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"Jesus Christ, Bones!" Seeley Booth exclaimed worriedly, upon seeing his partner's eyes flutter open.

"I told you to stay close. How am I supposed to protect you if you don't listen to me?" He asked, guilt and concerned anger hitching his voice. When Booth saw the exhaustion in Temperance's eyes though, his anger seemed to melt away almost instantaneously. Booth shook his head and sat back, trying to relax his wired nerves.

Bones was about to reprimand him, offer retaliation that he wasn't her boss and that he had no right to get angry with her. But like Booth, she was never able to stay mad at her partner for long. Seeing his tense posture and the tired glint in his eyes erased all traces of frustration. Though she had finally awoken, Bones felt the painkillers in her system trying to overpower her again, and to her discontent she was too weak to fight off the sleepiness that fogged her. Booth noticed this, and asked.

"Are you okay Bones? Do you need anything?"

Bones shook her head and managed to reply softly that she was feeling well.

"How are you fine? You got shot..."

Hearing the unmistakable distress in his voice again, Bones winced slightly, even though she had expected this exact reaction. Even in her out-of-it state, she could recognize that Booth was extremely upset. He rarely said the name of his God in vain.

"How long have I been in a comatose state?"

"Long enough… I miss my partner."

Bones smiled at him.

"So, how extensive are my injuries?"

Booth frowned. "It hit you in the arm. The doctor says there is no nerve damage; it just hit you in the flesh and nothing else, but you need to stay until it heals up a little more. Your arm will be sore for a long time though. And you won't be going on field missions until further notice."

Bones nodded, though not agreeing with the last part. "I'll be fine Booth. Seriously. This injury is too insignificantly incapacitating to keep me from my work."

"That's not what worries me Bones. Whoever did this to you is still out there. And I won't rest until I catch that bastard and make him pay."

"We'll catch him Booth."

Seeing her eyelids droop, fighting a losing war against sleep, Booth nodded at her and told her to go back to sleep.

"I'm not that tired Booth. I just woke up."

"And you just fell asleep." Booth whispered 5 minutes later when Bones had drifted off peacefully. Booth yawned and stretched, but sat back down immediately. He wasn't going to leave Bones alone no matter what. Not with what had happened recently. Feeling his own heavy eyelids, the Special Agent made himself as comfortable as the hard chair would allow, and began to doze. The ever-loyal Booth was sleeping for the first time in 36 hours.

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