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My mom was 18 years old when she found out she was pregnant and her boyfriend had joined the army and had already shipped out so she packed all her belongings and moved three hours south to Austin, Texas where I was born and raised.

I've grown up without my father around even though we live in the same state, heck my mom even called him when she found out about she only had a short time left because of her cancer. I was fourteen years old when my whole world came crashing down around me. My name is Candrea Elianna Walker and I am meeting my father for the first time at least to my knowledge because my mother just passed away due to cancer and he is my only living relative. I met Cordell Walker in the social worker's office while they went over my mother's last wishes for me, my health and school records. The whole time all I could do was sit there and stare at him or more like through him. After what felt like hours they finally finished filling out paperwork my father finally took a good long look at me in assessment.

I am 5'3" so a little on the short side with an athletic build from years of gymnastics and karate with wild, untamed reddish-brown hair and greenish-blue eyes. I got my momma's petite frame, her eyes, and her love of gymnastics. Momma always said my wild hair, love of karate, and stubborn streak came from my daddy. My momma was right about the hair, and from what I had seen on TV and read in the newspapers his love of karate in fact I was in a sister program to the one he started in Dallas.

"Are you all packed and ready to go?" My Dad asked me.

"Yeah I'm packed, can we stop at my momma's grave so I may say good-bye to her, please sir?" I asked quietly, "what do I call you sir?"

"You may call me dad or Walker," he suggested, "now what do I call you?"

"Momma always called me Dre or Drea, but I would prefer you call me Candrea or Candy," I responded, "I really don't feel comfortable calling you dad considering we just met so is it okay if I call you Walker?" I responded.

We drove to momma's grave where I said good-bye then Walker walked over and I let him have sometime with momma as well, then we started on our way to Dallas. We drove most of the three hour drive from Austin to Dallas in silence except when he asked me if I was hungry and what I liked to eat. The first stop we made when we arrived in Dallas was a place called CD's Bar & Grill owned by my father's former partner CD Parker who greeted us when we walked in. He greeted my father with a firm handshake then a fatherly bear hug and he greeted me with a warm embrace and I started crying for no reason except he reminded me of the way momma used to hug me when I was upset, when I finally calmed down and apologized I was told I had nothing to apologize for. Next I was introduced to my father's current partner James Trivette or Jimmy as he liked o be called and my father's girlfriend ADA Alex Cayhill. We had dinner with them then we drove about a mile outside of Dallas to his ranch where I met Uncle Ray and again broke down in tears.

The next day I explored my father's ranch and was pleased to find he had about six horses on his ranch. My dad found me standing at the corral just looking on in awe of the horses graceful movements when one came running up to the fence and greeted my father with a nuzzle of his head.

"This is Amigo, the palomino is Alex's horse Angel, the all black with the white blaze is Lightening, the chestnut is Apache, and the dun is Comanche," dad explained, "do you know how to ride?"

"Yes, momma taught me how to ride," I responded curiously, "why?"

"Would you like to for a ride now and explore the rest of the ranch on horseback?" he questioned.

"Can I?" I asked with excitement, "is there a horse I am not allowed to ride besides Amigo and Angel?"

"You can ride any of the other horses except Lightening because he is not fully broke in and will not let anyone ride him not even me," dad said.

My father showed me where the saddles and tack were kept and I picked out what appeared to be the least expensive of the tack and saddles plus a blanket for my choice of horse which turned out to be Lightening because he wouldn't let any of the other horses near me which surprised my father, but he allowed me to ride Lightening for our horseback tour of the remainder of the ranch. It was about five o'clock when we returned to the house and barn where we cooled Amigo and Lightening down before placing them in their stalls with fresh hay and some oats for them to eat. As we walked up to the house my father asked me if I had a dress that would be appropriate for church the next day. I told him the only dress I owned was the black dress I had worn to my mother's funeral, when we arrived back at the house I went and retrieved the dress to show my father and Uncle Ray, they both agreed that I would need a trip to town for some new clothes and new shoes. My dad called Alex and asked her to meet us at the mall so she could help me pick out some new dresses and clothes for school which was starting next week. I tried to tell my dad that I couldn't afford new clothes and he told me he was paying for everything and I should buy myself something I really wanted.

"Candrea, what are your favorite colors?" Alex asked me, "Also what size do you wear?"

"My favorite colors are Flamingo pink and Heather grey, I wear a size 12 jeans and medium to large in shirts," I replied, "did my dad gives you my school supply list?"

"Walker told me to have you pick out some folders, a dozen composition notebooks, a binder, and a backpack," Alex responded, "your dad will get the rest of your supplies and meet us up at the front of the store by the checkout."

I picked out a pink/grey backpack, a multi pocketed pink binder, several beautifully decorated composition notebooks, and some cool folders. We then walked over to the juniors section where I picked out five dresses, ten shirts, six pairs of assorted jeans and slacks, two gym outfits that would work for Phys. Ed., Karate, or Gymnastics. We then went into the ladies undergarments section where I picked two everyday bras, three sports bras, some new underwear, and socks. Followed by the shoe department where I got two pairs of tennis shoes, a pair of dress pumps, and a pair of dress boots. We finally met up with my dad at the front of the store at about 8:30PM, half hour to closing and purchased all my stuff for school. When we arrived home I put all my new clothes away then my shoes and then I began organizing my school stuff for next week and finally fell asleep at a quarter to ten and had to be up at 8:00 Am for church tomorrow.

Sunday morning we arrived at the church a half hour early so my father could introduce me to the pastors and their families for pastor Malloy's oldest sons would be attending the same school as me. After meeting the pastors and their wives I walked over to where some boys were playing basketball before church started. Pastor Malloy walked up behind me and called the boys over to him introducing them as his sons, Carlos Sandoval is 17, Trent Malloy is 16, and Tommy Malloy is 5 years old and headed into kindergarten.

"My sons I would like to introduce you to meet Candrea Walker, she is Ranger Walker's fourteen year old daughter and will be at the high school with Trent and Carlos," Pastor Malloy introduced.

"It's nice to meet you Candrea," Carlos said, "I am Carlos as Thunder pointed out to you."

"It'll be my pleasure to show you around the school next Monday," Trent said, "by the way I'm Trent and this little man here is my little brother Tommy."

"Well I would like help to find my way around a new school, but I don't want to get in the way of any plans you have," I replied politely, "I got to go my father is calling me to go in."

"Sensei, can your daughter sit with us in church this morning so we can get to know her and she can get to know us?" Trent questioned my father.

"If Candrea wants to I don't mind at all as long as you pay attention to your dad's sermon," Walker replied, "Candrea, which would you like to do?"

"I would like to sit with Trent and Carlos," I replied, "as long as your really okay with it Walker."

"I am as long as you pay attention to the sermon," Walker repeated.

I met my two best friends that day for which I am so grateful to my father and his many friends because they saved me from myself. If it were not for my father, Trent, and Carlos I don't think I would have made it now that my mom is not here. After church Walker invited everyone out to the ranch for a barbeque so I could get to know this tight knit family I had now become a part of.