a/n: Sorry about this wait. This chapter is important friendship wise with Ajay and James. he is going to be one of her best friends later on in the series and this kind shows a bit of it. As always I only own Ajay.

The Cowboy and his Pix

"Hey Ajay" James greeted going over to the first Lady of Team Canada who was messing with her team jacket muttering to herself.

"Hey James!" She beamed a bright smile on her face she had a major soft spot for the Cowboy since the first night she meet him in Nashville at the bar Jeff suggested she go too.

"So listen Wildcat is riding with Jeff to the house show. So I was wondering if you wanted to ride with me"

"Sure stop me from killing Johnny and Eric from asking me if my boobs are real and it's been awhile since we have talked.' she answered.

"I know you need to tell me all about you and Sabin from what I hear you two are pretty hot and heavy"

Ajay shrugged her shoulders an innocent smile forming on her face, "me hot and heavy why Jimmy I don't know what you are talking about"

James put his arm around her, "I am starting to think I should never believe that smile'

'You might be right with that' she smiled before giving his waist a squeeze and bouncing away to join her team mates.

'You are riding with James' Bobby questioned his ex after the show was over with.

"Yes I am riding with James there is a major difference from what you thinking then what is going to happen on that ride. James is a friend that is it' Ajay answered crossing her arms.

'Coach she is riding with James'

'I know its fine, she is free to ride with who she wants' Scott said rolling his eyes at his enforcer.

'Thanks Scott' Ajay smiled at her coach, "I am going to go before he blew his stack which I know from experience with that look on his face he is bound to do that any time now'

"be careful with him" Scott said, 'And call if there are any problems'

"Yes sir dad' she gave him a mock salute as she picked up her bags up, 'I will see you boys at the show'

"this is a bad idea Coach" Bobby said once she was outside of the room, 'those two being friends could be a very bad idea'

"Let her have some friends Roode, you don't have control of her anymore she is allowed to have friends" Petey piped up from where he was leaning against the wall his eyes narrowing dangerously.

Bobby rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

'So how mad is the team" James asked throwing her bags in the truck of his car.

"Roode almost blew his top when he found out. Johnny, Eric and Pete didn't seem to mind' Ajay answered getting into the car.

'What's the deal between you and Roode anyways" he asked sliding into the driver's seat.

'We use to be together' she answered looking blankly out of the windshield, 'he was a mean son of a bitch to me'

"How mean" he asked.

"He starved me and hit me a couple of times' she answered

. 'He did what?' James was livid.

'Calm down cowboy its in the past now and if he tries doing to me what he did to me now, he will go though another wall curiosity of Bubba Ray and Devon Dudley'

"They put him though a wall"

"Hmm, and my brothers kicked his ass too" she answered with a shrug of her shoulders.

'Have you been drinking lately' he questioned changing the subject.

'Not lately I got really drunk with Traci and Lecita, I swore after that hangover I was never going to drink again" she answered.

'Well damn I was going to suggest you come out with me and we get drunk' he gave her a goofy grin.

'That could be a bad idea, you drink a lot and I could up with alcohol poisoning. I have spent enough time in the hospital in the past couple of years that I don't want to do it again' she answered.

'Fair enough'

they fell into a comfortable silence.

"So what's the deal between you and Sabin' he asked after a while.

Ajay rested her feet against the dashboard a smile forming on her face, 'why do you want to know'

"As your friend I feel like should protect my Pixie'

'Pixie' Ajay questioned looking at with her eyebrow raised.

"Yeah, you are small and fairy like it makes sense'

"Okay then' she said, 'the thing with Sabin is kind of a stand still'

'what do you mean' he asked.

'Meaning he got put off when he found out that I had a thing with Randy Orton and John Cena when I was traveling with my brother"

"A thing"

"I had sex with them James'

"What? My sweet innocent little Pix had sex"

"She has lots of sex" she laughed. James smirked and glanced at her out of the corner of his eye, "Any with girls'

'wouldn't you like to know' she shot back causing his jaw to drop and her to laugh even more.

She sobered up after a few minutes, "But honestly James I can see myself with someone like Sabin for the rest of my life'

"Really' "Yeah he is a good guy and as funny as may seem I think he is the one'

"You have known him for how long'

'since 02 I believe'

'You have known for this long and you two aren't together" Ajay nodded her head, 'I want to be with him, its him who has to be ready for it'

"Well he doesn't shape up soon Pix, I will date ya'

'Thank you Jimmy, I might have to take you up on that offer if he doesn't do it soon'

James nodded his head the comfortable silence filling the car again.

He had been dead serious when he said he would date her if Sabin didn't come around soon if the Detroit man wouldn't step up and take her off the market then he sure the hell would