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Title: The Confessions Of A Call Girl


Bella Swan is employed in the job seen as the universal taboo. The job every girl fantasises about but would never actually lower herself to engage in. People always seem to forget that it was never something that she planned on doing until it fell into her lap a year ago. Now that she has made connections with valued clients she is finally loosing the guilt that has plagued her for the last twelve months but just as she begins to believe that her lifestyle can actually work, she meets a man who sweeps her off her feet.

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Chapter 1

The Secretive Life Of Bella Swan

I was sitting in the emergency room at Northwest Hospital in Seattle. The only chair left had me squished between a woman cradling a screaming baby and an elderly man who was coughing so violently I was waiting to see his lung. Not an unusual situation really. Everybody needs to visit the emergency room every once in a while, but it seemed that over the last three months I had sat there at least once every two weeks. I was almost positive the staff was beginning to catch on. I mean, I tried to blend in, but it's hard when you need to look good doing it.

It never helped that I looked to be in absolutely no pain whatsoever, either. I wasn't bleeding, broken or dying. I was just sitting there, waiting for my name to be called.

Letting you in on a little secret, there was actually nothing wrong with me. This morning I had woken up with a smile on my face, I had met up with my friend Angela for coffee and a chat, she took me shopping; it was a great day.

We were about to go back to my place to do the movie and a girly night production until my phone rang and I had to get moving. Although I was annoyed that I wasn't going to spend some time with my much neglected friend, I couldn't exactly say that I wasn't excited. I loved my job and I knew I was one of the only lucky girls in the city who could mean that…despite what said job might be. How many people can say that they love their jobs?

I had the job that every girl wondered about; the job that was used between sexual partners as a role playing game. Yes, it may have been the job that was known as the universal taboo, but I was kicking that taboo's ass. A year ago, I would have been utterly disgusted with myself. Heck, I used to talk to my friends about how whorish and dirty it was to sell yourself for money; the job with a hundred names ranging from prostitute, hooker and whore… if I was feeling particularly complimentary towards myself at the time I could even stretch for escort.

How could I love my job? That's what my friends used to ask me. I could understand why they asked me that. Hell, while I was sitting between lung cougher and red faced baby I had been wondering for a second as well. Until it all came screaming back to me.

The doors to the ER opened and the most fuckable doctor in the place waltzed right on in. He was one of those guys that made the whole room go quiet by his very presence. He didn't look at me, he walked straight on up to the admittance desk and began talking to the flustered looking secretary who pointed to a young girl. I felt guilty for a few seconds seeing her tear streaking face. She was cradling what looked like a broken arm to her chest, but hell, she only looked about fifteen and ready to orgasm just at the very sight of him. She wasn't crying anymore that was for sure.

He shook his head and took the clip board from the secretary impatiently, running his finger down the waiting list. He paused momentarily at a name which I would bet today's earnings on was mine and I tried to contain the grin from my face. He was trying not to smile, too.

After a few seconds he jabbed his finger at a name and conversed with the girl who was nodding helplessly along to whatever he was saying. They looked at each other for a few seconds and then he abruptly --- much to the disappointment of the women in the room --- walked out of the ER.

The girl behind the desk ogled him as he walked out of sight and then began conferring with her fellow workmates behind the counter. A minute later they broke apart and she very clearly spoke my name through the speaker, reluctance painted across her face.

I stood and half of the waiting room scowled at me. The board read that there was a four hour waiting time. I think I had been here for a whopping fourteen minutes. I smiled apologetically once and then walked calmly to the desk where the staff waited, glaring me down. If looks could kill, eh?

"Here again, Miss Swan?" She had only been here two months and I think I had sat in this waiting room six times already in her presence.

I smiled lazily, "Well, you know. I'm such a klutz."

"Hm," was her reply as she raised her eyebrows. "Well, Doctor Cullen will see you now. It's the examination room off the first corridor at the very end."

"Thank you," I breezed, walking towards the well known room. The corridor was completely empty and I wasn't surprised. The doctor wouldn't want anybody to overhear the rather thorough examination that he was about to subject me to.

I did a quick appearance check on my way down towards the door. Hair? Check. Makeup? No lip gloss, just as the doctor ordered. Check. Coat in place? Check. Lingerie? Check. Condoms, lubricant and clean underwear all safely packed in bag? Yes, I was ready.

Doctor Cullen didn't do foreplay on outside calls. Sure, if he had the night or even just an hour over at the apartment he wanted the whole package, but at work, he wanted one thing and one thing only. To fuck.

He didn't want me to greet him like I was his friend and sometimes he didn't even want me doing the role-playing. Like today for instance.

I knocked on the door timidly ready to go right on into my 'I need an emergency pelvic examination' routine when he pulled the door open, growled something completely non-verbal, stuck his head out of the door to check the whole corridor was empty and hooked his arm around my waist, yanking me none to gently into the examination room.

"I've been thinking about you all day," he growled, pushing me up against the wall and tearing my bag away from my hands, throwing it on top of his desk.

"Me? Dr. Cullen, whatever for?" I asked, still unsure on the role playing. He didn't tell me to cut the crap, so I didn't.

He pressed some very wet kisses to my neck, trailing right up to my ear where he panted, "To fuck you…Hard," right against my sensitive skin. He tore my coat open, shoving it down my arms into a heap around my heels and ground his impressive erection against me. I was dressed just as he asked me to be.

