Ukitake stood in front of me with his hands behind his back and a sweet smile on his face. He faced away from me and watched the sun set over the ocean water.

"Shunsui," he started.

I looked up "Yes?"

"Isn't it beautiful?" he asked.

I looked at the sun set and smiled "Yes it is."

"No, not the sun set, life itself."

I looked at him with confusion.

"Just think about it. So many beautiful people and beautiful things. They all live together in one great big family." He explained. Then he turned to his side and smiled at me with his eyes closed. "Don't you think so, Shunsui?"

I'm quiet for a bit but then smile as tears form in my eyes. "Jyuu, come here. Sit in my lap." I tell him.

He opens his eyes and looks at me puzzled but then walks to me and sits down in my lap. I wrap me arms around him and put my face in his shoulder. "Oh Jyuu… my beautiful… beautiful Jyuu… how I love you so much. I don't even want you to forget that. Remember always that you're always in my heart. Forever and ever you shall stay there. Never leaving that spot. No-one will take that place of yours. It's yours and only yours. Not Nanao's, not Toshirou, not any girl that will even walk on this earth. No. That spot is yours, just yours. Oh how I wish I could give you something special… Nothing would be good enough… not a kiss or a ring… or my own soul. No, nothing is good enough to stand in your beauty Jyuushirou Ukitake…"

Ukitake was quiet, I couldn't see his face. But I could bet that feelings were playing across it. "Shunsui, what's the matter?" he turned a bit to try and see my face. I don't let him. "Shunsui let me see your face. Please?" he asked.

I try to hide the tears welding in my eyes and look up. I place my chin on his shoulder and smile at him.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"Yes, my beautiful little white sun shine. As long as your with me, I shall always be happy." I tell him.

He still doesn't look happy with the answer but smiles a bit "You're the sweetest, Shunsui." He places his lips on mine as he closes his eyes.

Mine water up again but I kiss him back, trying to tell him not to stop. No, I don't want those lips to leave. I never want that giggle to go. I never want that shinning white hair to stop touching mine. I never want that beautifully soft skin to stop touching mine or for those chocolate brown eyes to stop looking at mine. Those hands… I want them to always be in mine. No, Jyuushirou… you can't slip away from me like this… you just can't…

I'm guessing Jyuu could feel the tension in my lips and the sadness. He tries to make me smile by kissing my nose like he always does. This just makes more tears fill in my eyes. I hug him tighter, hiding my face in his shoulder. "Jyuushirou…" I whisper.

He blinks a couple times in confusion "Yes?"

"You'll never leave me right?"

There was a pause but then that cheerful happy voice plays to my ears "Of course I won't. Why would I leave?"

"I don't know… I just wanted you to say you wouldn't…" I tell him. Then I look up the sky. It's getting darker… and darker… I can no longer see the sun, it's gone… like my…

I look at him "Can you kiss me… just one more time?" I ask.

He stares at me but then closes his eyes and places his lips on mine. Those warm lips… I kiss him back for a long time it seemed. I open my eyes to see the stars in the sky. A knot forms in my throat but I close my eyes again and keep kissing my beloved little shiro.

But the Jyuushirou pulls away from me and I open my eyes to see his. He's smiling then takes my hand. He slips the engagement ring off my finger and off of his.

"Jyuu?" I asked in question.

He holds up his ring and smiles at me "Let's switch rings. This one has my name in it and the one you were wearing has your name in it. If we switch them, then it's like you and I are always together." He slips the ring on my finger and his on his own. He leans back and holds it out to shine in the moon light. He giggles slightly "I'm getting married tomorrow to a guy that cares so much." He smiles at me.

I stare at him but then smile back and nuzzle my face in his warm soft hair. "I'm getting married tomorrow too… to a man I love so much… and always will…" I say quietly.

I hear a giggle "Yep, it's going to be wonderful. I can hardly wait. So many flowers and nice people… I can't wait to show you the surprise I got for you. I think you're going to love it. I know you wanted one for a while. Oh, and I can't wait to taste that cake Unohana say she was going to make for us. That's going to be great. And then our dance to Faraway… oh how I've waited for the right person to dance that with. I know I picked the right one, don't you think Shunsui?" he asked as he turns his head a bit.

I smile a bit as I cannot hold the tears in my eyes any longer. "Yes… I get to dance with the most beautiful man on the planet…"

Jyuu giggles a bit and turns forward. "Oh, the moon is almost to the middle of the sky!"

My eyes widen.

"That's good luck. Make a wish Shunsui!"

I'm quiet for a bit but then I speak. "I wish to always be with my beautiful little shiro and for him to never leave my side." I whisper.

My lover giggles a bit "That's a sweet wish. Hmm… I wish for my handsome man to always be happy and never shed any tears." He says as he looks up at the moon.

I squeeze my eyes shut and hug him tighter "That's a beautiful wish…" I whisper to him, afraid that if I talk any louder my voice will break.

Jyuushirou breathes deep then slowly lets it out. "Yep… I can't wait… for tomorrow…" then it's quiet.

"Jyuu, I love you." I whisper.

"I love you too, Shunsui... Oh listen to me, I'm falling asleep… oh dear… Shunsui, will you watch over me as I do?" he asks.

I bit my lip and nodded "But if you can, may you not go to sleep? Please, for me?" tears now flowing down my cheeks and into my lover's hair.

I get no answer.


Still no answer.

My eyes widen and I lifted my head. "Jyuushirou?" I ask quietly "Are you sleeping?" I lean forward to look at my lover's face to see nothing but pale skin and lips. My chin quivers as more tears fall.

"Jyuushirou?" I nudge him with my shoulder "Jyuushirou?" I put my hand on his chest, where his heart lies only to feel nothing. No heart beet… no warm breath…

My eyes widened "Jyuushirou…" then they slowly lower and I start to cry "Jyuushirou… Jyuushirou… Jyuushirou!!" I scream.

Those lips have left mine… that giggle has gone… that soft shinning hair will never touch mine… that beautiful warm soft skin will never touch mine with the gently touch that only he could give… those chocolate brown eyes will never open to show me happiness… to show me joy… those delicate hands and fingers will never dance along my skin again or ever be in mine… no… all those have left me… those will never return to my grasp.


My eyes widen and I look at my lover. Nothing.

"Shunsui, up here."

I look up to see Jyuushirou floating in front of me, smiling his sweet smile and holding his hands behind his back. "I came to say goodbye." He tells me.

I gag and stare at me lover's floating inner soul. "Why… why does it have to be g-goodbye? I want you to stay… never to leave me side!!"

"I love you Shunsui." He tells me.

"Jyuushirou, don't go!!" I shout as more tears flood over my cheeks.

His feet slowly float down to the ground and he walks to me without a sound. I watch as he leans over and places his hands on my cheeks. He slowly closes his eyes and kisses me.

I blink a couple times but then quickly kiss him back. When I try to make it deeper, I feel the touch slowly go away. I open my eyes to see him slowly disappear.

He opens his eyes and smiles at me "I love you Shunsui. Thank you for caring for me and loving me so. Goodbye."

I reach out for him but when I do, his soul disappears.

I stare at the empty place in the sand for a long time then I look down at the now cold body in my arms.

As more tears fall I smile "Why do you have to leave…? Eh, Jyuushirou…?" I hug the body close. "Why do you have to always leave…?"