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I think, he thinks...

A low growl became audible into the darkness of the room, added to the fissling of fabric and to the heavy breathing, which had been the dominating sounds before.

A breathless, husky voice joined the variety of sounds.

"I think, he thinks you are hurting me" she said, followed by a moan, which was caused by a deliberately slow thrust.

An equally breathless voice became audible.

"And is he right?"

"Hell no."

He thrust into her again, which caused her to moan once more, that on the other hand led to a louder growl from the dog.

He changed his angle and pushed once again into her, from pleasure, shaking body; hitting the point, most men were calling a myth.

Contrary to this man, who knew exactly what he did to women.

Every move of him let her scream in ecstasy.

Every scream that left her mouth caused a bark into the darkness around them.

He slowed his movements down again, keeping her on the edge, on which one final thrust would be enough to let her fly away.

After taking a long breath she pulled him down, seeking his lips with hers. A short but passionate kiss followed, before she brought her lips to his ear.

"But I'll hurt you, if you keep this torturing up."

"Yeah what are you going to do to stop me?"

With a smooth movement on her part, she switched the positions and took the lead of their night action; enjoying the fact that she could repay what he did to her only a few moments earlier.

Equally slow she moved up and down and clenched her inner muscles around his length while doing so.

"Oh god" he groaned.

His hand wandered downwards to the place their body's were joined; his thumb found the delicate bundle of nerves and started to stroke it in the same rhythm in which she moved up and down on his throbbing member.

With his mouth he sought her breast and sucked and licked her nipple.

A smirk appeared on his features when he realized that her movements became more and more urgent.

His other hand started to massage her second breast.

Looking up into her face, he saw, by the look on it, that she was as close to come as he was himself.

With one last stroke of his thumb over her bundle, he pushed himself upwards while she moved down; they were meeting on halfway with a force that was enough to throw them both over the edge.

While both were screaming their relief into the night, the poor dog just whimpered his disapproval about the confusing noises the two humans made on their bed; he turned around and looked for a comfortable place in one of the corners.

After long moments in which only the breathing of them was audible, Gibbs cleared his throat and while continuing with stroking the back of his love he asked: "Tell me again, why is McGee's dog here?"