Chapter Six: Solemn Vow

Kyo walked over once again to his mother's grave and picked up the letter from where he had thrown it. He smoothed it out and placed it in his back pocket. He pushed a hand through his hair, which was soaking wet and sighed. Then he thought back. Thought back to that day.


"But until then do you think that you can promise me something?" Kyoko asked.

"Uh huh" he nodded.

"One day, when you are much older you're going to be a strong young man and I won't always be around. So if someday in the future you meet my daughter Tohru. Will you promise to look out for me when I can't? Will you be there for her when she needs someone to talk to?"

"Like a friend. And a protector too."


"Yes. Tohru's very precious to me. But she's very naïve and sweet and she doesn't understand the real world. Someday she'll need someone to look out for her. I would like it if you were that person Kyo. Do you promise you will take care of my little girl?"

"I promise" Kyo nodded.


"And I'll keep that promise" Kyo said to the grave, "Mom I swear on your grave right now I will protect her till the day I can no longer. I make the solemn vow now. I will keep the promise I made to her mother that day. I swear it."

Kyo bowed his head towards the grave and then walked over to where Tohru was standing, holding the umbrella up.

"Is everything okay Kyo" Tohru asked.

"Yea" he said with a smile, "Everything's fine. Let's go home."

She nodded as she placed the umbrella over both their heads. They walked home side by side as the rain dripped off the umbrella, and talked about their mothers. As they arrived at Shigure's Tohru gazed at the sun that was peeking from behind the clouds and sighed a happy sigh.

"Mom" she thought, "This is truly a beautiful day. And I am so fortunate. So lucky to have the Sohmas. They have been there all this time. It's almost as if this was all meant to happen. Maybe it was. Maybe it was your hand guiding it the whole time. I wouldn't be surprised. So thank you mom. Thank you for everything."

(To be continued..)

Authors Note: Hello! I wrote this story a long time ago before I even knew how the manga ended. It got a lot of great reviews on the former account and I can't wait to hear what you new readers think! Look for the sequel books to be coming on the account soon!

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