"She's just the girl I'm looking for"

-Just The Girl by The Click Five

There's a girl you know; she sits in front of you in Transfiguration class. You watch her everyday; your eyes follow her every move, the most captivated they've been since you were a small child. Even her smallest moves don't go unnoticed. You like her little quirks; you find them endearing. You notice the little things: like the way she chews on her quill, and she absentmindedly stares at the clock every minute or so. Those make you smile.

Surprisingly enough, the displeasures almost completely balance out the pleasures. Like when she catches her reflection in some thing shiny. Her noses cringes, and she winces. You know she doesn't like the way she looks; she thinks she's ugly. You think she's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.

You like the sound of her voice. It's usually brash because she yells at you most of the time she talks to you. But you like it when she turns around and asks you for a piece of parchment, or a quill. Her voice is soft when she's not yelling and screaming at you. You like it better that way.

You like the way she scribbles notes vigorously on her parchment paper. You like the annoyed look she gives you when you tap her back, and try to play footsie with her from behind. However, you especially like the hasty and frantic replies you get from her when you pass a note to her. She tells you she'll have her boyfriend beat you up if you keep asking her out. You ask her his name; she takes a good five minutes before replying with a name you don't recognize, and you know everyone. You're Head Boy for a reason. Even if he was real, he'd just be stupid to even think about challenging a marauder.

You like the way she blushes a light pink when, one day in class (via note), she tells you her 'boyfriend' broke up with her. You grin and ask her out (although it's definitely not something new). All she does is roll her eyes, smile brightly, and tell you she'd like that, James.

There's a girl who sits in front of you in Transfiguration class.

You think you might be in love with her.

There's an author who wrote this drabble in her Mom's car on the way to Taco Bell; she thinks this might be one of her favorite things she's ever written...

No, but seriously, I really like this (albeit it's shortness). If you couldn't tell, those two are James and Lily. I apologize for any grammar mistakes; Open Office is kind of crap at correcting my not-so-perfect grammar.

Disclaimer: Do I seriously seem like I own HP? Jo Rowling does, and I bet her writing software at least corrects her grammar.