Walker's Daughter

Chapter six

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Author's note: I have not forgotten this story I have just been really busy in the real world!

"I meant what I said too, we are more than friends so yes I will be your girlfriend," I replied and we kissed till we both needed some major air intake after catching our breaths we left for the junior high school.

Candrea and Trent have been dating for about six months when Trent tells her that he's been accepted into the seminary when he graduates next year.

"Trent, are you sure this is what you want to do with your life?" Drea asks.

"I know it's what Thunder wants me to do with my life," Trent responds, "I'm pretty sure I want to do this too."

"I am happy with this decision if you are," Drea replies hesitantly, "I just want you to be happy and love what you do in life."

Later that day after Drea's dad gets home, Trent asks to speak with him because he respects Drea's dad as a Sensei and a teacher.

"Sensei, I am not sure if going to the seminary is something I really want to do, but I don't want to let Thunder down either," Trent confides.

"You need to look into your heart, talk to the lord, and your dad in that order before you make the wrong decision," Walker responds.

"Thank you Sensei," Trent replies, "I will think on this tonight."

The next day while Drea, Trent, and Carlos were in school, Walker and Jimmy were taking down a gang of jewelry store thieves during which Walker was shot and taken to the hospital. Alex went to pick up Drea, while on the way there she called the Malloys to get permission to pick up Trent and Carlos knowing Drea would need them to be with her in her time of need.

"Candrea Walker, Trent Malloy, and Carlos Sandoval please come to the office immediately," the secretary paged.

"Drea do you know what is going on?" Trent asked her.

"I was going to ask you or Carlos the same thing," Drea responded at that same moment she spotted Alex and got the feeling something happened to her dad, "Alex is my dad okay?"

"Drea honey your dad's been shot in the line of duty," Alex told the three teens watching as Drea collapsed into Trent's arms a sobbing mess.

"Is Sensei going to be alright?" Trent asked dreading the answer.

"He was being rushed straight to surgery upon arriving at the hospital," Alex said, "Do you want to follow me or ride with me to the hospital?"

"I'll follow you there," Trent said.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Drea was engulfed by her surrogate grandfather, C.D. Parker and her dad's partner Jimmy Trivette who had his arm in a sling because Jimmy was grazed by the bullet now lodged in his partner.

"Drea, I'm so sorry, I wish it was me instead of your dad in surgery," Jimmy said, "All we can do is pray that he'll be okay."