Rice-Balls in a Fruits Basket Series Two


Hi everyone! I know it's been a long time but I wanted to give you a prologue to start you in the next series, which officially starts August 9! I'm looking forward to doing this next series mainly because I love the Fruits Basket story and I have a lot more new ideas. They are loosely based on the manga, but a lot more of my own opinion now, because as some of you may know it's hard to find translations any more. So this is more how I would like to see the manga go. I know you enjoyed the last set, so I hope you enjoy this one as well. A lot of my own personal characters will be back including Kandis Ward, the actress from America, and Tai Ushida the boy we all love to hate! So without further ado, I will lead you into the prologue!

Prologue: Tohru is speaking in a recap!

Hi there! My name is Tohru Honda. A lot has been happening the past two years. I still live with the Sohma family, and I am on my last year of High School. It's strange to think that it's all coming to an end soon, but I try not to think about the down side of it too much! I always think on the positive side, which has been kind of difficult with all the new revelations in my life. First of all, I have been in contact with my grandparents on my mother's side. That was hard at first seeing how they were trying to set me up with an old friend of mine, Tai Ushida. But luckily for me I had wonderful friends who stood up for me. Especially Yuki and Kyo. I don't know what I would have done if Kyo hadn't stuck up for me that one day.


"Are you kidding me? You're trying to buy me off?" Kyo's voice started to rise.

"Is it not enough? I'll offer you more. Name your price."

"No price!" Kyo ripped the check in half, "You think your granddaughter is something to sell off? I don't want your money. Keep it!"

"You are making a very big mistake" Mr. Miyoshi's eyebrows were now raised angrily.

"No you are making the mistake!" Kyo replied.

The rest of the family was now watching. Tai was behind Riku and Takao. Tohru was listening intently to the conversation.

"I am not going to just ditch your granddaughter for any amount of money. And she is not naive. She's obviously a lot smarter than you think. The fact that she chooses not to be with that jerk over me is proof of that.


Luckily for me, my grandfather realized that he was wrong and apologized. Now I talk to them almost weekly. Oh something else that happened last April. I have a new little person in my life. Okay so she's not really a person, but she's still very special.


"What is this?" she asked.

"It's your birthday present" he said, "Open it."

"Okay" she nodded.

She lifted the lid and was speechless. Then she looked back at Kyo. He turned his eyes away for a sec as she lifted the small orange figure from the box.

"I" she stuttered, "I. I don't know what to say," she said as the kitten in her arms crawled up her shoulder, "You got this kitten for me."

"Yea well. I figured you would have her after you leave Shigure's house when we graduate. And you won't be so lonely now."

"Kyo. This must have cost you a fortune?"

"Not really. No one wanted her. So I figured you could give her a good home. I already asked Shigure he said it's all right. So I hope you like her."

"I love her" Tohru replied tears forming in her eyes for the third time that day, "I love her a lot. Kyo this is the sweetest. Oh I'm crying again."


It was the sweetest thing for Kyo to do, but something weird happened up there. I received a gift I wasn't expecting.


"Akito" Tohru stood up, "I'm sorry. I am sure if you want you're more than welcome to stay."

Kyo was clenching his fists.

"What the hell is that bastard doing here?" he thought.

"There is no need for your pity Miss Honda. It looks like that the party is winding down. I would however like to offer my congratulations on your special day."

He walked forward and knelt before her taking her hand in the process. As everyone watched in horror especially Yuki and Kyo, he kissed the back of her hand.

"Happy Birthday Miss Honda" he said as he stood up.


Needless to say everyone was quite stunned including me. But that was really all it, just a simple kiss on the hand. A lot more happening too, like I discovered a long time talent that I had forgotten, thanks to Hatsuharu.


"Hatsuharu that's wonderful. You're really talented. Have you been playing for long?"

"Thanks. Yea I have been playing since I was about four. For some reason music calms me. So that was my idea. Going back to play the piano might help with my problem."

"That's good. But it still doesn't explain what you need me for?"

"Oh well that's easy. I need you to help me."

"How can I help you?"

"By becoming my singing partner."

"Your what?" her face turned slightly red.

"My singing partner" he repeated with a smile.

"But I can't sing" she protested.

"Au contraire. You can. I've heard you and you're actually quite good."

"Heard me?"

"That's right. At the Hot Springs a week ago."

"You heard me then. I didn't know anybody was still there" she replied embarrassed, "I was just playing around. No one was supposed to hear me. Oh no" she put a hand to her head.

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about" he stood up, "You have a great voice."

"But are you sure you want me? I mean you can get someone else."

"No" he shook his head, "I thought about this. And I want you to be my partner."

"But I can't."

"Why not?"

"It's just. I haven't sung like that since mom's death. I don't feel the need to now that she's gone."

