hey I was thinking and this story came to my mind. What if Luke took Annabeth and hid her somewhere. What would Percy do. What if there was a map to where Annabeth is or what if it leads Percy to his doom. Well there's only one way to find out. Percy and Grover set out on an adventure to find her. What problems will Percy and Grover face. Read and REVIEW!!!! I call this piece " where oh where thou art thy Romeo" Cool name. GO Shakespeare!!!!!

Percy's POV

We sat there on the grass at Half Blood hill. Her blond locks danced in the wind as it blow. Annabeth and me rested on that hill for an hour. She brought her camera and was taking pictures of us hanging out. I laughed.

" Ready Action" Annabeth directed me as she zoomed in with the camera.

" What are you doing now?" I asked her in laughter.

" Filming a movie"

" And what is the name of this movie"

" The secrets behind a seaweed Brian"

" Oh wow" I said.

" And as you see people...... the spices sits there in its natural habitat"

" Shut up" I said then I jumped at her. We tumbled to the the grass and rolled down the hill. We landed at the bottom on our backs. We bursted into laughter. I looked at her and she looked at me. I smiled and she smiled back. This feeling welled up inside me. My stomach had knots all of a sudden. Our faces were inches apart. I wondered. What if I just leaned in. My head followed my thoughts. What if I just leaned in and....

" Percy!!!!" Annabeth shriked. I quikly moved away scared she got mad at me for trying to kiss her.

" Wh- What" I said and sat up.

" Look!!!" She screamed. I stood up to my feet and looked at the ground. A shiny black spider clawed on the grass.

" Don't just stand there...KILL IT!!!!!!" she yelled at me.

" But I don't want to kill it" I said.

" Percy!!!" she yelled again. this time Annabeth jumped up and landed in my arms. I blushed.

" KILL IT KILL IT" she yelled. With Annabeth wiggling in my arms I stepped on the tiny spider. Finally she stopped moving around. She looked up at me still cradled in my arms.

" Thank you" She said. I looked at her. She leaned in and.....

" Peter and Annie Bell!! What are you doing out here" A stingy voice said behind us. I got so scared I dropped Annabeth. Thud!!! She landed on her butt in the grass.

" OUCH!!!!!! SEAWEED BRIAN!!!!!" she yelled.

" Sorry" I said and helped her to her feet.

" Get back inside the camp NOW" barked Mr. D. With no second thought we rushed to our cabins.

Do you like it!! Read and REVIEW!!!!