He had sent me a bra the night before and I had instructions to wear this and only this to our little meeting. He seemed to like the idea of me sitting in the waiting room with nothing but a loose piece of cloth hiding my naked flesh from the rest of the room. I was just glad it wasn't windy today.

He was one of the only clients who could make me wet naturally. I didn't need to oil or moisturize up to get ready for him. He just had to throw some heavy petting my way and I was dripping and raring to go.

He wasted no time in unhooking my bra with skilled precision and throwing it to the floor with the rest of my belongings. He took just a few seconds to appraise me, twisting his finger around a piece of my hair like he was about to declare some undying love and then smirked. That smirk, his goddamned panty dropper of a crooked smile. He backed up until he was against the door and clicked the lock to make sure our little meeting stayed behind closed doors.

It was all pretty quick from that moment on. He walked to me, quickly unbuttoning his slacks as he went and shoved them just out of the way enough to dip his hand into his boxers and slip out his hardened, pulsing cock with ease. He grabbed me under my thighs which where fiery from my arousal and hoisted me up against the wall. I had worn my highest pair of heels today. They were uncomfortable, but I had hoped they would allow me to keep one foot on the ground. It would be an easier ride all around if I could.

The movies make it look like some hot, steamy, hundred percent erotic position, but to be honest, it was uncomfortable as hell and the guy's back starts to ache after just a few thrusts. Dr. Cullen usually lasted longer than most men before he decides it just isn't worth it and throws me on his desk, but I had never met anybody who could go the whole run without changing positions at least once. I was trying to give his back a break by keeping my foot on the ground, but it seemed my efforts had been in vain as I swung my foot only to have it meet air.

He balanced me just above his legs, his dick pressing under me up near my butt cheeks, and continued in his usual way, pushing those soft, pink lips against mine, slipping his hot tongue between my balmy lips. As we kissed he freed one of his magical hands and allowed it to slip between us and down between my thighs. I felt one of his fingers just skim across my sopping entrance and then dip in not even an inch.

Classic movements for this client. He didn't do much foreplay because he liked me being as tight as possible. He did however have the good knowledge to check he had gotten me wet enough before he impaled me on his rather impressive cock. He groaned as the tip of his finger just slipped in and he felt my muscles tight against his nail. He quickly removed his hand and pushed it into my mouth as he positioned himself and dropped me on top him quickly, watching my face all the while.

God, it hurt, but it felt so fucking good. He groaned, I groaned. It was beautiful. But as predicted after a few deep thrusts he realized that he could get just as deep, if not deeper, on the examination bed, which for a kinky twist had stirrups that I had never seen in place in this room. He carried me over to the bed still deeply imbedded in me and lay me down on the thin mattress, my face pressed into the crook of his neck as I moaned from the tightening in the pit of my stomach. He pushed my legs into the stirrups, pulled me right down to the edge of the bed and began thrusting hard into me again, the only sounds between us being our groans, kisses and the slapping of his hips and sack hitting me with our movements.

"Did you like that, did you?" I panted as his lips trailed down to my collarbone, "Did you like the idea of me sitting out there, naked, waiting for you. Did you like that nobody knew about me waiting there wet and tight just for you; nobody but you any the wiser." I was trembling by now and by the look of pure, unadulterated pleasure written all over his face and his fast uncompassionate pace, he was nearing his end as well, as I finished my little speech he fastened his pace, fucking me harder, pressing my into the mattress.

Another thing about this client. A lot of the time I had to fake my little O's, but not with this valued customer. When he paid I half felt like I should get out my own purse. This man knew what he was doing and I was a more than willing subject for him to work his...frustrations out on.

His breathing hitched, his movements stilled, my name whispered across his lips and he bent over me with a moan, his head resting in the crook of my neck. I cried out as quietly as possible with him, whimpering all the way as the orgasm flowed through me in wave after wave and then, when it was over, I smiled between my heavy breaths. I fucking smiled. I really did love this man.

He was still riding it out, so I brought my still shaking hand to lie on top of his beautiful locks and smoothed them gently. He was sweaty, but he had the usual clean up gear with him no doubt.

I kissed his sweaty temple soothingly as he whimpered in pleasure. I gasped as he finally removed his limp self from within me and he unleashed his devilish smile.

"Yes," he murmured, pushing some of my long hair from my face, "I liked that." He grinned pressing his lips securely against mine for a brief second and then moved back. He walked over to his desk to remove baby wipes from a drawer which he kept stocked just for moments like this.

Fifteen minutes later --- with a session booked at the apartment a week from tomorrow, a roll of cash in my purse, my coat and panties securely in place and a smile the size of Alice In Wonderland's cat --- I waltzed out of the room and down the hall back into the ER, which was still occupied by the same people as before, maybe even a few more.

So, yes, those girls who sat behind the admissions desk probably did just have a thirty minute bitch about how Dr. Cullen was married to a darling wife and how I was a dirty little whore. It doesn't take two to tango in their minds. I took pleasure in reminding myself as they glared at me that while they sat behind the desk of there minimum wage job, fantasizing about how they wished my darling Carlisle would simply smile at them, I had just earned four hundred dollars fucking him. Personally, I think I have the better end of the deal.


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