A/N: It should be noted that I am no engineer and have not a clue as to how the trap works. I fudged the description bits entirely. :)

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, which is too bad, because I could use Will's creative genius to fix a few things around the house... ;)

"Will, you're a genius!" Much crows, looking admiringly at the trap the young outlaw has designed.

Will smiles modestly.

"It's very good," Robin looks up into the tree, where a rope hangs down.

Djaq looks from the trap to Will and back again, admiration shining in her eyes. Little John shakes his head. It's entirely too complicated for him, but he is sure it is good, because Will built it. Allan, too seems to be confused.

"How does it work?" Much's green eyes survey it curiously.

"I'll show you. I need a volunteer."

Five pairs of eyes look back at Much.

There is no justice in the world.

Much fumes to himself as he swings above the heads of the other outlaws, who are laughing.

"It works! Happy? You can cut me down now, Will!"

The dark-haired carpenter lifts his head up to look at Much. "Not yet, Much. I have a few other things to check."

He looks away quickly, looking up to where the rope attaches to the tree. Much just knows he is doing this on purpose. He is smiling!

"I hope you are all enjoying this. I did not have to volunteer, you know."

"Much, of course you did. We drew lots, remember?" Robin laughs, shaking his brown head in amusement.

Djaq waves the long thin stick she drew, a mischievous smile lighting up her brown eyes.

"I would have," Much sniffs. "Besides, it was hardly done fairly."

"Not that again!" Robin groans, looking down at the ground with a sigh of exasperation.

"Well, Will did not draw a lot!"

"Much!" It is Will's turn to sound exasperated. "I built it. I need to be down on the ground to fix it, if something goes wrong, rather than above."

"See how much faith he has in his own invention!"

"I'm not bein' funny, mate, but could you shut up? You're breaking my concentration." Allan is definitely enjoying this.

"Because holding the reigns of a horse takes so much concentration," Much mutters sarcastically. Allan's task in the test run had been to retrieve the horse Much was snatched from.

"Oi! I can't let her get away. How else would we make a get-away the next time we're on the run from

the Sheriff or Gisbourne?"

Much is silenced by this for a moment. Then he remembers his argument and begins again, "Besides, Will broke off the stick when he felt me reach for it. I am sure of it!"

"Much!" Five disgruntled outlaws cry at the same time.

"Do you think it is time for supper yet?" Djaq's eyes are fairly glowing with mischief and amusement now.

"Don't you dare!" Much squeals.

There is more laughter from the gang. Much sighs. Oh, the things he does for the gang... This time they had better appreciate it.

It seems like days before Will and Robin cut him down. He misses their arms and lands rather awkwardly on the ground. He jumps to his feet, dusting himself off with as much dignity as possible.

"I have changed my mind. You, Will, are not a genius. You are a mad man." He thinks for a moment and adds, "And cruel," for good measure.

He makes a mental note to never go near one of Will's inventions again. They are rather injurious to one's dignity—not that he would say so, of course.

The End.