I stood once again in that long black dress that my captain always wanted to see on me and a soft flower in my hands. My heart aches and screams in pain from the losses that we have had in these last couple of weeks. For we have not lost just one captain now; No. We have now lost two. Two that were part of the same soul… two twin sword bearers… and two sweetest hearts of the same rotating chocolate box…

That gory and sweet image will not leave my mind or my dreams… The blood… the tears… the screams of nothing but sadness and pain… Terrible thing it was to watch.

The beautiful pink and white coffin of my beloved captain lies in front of us covered by a small tarp roof held by four poles to protect its spring shine from the rain that now soaks the grass. I suppose that maybe Ukitake-Taichou was watching over and may have not healed from the pain of seeing his loved one shot and killed in front of him. These little drips of heaven could be his tears… A terrible thought that is.

One by one I watch my fellow Soul Reapers make their way to the coffin and peer inside. Some could not bear that thought of seeing the sake warmed heart of the man they all knew and loved. Rangiku-san was one of the most affected. She was his drinking parent and one of his closest friends. I pity the poor girl…

I'm the next one in line and the tears start to ball up in my eyes again. I wipe them away then walk to the side of the coffin. I took a deep breath then dared to peek inside.

My captain rested peacefully with his arms resting at his stomach like his lover layed when he was being sent off. A small smirk slowly crawls to my lips and I chuckled some.

"I never told you this before taichou… and I can't believe I'm telling you this now but… you were the sweetest and most thoughtful man I have ever met. You jumped right in front of that bullet to save Ukitake-Taichou's soul and I just think that is the greatest thing that you could have ever done… I know I told Ukitake-Taichou to take care of you but I want you to take care of him as well. Never let him frown. Never let him cry. Never even let him be alone. Please always be with him to make him smile that smile that we all here in the Seireitei will miss dearly."

I wiped away some of the tears in my eyes once again but I still maintain that the smile on my face. Then the soft red rose that I had picked for him gently was layed by his side and I smiled a bit down at him.

"Thank you sir… of everything…" I whispered then walk away.


The memorial last for what seemed like forever with the rain and the tears. But it soon ended and everyone started to head toward the 10th division for the party Rangiku-san put together. Kyoraku-Taichou always wanted a party after he died. He always said that memorials were boring. He didn't want his death to be boring so he wanted a party.

I should have known…

"Nanao," someone calls from behind me.

I turn around and looked at her. "Yes?"

"Are you going to come to the little party that we're going to have at my division? Hitsugaya-Taichou approved this one I swear!" she joked a bit to try and lighten the heavy sad mood.

I smiled at her a bit "Yes I will."

She smiled back "That's wonderful! I'll see you there then?"

I nodded then she started toward her division. I just watch her as I start to space out but then a familiar voice chuckles from behind me then calls out.

"Nice dress Nanao-chan~!"

My eyes widen and I quickly turn around to see my captain and Ukitake-Taichou stood hand 'n' hand together smiling.

Ukitake-Taichou chuckled a bit "You do look quite nice Nanao-san." He told me.

"Ukitake-Taichou, Kyoraku-Taichou!" I shouted but Ukitake-Taichoy put his finger to his lips and I nodded. "Why are you here and… how?"

"Well we only had one last chance to come back to the Seireitei for anything we wanted so we decided to come and you once more before we left for go this time." Ukitake-Taichou explained.

Kyoraku-Taichou nodded "Yeah. You really did help us a lot Nanao-chan." He then scratched the back of his head as he looked down somewhat. "Though I really pissed you off sometimes…" Ukitake chuckled.

I stared at them a bit then smiled. "You're welcome… though I don't think I did very much…"

"Oh but you did!" Ukitake-Taichou said. I looked up at him, "If you didn't help Shunsui in the beginning then I would have never seen him again! Then you helped Shunsui have the ability to see me which saved both our lives."

"Though I got killed…" my captain said quietly. Ukitake-Taichou elbowed him playfully.

I watched them fuse a bit but then smiled and bowed deeply to them. "It was an honor to serve under both of you." I stood up and held my hands in front of me.

Kyoraku-Taichou pointed to himself and smiled wide and goofy like. "Even me?!" he asked.

"No." I said with a smirk.

Kyoraku-Taichou's head dropped and he started to sulk. This made Ukitake-Taichou laugh "She's only kidding Shunsui!" he told him.

Kyoraku-Taichou lifted his head and looked at him. "Oh… I knew that."

I chuckled a bit.

Ukitake-Taichou then smiled at me "We have to go now, Nanao-san. Thank you again." He bowed.

Kyoraku-Taichou smiled at me too and tipped his hat. "See ya later, Nanao-Fukutaichou." He said with a smirk but then Ukitake-Taichou pushed his head down, causing him to bow in a sloppy way.

"And then we bow~!" he said to his lover.

"Ack! I know, I know! I was getting to it! God why did I marry you!?"Kyoraku-Taichou said as he squirmed.

Ukitake-Taichou let him up and smiled innocently at him. "Because you love~ me!" he said as he held his hands behind his back and slowly rocked back and forth on his heels.

My captain looked at him with narrowed eyes then smiled. "Yeah, I think that was one of the thousands of reason why I did." This made Ukitake-Taichou laugh.

Then together they walked hand 'n' hand together in the other direction that I was standing in and slowly they faded away together as they smiled at one another.