From Chad Dylan Cooper's Eyes

Chapter One

Sketchy Beginnings


Moody1656: Very First Sonny With A Chance story. Hope you enjoy it and I'll try to update each week. This will probably be one of the easier stories for me to write so yeah!

Chad's POV

I scowled at the TV set in my private room. That lame brain sitcom show, if the word show can even apply to that garbage, is going to have a new cast member. Great, as if those idiots weren't hard enough to ignore.

ALL of them are idiots. They're personalities themselves are dull and predictable. How I despise the fact that such an idiotic show can even be compared to McKenzie Falls. The Falls has great characters, a plot, and depth. Things that dumb 'funny' garbage can never have.

And now, NOW, they are bringing into their cast a new member. Just great, another idiot to sneer at.

I glared at the TV set and turned it off as I realized there was nothing about myself, or McKenzie Falls, on TV. I sighed and leaned my head back on my couch that was sent in from a collection from Paris. That money was put to good use.

I smirked as I imagined what this new nuisance would be like. The announcement had shown a photograph so I know what the new member of So Random! (better off being called So Retarded!) looks like. I hope she's not like one of those stupid childish dolts. Hopefully she will at least be like them and mind the boundaries, last thing I need is some girl thinking she can stop our two year feud.

The two stooges, blond wannabee, and weird girl are going to go down even with their latest addition to the cast. A show that bad can only get worse, not better.

I smirk to myself at the thought and sit up shaking my head. That's enough thinking about the actually humorous future in the near future. Why waste my time thinking about that idiotic show anyways?

I look to the coffee table in between my couch and TV and see tomorrow's script. Better to use my time for something worth while. I stretch out an arm and pick up the script to read it to myself for the third time that day. Only dedicated actors get far. And I'm definitely one of them.

I'm not stupid enough to think my good looks will get me everywhere. Sure they get me lots of places but the true genius that is Chad Dylan Cooper is what attracts people to my acting. That and of course my incredible pouty face that no one can ignore. And they say you can't be this gorgeous.

My thoughts bounced back to the new member of So Random! and I smirked. At least they finally got someone over there with good looks. Maybe if she could act she'd make a better addition to The Falls than So Random! But then again they only hire failures over there, not actors.

I sighed as Portlyn was talking about something I had no interest in. Hadn't she learned by now not to talk unless we're shooting? I cursed myself for going outside when she was outside as well. Oh well, nothing to do about it now.

A bob of hair near Stage 1 catches my eye. Hm, that's the new girl I guess. "Shush!" I hush the brunette next to me. She stops rambling but pouts before turning to where I'm looking.

Great she's the energetic, optimistic, peppy type. Well she's prettier than the phtograph I'll give her that. Her brown waves bounce the light in a way to only balance out her wide, enthusiastic, grin. First time in Hollywood I guess. "Who's she?" Portlyn asks interrupting my thoughts.

I hold up a hand to shush her as I speculate the other brunette some more. Musician I'm guessing from the guitar case in her hand. That or another crazy person to join them. She walks through one of the double doors to Stage 1 and an equally excited women follows behind. As both disappear I shrug and lean back against the wall of Stage 2.

"Chad?" Portlyn's call causes me to realize she wasn't gone. Oh well guess I should answer her previous question.

"That's the new So Random! girl. Just joined today I guess." I answered briefly before turning around to go back to the wonders of Stage 2. Home sweet Falls.

When I walk inside Portlyn hurries to my side and smiles. "Anyways, the logon berries are gonna be here soon."

"Great," I say half-heartedly. My thoughts can't help but keep going back to the excited brunette next door (sort of speak).

One of the production workers sees us walk in and smiles, "Shooting in ten guys."

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