Single Chapter Five

'Where would they go?' Tsukasa slammed his fist against the wall next to Rui's locked front door. The photographer had told him that the two of them were still there when he had left that morning but now they were no where in sight. Tsukasa had received a cal from one of his men stating that they could not locate either Tsukushi or Rui in Tokyo. Her parents didn't even know where she had gone they were only able to tell him that she had called earlier in the morning to ask when they would be home. Sojiro and Akira hadn't returned his calls and Yuki was where ever Sojiro was according to the Dango shop keeper. Leaning his head against the wall Tsukasa closed his eyes the blood pounding in his ears. "I'll find you both and when I do you'll regret ever looking at each other."

Watching Rui cook Tsukushi had felt an overwhelming sense of peace settle over her. They had ate in silence with the sound of the waves crashing to the shore faintly in the background. She had to admit that it had been the best meal she'd ever had. All the fancy meals from a year ago paled in comparison to this meal and she supposed it was because it wasn't made for a nameless face but for her. Sitting on the couch she sighed softly as she thought back to the cookies she had spent all night making Tsukasa once and she frowned. It seemed like a lifetime ago she had made them. His words traveled back to her as she remembered how he claimed her cookies reminded him of the way love should taste.

Yes she had loved him whole heartedly back then and she knew she still loved him but she had to wonder if she would still stay up all night to bake him a cookie that he may or may not have time to eat. Shaking her head slightly she turned her gaze away from the window as Rui brought in a tray with two tea cups and a tea pot on it. "I could have did the dishes and brought the tea out." She told him softly as Rui placed the tray on the coffee table in front of them. Shaking his head he gave her a smile before sitting down beside her. "Nonsense. You're my guest." Tsukushi's lips quirked into a half smile as she took the offered cup of tea. "Careful Rui I might get used to this and never leave." Chuckling Rui sipped from his own cup before settling back against the couch cushion. "You and I both know you'd never get used to being waited on nor would you want to."

Giving me a full genuine smile Tskushi relaxed back on the couch also. "You know me so well." Sipping her drink the smile left her eyes and Rui watched the change of expression with a raises brow. Lowering her cup to the end table Tsukushi cleared her throat. "Seriously though it's kind of you to let me stay here and I want to help out so if you need the garden weeded or for me to cook I'll do it, it's the least I could do." Nodding Rui leaned forward to place his cup on the table in front of him. "I had a feeling you might say that. Just allow me to wait on you for today." The smile he gave her was so boyish she felt her heart melt in her chest and was agreeing before she knew it. "Just for today."

Settling back once more Rui reached over and placed his hand on hers giving it a small pat. Placing her other hand over his she gave him a small smile before a yawn escaped her. Rui flashed her another smile before slipping his hand from under hers and standing up. Blinking up at him in confusion Tsukushi watched silently as he went over to the closet and pulled out a blanket along with a pillow. Wordlessly Rui came and placed the blanket on the floor before handing her the pillow. Taking the pillow in her hands Tsukushi's breath caught in her throat as Rui gently took her feet in his hands and slowly repositioned her to where her feet were stretched out in front of her on the couch. After retrieving the pillow from her he gently lifted her head to slip the pillow underneath it.

After she was comfortably positioned on the couch Rui picked the blanket back up and after unfolding it he drapped it over her. Finally finding her voice Tsukushi cleared her throat. "Rui..." Leaning down Rui placed a silencing finger on her lips before closing the distance between them to place a small kiss on the top of her head. Dropping his finger from her lips he straightened up and looked down at her. "Get some rest. If my guess is correct you didn't sleep all that well last night."

Closing her eyes Tsukushi smiled and listened as Rui placed the tea cups on the tray and walked into the kitchen. It wasn't too long that before sleep claimed her. In the kitchen Rui picked up his cell phone which had been buzzing all day long in his pocket. He had turned the ringer off after getting Tsukasa's call earlier in the morning. Now as he scrolled down the list of missed calls he sighed. Tsukasa had called over twenty times. Not even bothering to check the messages which were no doubt irate Rui went to his contact list and selected Sojiro's name. Pressing send he waited patiently as the phone rang. Unlike Tsukasa Rui had no problem getting Sojiro to answer. "Hey Rui I hear you're in deep water. Are you by chance calling me to help you out?" Chuckling at Sojiro's tone Rui leaned against the counter and replied, "I do have favor though. You and Akira are the only ones that know of my cottage. I'd like to keep it that way."

He heard Sojiro's sigh over the phone and held back a laugh. Sojiro's reply was one of resignation. "I understand. I'm sure you have your reasons for whisking Makino away. I just hope for your sake that it doesn't backfire on you." Rui's lips quirked into a small smile as he looked out the kitchen window. Faintly he heard a female voice on the other end begin to question Sojiro about Tsukushi. "Yuki's with you?" He heard Sojiro's groan of annoyance before he replied, "Yes. She wanted to go see a temple outside of Tokyo. I couldn't just let her wander off alone, you know how much trouble young women can get into by themselves." Rui turned his gaze towards the living room and smiled. "Yes I know that full well. Word of advice Sojiro.. Don't let Yuki get away. You'll regret it the rest of your life."

He heard Sojiro chuckle on the other end. "Rui.. you're actually giving me advice on relationships?" Rui closed his eyes and lent his head back a soft sigh escaping him. "You know what they say, those that can't do teach right?" On the other end of the phone Rui could hear the sound of bells and footsteps. "I'll let you get back to your date Sojiro. I just wanted to make sure you'd help me keep this secret." After saying their good byes Rui ended the call and searched for Akira's number in his phone list. The call to Akira was roughly the same except there were two girls instead of one and neither of the voices Rui recognized. Content in the knowledge that their location would be kept secret for the time being Rui turned his phone off and placed it back on the counter. Walking quietly into the living room he stopped in front of the couch to gaze down on a sleeping Tsukushi. 'I wish I could time travel.' He thought silently to himself as he reached down to brush a strand of hair off her cheek. 'I'd have chosen you first and all the troubles you've gone through would have never happened.'

Tskushi mumbled something in her sleep that vaguely sounded like Rui's name before reaching out to place her hand on his which still rested upon her cheek. Rui's breath caught in his throat as she curled her fingers around his own as if afraid he might pull his hand away. Slowly dropping to his knees Rui lent forward and without thinking of the consequences pressed his lips softly to hers. To his surprise she did not wake up but returned the kiss as her grip on his hand tightened. The sheer force of emotion he felt at that moment was like a hot brand being placed on his skin. Pulling away he stared wide eyed down at her and had to mentally shake himself. Coming to his senses he gently pulled his hand out of her grasp before standing up.

'Shower.. I need to take a shower.' Turning on his heels he quietly excited the room away from the temptation that was sleeping on the couch so peacefully. Once inside the bathroom he closed the door behind him and rested his back against the door. 'Stupid! What were you thinking?!' Running a shaky hand through his hair he laughed softly to himself. 'That's the problem, you weren't thinking. When it comes to her you don't think.. you just react.' Pushing away the sudden feeling of guilt Rui stepped away from the door to turn the water on in the shower. "This is going to be a long week." He mumbled to himself as he checked the temperature of the water pouring from the faucet. "A very long week."

End of Chapter 5

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