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Anthony DiNozzo leaned back in his chair and yawned. It was only noon, and he was ready to leave. The team hadn't worked any cases in a few days, and it was driving him nuts. He decided to turn to his favorite source of entertainment for some relief.

"How's the paperwork coming, Zee-Vah?" he asked, with a grin.

His partner didn't look away from her computer. "Better than yours, since I suspect you have been playing video games for most of the day."

Tony's smile got wider, "Well, what can I say? Some of us actually enjoy having fun, Miss David."

That got her attention. She looked up at him sharply and folded her hands on her desk.

"I am sure McGee would agree with me when I say, this time is for work, not your silly games."

They both turned to McGee, who was typing furiously on his own keyboard. He didn't stop his actions as Tony and Ziva came to stand in front of his desk.

"McGee, am I right?" Ziva asked. "Tim?"

McGee didn't look up, he barely even noticed them. DiNozzo smiled.

"Aha! I know what our little Probie friend must be up to," he started, walking around the desk to face the younger agent's monitor. DiNozzo's grin widened.

"Ah yes, just as I thought. World of Warcraft. The McGoo has become one with his inner elf lord." Tony leaned down next to McGee, and Ziva leaned on the front of the desk, smirking.

Tony put on an Australian accent and started narrating McGee's movements. "Today, we are very lucky. We get to see the young Elf Lord in his natural habitat in NCIS. Look at him, the way he is completely unaware of his surroundings. There is only the game. Oh, what's this? It seems our geek is in trouble," he said, and McGee's hands began to pick up speed.

"It seems that the Probie is trying to ward off attacking, fantasy beasts. Can he get the best of them? And oh..too bad. The great Elf Lord has fallen," Tony ended with a smile up at Ziva.

"No..no..no, aw man! This is not good now I have to start all over. So stupid.." McGee scorned himself, his voice trailing off as he noticed his fellow agents watching him smugly.

"How long have you two been standing there?"

Ziva gave him a mischievous look and stated, "Long enough."

"Oh yes, we witnessed the fall of McGeek right there," Tony said, taking over. He continued, looking at his partner as McGee reddened.

"Even Probie-wan Kenobi plays video game in work! Although I would never be caught dead playing a McGeek game, we all let loose sometimes," he told her.

Before Ziva could reply, their boss walked in, coffee in hand.

"Let loose on your own time, DiNozzo, right now you have paperwork."

Tony and Ziva straightened up and returned to their desks.

"Sorry boss," DiNozzo saluted, faltering as Gibbs stopped in front of his desk. Tony sat down, looking like a child who was about to get caught stealing something.

A ghost of a smile played across Gibbs features as he went back to his own desk saying, "Finish your conquest another time, elf lord."

McGee winced and began working.

Just as Gibbs settled into his chair, the elevator dinged. An important looking man was escorted out by an agent. The gentleman waved his escort away, and headed straight past the team's area, turning to take the stairs up to the Director's office.

The three younger agents looked at each other confusedly, then over at Gibbs, who stood, his eyes on the male's trail. He began to follow in their new guest's footsteps. His team rose up, but Gibbs was half way up the stairs and commanded, "Sit."

Jenny appeared from her office at the top of the stairs. "Actually, I need all of you in my office now. One of you get Miss Sciuto as well."

She locked eyes with Gibbs for a brief moment, then turned back to her office. Nobody moved, they looked up expectantly at Gibbs for their orders.

"You heard her." With that, he turned and followed his old partner.

"I'll get Abby," McGee volunteered, already on his way to the lab.

Tony and Ziva nodded, and headed up the stairs after their boss.


Gibbs came to a halt next to his director, and took in the man seated at the head of the table in the middle of the room.

"If you're going to ask why SecNav decided to drop in, don't. I know just as much as you do," she whispered.

Gibbs didn't look at her has he moved to take a seat and replied, "Well then I guess we're flying blind."

Jenny smiled and sat at the opposite end from SecNav, and Gibbs sat to her right.

DiNozzo and Ziva came in, and remained standing, followed by McGee and Abby, who went to stand beside the couple. All eyes turned to SecNav.

Jenny spoke up, "Since you're the one who made this unexpected trip, maybe you'd like to tell us how we can help you."

The secretary smiled and said, "I can't fully brief you now, but I hope you're all up for a small field trip."

Gibbs and Jenny cocked their eyebrows at him, as the rest of the team fidgeted nervously.

SecNav smiled in return.

"You're going to Paris."

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