Indies. He got bumped up to TNA while Ashton stayed in Toronto. "A girl?" Eric asked. "Yes EY you know a woman." Johnny Devine said holding his hands out from his chest like he was motioning to breasts. Bobby rolled his eyes maybe having Ashton there would cut some of their behavior down to a minimum. He walked out to the hallway and dialed Ashton. "Hey Bobby." "Hey. When were you going to tell me that you are joining us?" "When I got there but I take it Scott told you?" "Yes. Almost gave Eric Young a heart attack." 'Eric?" "Yeah one of the boys on the team. You would think that he has never seen a woman before." Bobby said, "When are you coming out?' 'I will be there Thursday." "Okay good. How did your brothers react to you joining us?" "Edge thought it was great but Christian flipped his lid. I thought I heard something break when I was leaving." Bobby laughed. "Hold on for a second." "Okay." Bobby was thrilled, you could Scott D'amore was thrilled. It would take some time before the other guys got onto their excitement. "Hey Coach, can I pick her up on Thursday?" Bobby asked Scott. He nodded his head, not really thinking much about it. He was glad one of his boys were accepting of this idea.

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