Title: Behind the Tree the hands of Eve and Adam meet

Disclaimer: not my characters; just for fun. Title from Denise Levertov.

Warnings: spoilers for season three finale

Pairings: none

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 260

Point of view: third

Notes: after three years, I FINALLY WROTE A "Psych" FIC

It was too easy.

The thought wakes him at noon the day after catching Mr/Mrs/What-the-fuck-ever Yang: It was too easy.

He'd known it in the car when she handed over the detonator, when she let the cops cuff her, when she grinned as they drove away.

So when he gets the call at one in the afternoon—she's escaped, Shawn, be on the lookout—it comes as no surprise.

He gently put the phone back on the cradle, sure that some guards would've already been sent to Mom and Dad, Gus and Abigail.

But Yang(what is her real name? He should find that out) won't go after them. They're not the ones she wants. She's too smart.

Besides, he knows where to go.

She's waiting for him with a black Oldsmobile. "Will you leave them all alone?" he asks.

She smiles. "I knew you'd gotten bored playing for the good guys," she says.

He repeats, "Will you leave them alone?"

Nodding, she pats the passenger seat. "C'mon, Shawn. We'll have fun all over the world, if we want."

She's insane. She took his mother.

But she didn't kill anyone. Notorious serial killer, half a dozen kills over ten years... so why didn't anyone die this time?

"You were courting me," he realizes, letting himself fall into the car. "Holy shit."

She laughs and starts the car as he shuts the door. "We'll have fun," she says again. "Won't we, Shawnie?"

He stares at her. "I don't even know your name."

Her smile is terrifying. "Call me Bonnie."