"Oh I see" he nodded sadly, "But it would help me a great deal. And it's not like you would be doing it in public. It'll be just here. At my house, every Sunday."


"Mhm. Don't worry about Yuki and the others. I won't give away your secret."

"Well what do we tell them then?"

"That is tricky. We'll just say that we're working on a project together. That you're helping me. That's not a lie after all. It's the truth. They just won't know the other part. Deal?"

She thought for a moment then looked up at him.

"Can you sing too?"

"Yep" he nodded, "I figure if we sing together while I play the piano or keyboard, my black personality will diminish in no time."

"Well in that case. I would be happy to help you Hatsuharu."


Everyone thought it was a great talent, even though I had to keep it a secret for a while. We even performed at the Spring Festival that we all attended. And can you believe it? We actually won!



Momiji was jumping up and down he was so excited. Tohru and Hatsuharu who were surprised about the votes came out on stage and took the trophy. Tai came up and presented Tohru with a batch of roses with a smile. Kyo couldn't take anymore. He stood up abruptly and left the area. Yuki watched as he left and shook his head angrily.

"He lets everything get to him," he thought.


Of course during that whole experience Kyo bumped into his actual father and I met him too.


"Oh I'm sorry" she replied, "I didn't mean to bump into" she stopped as she looked up, "you" she finished.

"My apologies" Rei Sohma said, "I didn't look where I was going either. But now that you're here I want to speak with you Miss Honda."

"Huh?" she looked up, "How do you know who I am?"

"I've spoken with Akito. He told me about you and of course I assumed yesterday that that's who you were. You are Tohru Honda are you not?"

"Yes" she bowed politely, "It's very nice to meet you Mr. Sohma."

"Mhm" he nodded with no smile on his face, "Tell me Miss Honda, what is your relationship with the monster."

"The Monster? Who are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb. Akito has already informed me that you have seen the grotesque shape."

"You mean Kyo don't you?"

"Who else would I be talking about?"

"Um well" she looked towards the snack cart, where Kyo was just about to order, "We're good friends."


"Mhm" she nodded.

"Let me give you a piece of advice Miss Honda, being a member of this family. It's best that you don't associate yourself with any of those freaks."


"In the long run you would be better off. You know that, that monster is going to be locked up?"

"Yes" Tohru nodded slowly.

"It's inevitable. I won't stop until he pays for what he did. I will see to it that that Thing is locked up for good."


"Rei?" Shigure suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Rei eyed him and turned to Tohru one last time.

"Remember you've been warned."

"Rei that's enough" Shigure replied angrily.

However meeting Kyo's father led me to my own discovery about my own parents.


"So it was a test?"

"Sort of. A test for myself really. And since that moment, I have been trying to convince Rei more and more that Kyo should be set free. He does deserve the freedom. As you say."

"I agree. I would hate to see him locked up. He's a free spirit. He should stay that way."

"Mhm" Kazuma nodded, "You are so much like your father, it's uncanny."

"Huh?" Tohru looked at him confused.

"I couldn't figure it out at first" Kazuma began, "When I saw your face I recognized it. And then I heard your last name and I just put two and two together. Your Katsuya's daughter all right."

It was a few moments till Tohru found her voice again.

"You knew my father?"

"Oh very well" Kazuma nodded with a smile, "You see we grew up together. We went to elementary, and middle, and even high school together. Him, Rei, and myself."


"Mhm. He was such a gentle man, and kind too. You remind me a lot about him. In fact I think I have something for you" Kazuma stood up.

He hands her the picture:

"But um, who are the other people besides you in this picture?" she asked.

"Oh well, those are Kyo's parents. That's Rei and Sakura."

"Kyo's parents?"


"Wow. I've known Kyo all this time, and to think, our parents actually knew each other. How is that possible?"

"Well let's see, where to start? Like I told you before your father, Rei, and myself we grew up together. In fact you could even say that at one point Rei and Katsuya were very good friends."


To find out that Kyo and I had that sort of connection, was exciting in it's own way. But the thing that followed after was something I had never considered doing. You see for a while I had an American girl staying with me named Kandis Ward. She was an actress in my Uncle's upcoming movie. But little did I know that meeting her would give me another new experience.


"Oh I almost forgot" Kandis replied, "You two are more than welcome to come down to the set tomorrow. You as well Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure. After all Tohru's in the movie too."

Yuki and Kyo almost spit out there rice.

"What!" they said together.

"Oh yea. I forgot about that" Tohru replied.

"Tohru you're going to be in the movie?" Shigure asked.

"Uh it's just a small role. That my uncle asked me to play. Any way I get to go down to the set tomorrow and shoot my part. So Yuki and Kyo are you guys going to come?"

"Um of course Miss Honda" Yuki replied.

