Ever since her adventure in Neverland, Jane never stopped believing in Peter Pan. To Wendy's great joy, she would find Jane in her little brother's room night after night, repeating again and again of her adventure in Neverland with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. It had made Wendy smile so widely to see little Danny pouting jealously, but eagerly listening on Jane's story. This led Danny to sleep every time with a happy grin marked on his face, and this happened every night. Wendy remembered of how Jane was Danny's age, and it was Wendy who told her little girl her story, her adventure. How Wendy loved retelling the stories of Peter Pan to her children. For her, this was her way of keeping her faith in Peter Pan close to her heart.

Right before her eyes, her own children began to grow up, as Wendy and her brothers have done before. Jane and Danny grew from little kids to teenagers as they left to High School and started hanging out with their friends. Wendy would love to look at how her children are becoming beautiful and older, not to mention taller. She would often fear of her children having lost their belief in Peter Pan and Neverland until one night, when Wendy peeked into Jane's room to see Jane sleeping so peacefully, clutching close to her small, Peter Pan doll. This sight brought tears to Wendy's eyes.

Soon, her children grew to become adults. They found jobs, got married, and moved out of their house as Wendy watched them go, sorrowful tears pouring from her eyes. She knew she was growing old herself, but what was sad the most was seeing her children living their own lives; away from their mother. Danny and his new wife moved to the countryside, where they lived happily with their children. Jane and her new husband still live in London. But only streets away from where Wendy lived. It was there that Jane bore her only child; a baby girl whom she named Margaret. Wendy was crying for joy to see and hold her little grandchild in her winkling arms.

Wendy was now an old woman, living alone with Nana Two. Her husband had passed away, bringing sorrow to Wendy and her children. Jane wanted Wendy to stay with her family, but Wendy refused. She couldn't leave the one place that reminded her so much of Peter Pan. So Jane would come to visit her mother every week, bringing little Margaret with her.

"Grandmum!" Little Margaret would yell excitedly as she ran on her small legs to hug her grandmother in her very small arms. Wendy was always delighted to see Margaret. But what made her even happier was when she saw Margaret's tiny hand clutching on Jane's old, Peter Pan doll.

At every visit, Margaret would sleep in the old nursery room. And every night, she would ask her grandmum to tell her Peter Pan stories, while she would look up at the second star to the right, where a gateway to Neverland resides. Wendy was so pleased to tell those stories once again. She could see Margaret's faith growing stronger than ever. Margaret loved hearing all those wonderful stories and have told Wendy constantly of her dreams of meeting Peter Pan himself and to follow him to Neverland; to have an adventure, just like her grandmum and her mummy. Sometimes, Wendy would look out at the window to see if Peter Pan has returned, looking for someone to be his mother. There was no doubt that Margaret would fit the position perfectly.

But soon, everything went terrible wrong on one stormy night. Wendy was sitting and quietly swinging on her rocking chair, knitting new clothes for Margaret. Nana Two was trying to sleep next to Wendy, but the dog was irritatingly disturbed by the storm. A hard knock was heard on the front door, so Wendy slowly and weakly rose up from her seat and walked to the door, Nana Two following obediently. Wendy opened the door to unexpectedly see Jane and Margaret in the rain, greeted with miserable and broken looks. Wendy permitted them both in, seeing in their faces that something has gone wrong. After ordering Nana Two to take Margaret to the nursery room, Jane told Wendy everything that had happened: her husband was killed in an accident and Jane could no longer live in her house, taking care of her daughter alone. She pleadingly asked Wendy for her and her daughter to stay here with Wendy, to which Wendy, with no hesitation, answered yes.