My Dearest Readers,

I do apologize for having left my fictions for so long. Sadly, despite my promises that these stories shall never be discontinued...they must be put on hold for a while longer. Yes, I had new chapters ready to put out for EACH and EVERY story...but that was before I unfortunately dropped and stepped upon my laptop. Yes, I actually did that, much to my chagrin. So I am laptopless, without any way to withdraw my stories from the broken ruin of a machine. And, the biggest thing... I am leaving. I am leaving to go to a Basic Training camp for an Emergency Rescue Training team. There, they have NO media, no laptops, and no internet or phones. I can only correspond through handwritten letters, but have no fear. I shall be buying several notebooks to fill in my spare time. When I get back, after 6 months to a year of training, I will finish writing and upload.

I know that it's a long time to wait. A VERY long time. . I hate the lack of computer, the lack of internet. But, I shall buy a new laptop and upload the chapters that I shall rewrite in my absence, and more. I apologize. So very much. I give you leave to flame me, and flog me, and draw and quarter me (via internet speech only :P)