"Yea" Kyo nodded, "I'll be there."

"Unfortunately Momiji and I can't be there" Hatsuharu replied, "We have things to do tomorrow."

"Yea too bad" Momiji added.

"Take a rein check though" Kandis said, "We'll be there for awhile."


And not only that. A few secrets were revealed too.


Tohru fell into Kyo's embrace and a loud POOF filled the room.

"That sound" Kandis thought, "That sound from before."

When the cloud cleared Kandis saw Tohru standing there but Kyo was gone.

"Wait a sec" Kandis replied.

"I'm down here" Kyo called to her.

Kandis saw the talking cat and gasped putting a hand to her mouth. She stepped back as Tohru picked him up.

"Now do you see? It's true" Kyo replied, "Everything. The whole zodiac thing is true."

"Oh Kyo" Tohru said as she held onto him sadly.


But Yuki and Kyo did their best to explain things to her, and it seemed to help.


"So you see Miss Ward" Yuki concluded, "That's why we have to keep it a secret."

"Uh huh. And Tohru find out?"

"Yea she found out" Kyo nodded.

"And if the head of our family ever finds out that you know, her memory will be erased as well as yours."

"Memory erased?"

"They're not going to find out!" Kyo retorted.

"I still think it was a stupid idea," Yuki said.

"No wait you guys. I can keep the secret" Kandis replied.

"Huh?" Kyo and Yuki looked at each her.

"I can keep the secret, I promise. I wouldn't want you guys to get hurt or let alone let Tohru get hurt. That would be wrong. I swear I won't tell anyone."

"And we don't have to tell anyone either" Kyo added.

"But?" Yuki protested a little.

"We don't have to tell anyone" Kyo repeated, "No one ever said we did. If Shigure never finds out, we won't have to tell."

"That's true. Akito only wants him to reveal, when there's a problem" Yuki nodded, "Not us. Okay. We won't tell Shigure" Yuki agreed, "As long as you Miss Ward you promise to keep our secret forever."

"I promise," she said holding out her hand so they could shake.


Of course having the secret finally revealed wasn't the only problems that we were having. It was keeping it from someone too.


"Okay. This is something that Tohru already knows. You see do you remember the other day when Tom was telling you how fascinated he is in the Chinese zodiac?"

"Yes" they both nodded with frowns beginning to form.

"At the time, to him you both seemed kind of nervous. Now when I say he's fascinated, I mean he is obsessed. I mean he even tried to get me to find out from Tohru anything I could."

"What?" Kyo said voice raised and starting to stand up.

"No wait a minute hold on" Matt held up his hands, "Let me explain. I didn't go through with it."

"He didn't Kyo" Tohru replied, "He told me the truth."

"So that's what you were doing the other night?" Kandis said, "How could you do such a thing Matt?"

"Okay wait a minute" Yuki interrupted, "Why would he ask you to find out from Miss Honda?"

"Because" Matt replied with another sigh, "He's my father."

"Your what?" Kyo, Kandis, and Yuki said at the same time.

"That's right. Tom Quincy is my father. But I told him that I wasn't going to be his spy anymore. So he has hired someone else to do it. In fact right now he's got this woman interrogating someone named uh, Shigure Sohma? Yea that was it."

Yuki and Kyo looked at each other.

"My father is completely out of his mind. He has really convinced himself that your family are the ones he's been looking for."

"What ones would that be?" Kyo asked.

"You know the story. It's just my father has heard more."

"Give us a for instance" Yuki replied.

"Um let's see. Oh there's the one about a young girl who was walking home and she bumped into some strange boy that ran to her. There was a loud cracking sound. And when she opened her eyes he wasn't there anymore."

Kandis listened intently to the story.

"That sounds familiar" she thought, "What else?" she asked him.


"There's more to it isn't there?"

"Oh yea. Well when she looked around her all she could see was a rat scurrying under a fence. And when she looked down, there was a pile of clothes before her feet. But that's ridiculous and like I said before it's just a story" he laughed.

"Clothes?" Kandis thought.

She looked at Yuki but he was looking at Mat as he continued to talk.

"So you're father is determined to find out the truth?" Kyo replied, "No matter what?"

"Yea. Eventually. Look I just wanted to warn you guys in case he started bothering you again. I really need to get back to the set" he stood up, "Thanks for seeing me" he walked to the door.


Yuki managed to get us out of that one though. With a little help from Momiji of course.


Momiji on cue came over and was carrying a whole stack of cookies. He bumped right into Yuki. The cookies fell and Momiji fell right into Yuki's stomach. Tom baited his breath waiting for the Poof sound, but it never came.

"Ow I'm sorry" Momiji said as he got up.

"That's okay Miss" Yuki replied helping him up.

"But. That's impossible" Tom said pushing Momiji into Kyo next.

