***Very, very AU. Does deal with a major character death. No flames please, you were warned.***

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Honey, It's been a long time coming,

And I can't stop now,

Such a long time running,

And I can't stop now,

Can you hear my heart beating,

Can you hear that sound,

Cause I can't help thinking,

And I don't look down.

Embrace, Gravity.


(Two years previously)

The sound of god awful pain filled my ears and I closed my eyes for a spilt second and tried my hardest to block it out. But my heart knew the person it belonged to, and it screamed out for me protect what was mine. My instincts flew into overload as a plume of purple smoke blew up around me; the smell of the skin burning was enough to choke me. I pushed through the Newborns, not caring about any of them trying to take a snap at me; I'd take them on, no problem. I had to get to her. She was my entire reason for living, my life, my perfect immortal angel.

I crossed the field, the venom of countless vampires bubbling on my ravaged fore arms, until I saw her. Her beautiful face, a picture of peace and tranquility, tossed aside as her body burned in everlasting orange flame. I roared with grief, my brain screaming for revenge, begging for murder. For the first time in over 70 years, I saw red.

Red was the color of my love for my wife; the color of my eyes when she had saved my life, the color of her seventh wedding dress when we married again, a decade ago. My pain was red; a ferocious burning in the pit of my stomach, threatening to bubble over any second and consume me whole. It traveled up through my throat, and I screamed her name, the torturous agony in my voice bringing causing silence to all around me.

Then it exploded inside me; the fearsome thirst, the traitorous side of my kind. The need to kill, the bloodlust, the urge to rip apart the thing that had murdered my wife. I sprang forward and seized the Newborn by the throat, ripping through his neck with my teeth, tearing his arms and legs from his body.

I could smell Rosalie's scent on his hands.

I snarled once more and his body became a pile of limbs underneath my fingers. I reached into my pocket, struck a match and lit his body alight. Vengeance was mine. Another one hit me from behind, and I staggered forward, his strength was his advantage. I grabbed him by his hair and tossed him over onto the floor, pining him down and ripped his head from his shoulders. His body struggled underneath mine until I ripped into several bloody pieces. His blood was potent in his dead veins, his body still absorbing his former life force.

I took down two more, until a single lone vampire was left. I recognized her instantly; her flame red hair was unforgettable, the color of my pain, the cause of all of our suffering was summed up in one single name.


Anger flared inside me as I joined my family, each of us crouching down, our teeth bared.

Edward circled her; his stance defensive. This was his fight; her mate had tortured Bella, and this was their final showdown. I could see his fingers were itching to tear her head from her vile body and burn her; I felt his pain. We gathered around her, each one of us crazy with grief until she was surrounded. Only then did she realize the enormity of what she had done. She had not only taken my mate, but violated everything we held dear. She had taken a daughter, a sister, one that was not only loved, but cherished.

Esme's eyes were wild with pain, as were Carlisle's. Edward surged forward and slammed her into the rock face, causing it to split under the force of his blow. Victoria screamed in agony as Edward pulled one of her arms clean off. Jasper leapt in front of Alice, blocking her from attacking. Esme's snarls filled the circle and she rushed toward Victoria and tore her remaining arm away. Jasper's cries were of furious agony as my emotions all but drowned him. Victoria's head was gone in a flash; rolling to the side where Jasper stood, his boot resting atop of it.

A mate for a mate, she had called it. But the footing wasn't even in the slightest. She had taken something from all of us today; yet still I did not feel as if she had paid the full price for her crimes against us. Her body was torn into eight separate pieces, each set alight individually. I stood and watched her burn, waiting for the satisfaction to seep in, but it never came.

I looked around, staring into the eyes of my family. Alice was shaking with grief; her tiny frame supported by Jasper, who in turn looked absolutely distraught. Esme collapsed to the ground, hysterically crying in tearless sobs for her oldest daughter. Carlisle fell beside her, and for the first time in my entire existence, I saw my father openly grieve.

Edward came at me before I could even blink.

I fell lifelessly, limp into his arms.

She was gone.

