A/N: How I let you people convince me to do a sequel, I'll never know. I think this plot is even more difficult than the last one! lol. Anyway, here's the first chapter of the sequel to 'It's Need to Know', to be honest I started writing it like the day I finished INTK, so I guess i can't place all the 'blame' on you lovely readers, can I? This first chap is really short but it was a natural stopping point...oh. Deja vu. :) As always, reviews are love you know I love the love you all love me with. Other than that, sit back and enjoy the ride! -pj


Abby raised her eyebrows at the uncharacteristically frazzled Kelly 'Tracy' Gibbs, who was pacing a hole in her perfectly good hardwood floors.

"Just take a deep breath, kid," Abby soothed with a smile, "it can't be all bad, what with a muscle boyfriend like Tony to go home to."

Abby turned away and pulled a bottle of Grey Goose from the cupboard. She was tapping her inner bartender as she fixed them both martinis and figured a meltdown like this deserved the good stuff.

Kelly slumped into the stool on the others side of the counter and lay her chin in her hand.

"It's not, really it's not." Her word's said one thing, but her 'i'm at the end of my rope' tone said another. "And don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm looking to go back, nothing could be further from the truth, I just…it's been almost three months and I'm still so bored."

She dropped her head onto her hands and sighed dramatically.

Abby looked up, concerned "but you were enrolled in those high level math courses. I thought you'd like that."

Kelly looked up and shrugged uncomfortably, "I do Abby, it's just…" she smiled, "it was a sweet gesture and all but 'nonlinear dynamics and network theory'? Abby, the stuff these kids are learning I've been using in practical applications since before I had my first training bra. I should be teaching that course, not taking it."

Abby slumped her shoulders but smiled sympathetically, "I guess I didn't think of that."

"Sure you did. Anything higher level would have attracted attention," Kelly reminded her, wishing to put the other woman's mind at ease, "it's not even the point really anyway," she continued, looking a little guilty as she did so, "when I get bored I get kinda bitchy and with dad still adjusting to the idea of 'me and Tony' in the same sentence, things have been a little tense at the Gibbs/Draco household."

Abby nodded, pouring the alcohol from the shaker into shallow v-shaped glasses and pushed one across the counter to Kelly.

"Drink," she ordered. Kelly smiled appreciatively and took a long sip.

"Ah," she set her glass down and leaned back, rolling the olive around in her mouth, "bring on the ice crème and movie and let Girls Night In begin."

"No joke, I thought this week would never end," Abby sipped her own martini and made a disgusted face at the memory of the past few days, "but then, dismembered bodies of sailors found in car trunks tend to make the days drag on."

Kelly nodded, "Ziva's bringing the movie, right?"

"And the ice-crème," there was a knock on the door and Abby made her way around the bar to get it, "that's probably her now."

Kelly nodded again absently and didn't turn as Abby disappeared down the hallway behind her to get the door. Her mind wandered between the homework she wasn't doing, the boyfriend she wasn't with and the ice-crème she wasn't eating in turn, nothing really keeping her attention for too long at a time.

Almost a minute went by before she turned around, realizing Abby had not yet returned with Ziva.

"Abby?" she called, rising from her seat. She turned toward the short hallway and was surprised to see the other woman's dark form in a crumpled heap on the floor near the door, "Abby!"

Kelly rushed forward and knelt down, checking for injuries and a pulse before turning her over.

"Abby wake up please," she pattered her face but received no response, "Abby c'mon."

The floor creaked behind her and she froze, the hairs on the back of her neck went up as the unknown assailant approached. Keeping her back to the noise she subtly reached toward the knife in her shoe.

Thank you Rule Nine.

With a terrified cry that somehow doubled as a battle cry, she whirled around, thrusting the knife out in the direction of the black clad figure behind her. She would've grinned when he heard a pained scream accompany a glancing blow to the arm, but was too busy trying to beat the person into oblivion with her small fists. Suddenly, two strong arms gripped her from behind, pinning her arms to her sides and lifting her off the ground.

The knife fell from her hands and Kelly started to scream, praying one of the neighbors would hear and come to help. But the sound had barely left her throat when a large cloth was pressed to her face and almost immediately her limbs became heavy and the world began to edge into darkness.


"There's more to it than just driving in circles, Boss," Tony called from the kitchen, reaching into the refrigerator and pulling out two beers. "there's a lot of strategy involved. Can he make one more lap without stopping for tires? Should he cut right now or drop back and wait for the opportunity to come to him."

He meandered back into the living room where Gibbs sat on the couch trying very hard to look disinterested as the words 'Daytona 500' flashed repeatedly across the screen.

"If the flood in your apartment isn't fixed by tomorrow, DiNozzo I'm sending you to Abby's." Gibbs threatened, taking the proffered beer and sending his junior agent a sidelong glare.

Tony sipped his own beer and grinned cheekily, "you wouldn't do that, Boss. You love having me here."

Gibbs didn't respond.

"Right, Boss?"

The telephone chose that moment to ring but Tony was still waiting for an answer on his question, a growing sense of dread in his stomach that a coffin and death metal were in his future.


Tony turned back to watching the opening ceremony, but quickly tuned it out again at the change in Gibbs' tone.

"When Abby?…are you alright?…okay, we'll be there in five."

Tony was already pulling on his coat and slipping his badge into his pocket. Gibbs gave him a grim look and snatched up his keys from the table as he strode toward the door.

"There was a break in at Abby's" he said, not waiting for Tony to ask, "Kelly is missing."