Kyo caught him and held onto him. Once again nothing. By this time a crowd was gathering. Matt, Kandis, and Tohru were among them. Tohru also knew about the plan so she said nothing.

"Dad?" Matt said, "What are you doing?"

"No" Tom shook his head, "I refuse to believe this," he said as he pulled Momiji up and this time flung him into Haru's arms.

Again nothing. Haru helped Momiji up and stared angrily at the man.

"This is no way to be treating a little girl mister" Haru replied.

"Yea you can keep your money" Momiji said as he scooped up the boxes of cookies, "You're a crazy man."

"I'll help you" Haru replied picking up some boxes and escorting Momiji towards the door.

"Thank you. At least you're a gentleman," Momiji added.

They walked out and Matt walked up to his father who was stuttering away.

"Dad? What was all that?"

"Yes I'm sorry Mr. Quincy" Yuki said with his arms crossed now, "But what was the point of that?"

"Tom?" Kentaro asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yes" Tom nodded, "I think I'm just exhausted."

"I'm gonna walk you to your trailer dad" Matt replied, "I'm so sorry about this" he said to Yuki and Kyo.

"That's okay" Kyo replied.

"Anyone can make a mistake" Yuki added, "Right Mr. Quincy?"

"Yes" Tom nodded, "Forgive me."


Kandis went back to America after the movie was over. We've spoken from time to time with letters. But the biggest surprise so far this year was the discovery of something that happened in Kyo's life as well as mine. Something that definitely impacted the both of us.


"I don't understand" Kyo repeated.

"Don't you see Kyo" Tohru replied, "Your mother didn't commit suicide because of your curse, but because she was dying. Dying from leukemia."

"That's not what I mean" Kyo said angrily, "I mean my father knew about this and he still blamed me!" his voice began to rise, "That bastard had the gall to blame me an innocent bystander as the cause of her death!"

"Calm down Kyo" Yuki said.

"No! I will not calm down! I have to! I can't!" he was backing away from the table, "I can't deal with this right now!"

He dashed out the back door and ran into the rain that was falling very fast and cold. Tohru started to get up.

"Kyo!" she called.

"No Miss Honda" Yuki said, " Let him go."

"I can't" Tohru replied dashing to the front door, "He'll catch his death out there."


When I found him we both had breakdowns but finally agreed to stop blaming ourselves.


"Damn it. Damn it all to hell. How could you do this to me? How could you be so selfish!" he yelled at the grave that he was in front of, "Did you think I'd be better off! Do you know what you left me with! A father who cares nothing for me! A father who didn't explain a damn thing! A father who blamed me for everything! Damn you! I hate you! You selfish, horrible," he started to cry so many tears that he could barely see, "How could you leave me like that! Don't you know you were the only person who ever loved me and cared about me? You were all I had."

Tohru walked over and stood behind him as he continued to cry. She felt the tears fall down her own face as she saw how much pain he was going through.

"How could you think that I'd be better off? What was going through your head? I don't understand. I don't understand any of this!" he threw the crumpled envelope and the letter, which he had taken with him towards the grave, "You coward! You pathetic loser!"

"I'm sorry" Tohru spoke up.

"Huh?" he looked up then looked behind him.

"I'm so sorry Kyo" she repeated, "I can't do anything. I can't do anything to help you. Just like I couldn't do anything to save mom."


"I'm worthless" she sank to her knees, "I can't save anyone. I can't" she cried, "I'm just worthless."

"Tohru don't say that" he said coming over to her and kneeling before, "You're not worthless."

"But I can't help you. I don't know what to do in this situation."

"No asked you to."

"I couldn't save her. Why did they die Kyo? Why did she have to die?"

Kyo sighed and nodded his head as if he understood.

"It's not as if it was something we could change."

She looked up at him.

"We had no power over it. So blaming ourselves like we've been doing is stupid. Really isn't it? I mean I have blaming myself for mother's death and you've been doing the same. Maybe silently. But you have been haven't you?"

She nodded her head.

"We're both a couple of idiots" he said, "What happened, happened. We can't change that. No matter how hard we may wish it. I don't want you to fix my problem Tohru. I only want you to do one thing."

"What's that?"

"Just be yourself. That's all I have ever wanted. No matter how different the rest of the world acts, I don't want you to change. And I don't want to see you cry anymore. You've suffered enough.

"And so have you."


"And so have you. Don't you think?"

"Yea" he nodded.


After all was said and done, we walked home together side by side. Kyo and I are doing much better now. And that's pretty much all I have to say. So enough about me. How have all you been? (smile)

Authors Note: Okay guys! There's the prologue with the recaps of what happened last time, in Tohru's point of view of course. I hope that brings you back after so much time not reading it, and so you don't have to go back and re-read the other one! See you all in August!

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