My Rose was dead.

Present Day

I closed my eyes and willed god to take me. I knew full well I was unbreakable, but the pain inside my hollow chest was still so raw, it felt like the past year had been squeezed into a single timeless day. For me, the sun didn't rise and fall as it once had. The glow and warmth of the light had been sucked into farthest corners of the universe, never to be unleashed again.

I had once relished the sun, its rays turning my skin into something of beauty. I had revered those days; I held them tight within my heart, under lock and key. I could never let them go, because she was still there in my mind, my beautiful angel, calling to me, calming me in her arms. But the angel was warm now, when once she had been so cold. She was smiling, her violet eyes shining as she welcomed me, her arms wide and loving.

"Why do you cry?" she asked me, and I did not have an answer.

I wanted to tell her that it was for her that I grieved. For her, my heart broke into a thousand pieces, never to be molded into place again. It was jagged, smashed and bereft. How could a heart be lacerated into so many pieces, yet feel an undeniable spark of life deep within? A life without the angel was not worth living.

She leaned over me, her smile warm, her blush the color of the sweetest rose. My Rose, my heart murmured, she had come to take me. Her finger dragged over my cheek, and I felt something warm growing inside my chest, piecing me together, making me whole again.

She held out a sparking gem in her hand, the Ruby glinting in the sunlight. I knew what it was. It was the piece of my heart that would always be hers. She brought the stone to her mouth and kissed it, her wonderful violet eyes falling on me once more. She sighed wistfully, as she looked at me, her eyes shining with compassionate love. She reminded me of our father at that very moment, so much.

She had kind, laughing eyes. Eyes that had seen so much pain, yet never lost faith. My body longed for her touch. Just a sign that she was really here with me, yet I knew undeniably that this was my final goodbye. God was calling his angel back.

She placed a single kiss against my forehead, the warmth surrounding her encasing me.

"My angel," she whispered, "My one and only, be bright, be happy, and most of all, be loved."

"I love you, Rosie,"

"I love you too, Emmett, with everything I am, and was,"

With that, she was gone.

I needed to hunt. The thirst was overpowering me, even though we were in a rural area, I could still smell the blood of the family who lived a mile away from us. I listened to my family moving around the house, Edward solitary and alone, much like I was. We had been from Forks, for almost two years now. The difference was clear in all of us. We were still very much a family, yet we lived separate lives. Edward was still mourning for Bella, refusing to let Alice keep the link to her future open.

I don't know how he could have left her. She was weak, vulnerable, and so very human. She needed him more than he ever knew; it was evident in the way she looked at him. I knew how she felt, because even though I came through my attack changed, I idolized Rosalie the way she did Edward. The only thing I ever noticed between them is that Bella seemed to drift toward Edward more than Edward ever did toward her. There is a bond between a vampire and their mate that cannot be broken; to break it would cause physical pain if the bond is torn in an unnatural way.

I stepped out of my bedroom into the hall, tensing for a moment as I looked left to right. My way was clear, and I leapt out the second story window, landing on my feet in the vast open space of our garden. I could see the impressive length Esme had gone to attain perfection, and it was breathtaking.

I turned to run towards the woods when something caught my eye. I came to a complete standstill on the winding path in front of me. Hundreds of Violets were spread out before me, in full bloom. I felt a flash of pain in my heart, and my eyes prickled, waiting for the tears I would never shed. The scent of the flowers invaded my senses and I reached out to pick one, carefully not to tear its beautiful petals.

I could see her beautiful eyes filled with love and warmth, as she wished me her final goodbye, and yet now it did not sadden me. I knew she was in a far better place, somewhere where she could finally have her hearts desire. She was in heaven; I had no doubts about that.

I jogged the woods, sniffed the air, confident that I was completely alone, and set off into a run. It was completely exhilarating to be free of the confines of the house, to be free of the pity filled stares of my siblings, and the angst filled eyes of my parents. I just wished it would all go away. I wished I could bury it away, and never let it see the light of day again. I knew deep down I was still broken, but I knew that with time I would slowly heal.