"I come prepared" said Paul waving a newspaper in front of Claudine and Jez.

They both look quizzical. "You know for the film times"

"Ahh ok" smiles Claudine

"So take a look, see what takes your fancy" Paul winks at Claudine handing her the newspaper

Jez immediately jumps in he can't hold back any longer "Look Paul we need to know something"

Claudine looks at Jez eyes glaring, Jez continues

"Claudine wants to know if you prefer girls or boys"

Claudine yells "JEZ!"

Paul looks perplexed "What?"

Claudine clears her throat "We just wanted to know which of us you wanted to go out with"

"I can't believe what i'm hearing, I don't know anyone here and I thought it would be nice if I made some friends. I'm sorry to disappoint but I'm not looking for a date" Paul looks at Jez and Claudine who are now looking somewhat embarrassed. They don't know what to say.

"Oh..." is about all Claudine can manage

Paul looking bemused turns to leave he looks back at both of them "Oh and by the way you're not my type"

And with that Paul is gone; Jez puts his arm around Claudine's shoulders

"Sorry, I hate to say I told you so but...

"What do you mean?" snaps Claudine pulling away from Jez

"He's gay, is what I mean"

"NO he is not, he was looking at you, you're so not his type!"

Jez can't believe it "What are you talking about he was looking at you, you're SO dumped!"

They both sit there staring ahead arms folded looking annoyed, Jez takes a breath

"So we're both dateless then?"

Claudine sighs "yep" They both turn to look at each other and suddenly their annoyance turns into

smiles and in turn to laughter at the ridiculous situation they've found themselves in.

"Actually" smirked Claudine "He wasn't that cute, he had a weird top lip"

Jez burst out laughing "A weird top lip!! Yeah come to think of it he walked funny too"

"You should have seen your face" pointed Claudine

"Shut up, your face went scarlet" he laughed digging her playfully in the ribs. "So what now?"

"Well this dress isn't going to waste that's for sure, you're taking me out"

"Your wish is my command" winked Jez "But from now on, no going after the same boy"

Claudine nodded "Unless he's a Stefan lookalike"

"Agreed, come on then let's show that dress off" Jez takes Claudine's arm "You look totally

fabulous by the way"

"I know" smiles Claudine giving Jez's arm a squeeze "I so do!"