Hunter's Moon

By Serena

Summary: A rogue Amazon, jealous of Hippolyta, steals baby Diana from Themyscira, fleeing to Man's World. She decides to raise baby Diana in a place no proud Amazon will think to look: the corrupted Gotham City. AU Batman Wonder Woman romance.

A/N: Full-length Batman Wonder Woman fanfiction. I got this idea after buying "Wonder Woman: The Circle." It's a really good read. If you want more background, go pick it up!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. They belong to their rightful owners - Gail Simone, DC, etc.

Background summary: Alkyone and a few other Amazons are chosen by Hippolyta as the Captain of Her Guard. They fiercely love the Queen and swear by blood to protect and defend the Queen with their lives. But when Hippolyta decides to have a baby, Alkyone grows envious, secretly wanting a child of her own. However, she feels that to protect Themyscira from the plague known as motherhood, she must get rid of the "dragon", the Queen's new baby girl. One night, she and her fellow Guard decide to sneak into the Queen's chambers and murder the baby.

However, the plan goes awry from there...


The night was blood red. A Hunter's moon, brought forth by Zeus himself – unheard of before.

I, Alkyone, Captain of Her Majesty's Guard, had a mission. I and my fellow Guards had joined together to rid the Queen of the dragon she had created. To rid Themyscira of the new plague infesting the Queen's chamber.

The child.

The baby girl.

As Amazons, we had promised to remain barren for the rest of our existence. And we were content that way.

Most of were.

Then the Queen decided to create a dragon. A monster. Something that would destroy our society forever. The girl. The baby.

Hippolyta would be able to create a child.

The rest of us would not.

I knew what had to be done before the disease spread. I had to make sure it ended that night. I had to make sure the dragon died.

To my eternal shame, I ended two of my sister's lives that night in sneaking into the palace. We slipped into the Queen's chambers – I, Philomena, Myrto, and Charis.

But as I raised the sword over the dragon's head, ready to deliver the final blow…

I knew that if I ended that tiny life, I would only be driving my own sword into my heart.

I wanted her. I wanted the baby.

I wanted to be her mother. Not Queen Hippolyta. Me. I wanted to be the one to hold her, to dry her tears, to watch her grow up and teach her of life.

With a staggering breath, I raised the sword… and let it drop to my side.

Then, I did something that would forever change my life.

I reached down…

And I took her.

I took the baby from Hippolyta's bed and held her soft, warm body in my arms. Then, with my sword, I surprised my fellow Guards by disarming them. Hippolyta never woke to hear their muffled moans.

I, Alkyone, Captain of Her Majesty's Guard, broke the law that night.

I left Themyscira.

The drag – the baby was with me.

I fled to the forbidden place. Man's World. No Amazon would follow me for fear of breaking the law themselves. I was alone, without provisions, without food, money, no clothing but the clothes on my back. But I had the baby.

My baby.

I was finally a mother.

And that was all that mattered.


My Diana.

My baby girl.


- Serena