I was simply walking, I was pretty much bummed out about the Hikari incident, so I kept on walking, head down, my hands in my pockets and a permanent frown stuck on my face. I was totally annoyed and in a terrible mood. I didn't think that it could get any worst. I was about to cross the street, and out of the alley until a girl came running towards me. She pushed me in the alley and trapped herself between me and the wall; she pulled me close and kissed me hard.

I blinked, and blinked, and blinked again. What the heck happened? Out of the blue I was kissing this girl I had NEVER met in my entire life and when I began to react to the kiss, some guys passed us running; they had stopped for a minute to see who were in the alley, when they saw us kissing they kept running past us. She pushed me off and cleaned her lips.

"Thanks for saving me!" she said before kissing my cheek and walking past me. I stood there baffled and once again I blinked.

"What the fuck?!" I said softly to myself. I walked once again to the street and continued my way. This day definitely had been weird to the extreme. I mean, today I learned that my girlfriend, Hikari, had been cheating on me with my older brother Kankuro. That freaking man-whore who can't seemingly maintain his dick in his pants, he's constantly with a different girl. Fucking annoying brother. To make it even better she told me she was confused and that we should take a time out to figure out what we wanted. I was frozen, to say the least and thoroughly shocked. I didn't have much say in the matter so I just accepted and left the house, sadly with Hikari and my brother inside. Furthermore! I am kissed by a stranger… and I kiss her back?! What in the freaking hell is wrong with me!

… Well… at least she was really cute and was a pretty good kisser, way better than Hikari. A sigh left my lips as I touched them softly. She REALLY was a good kisser… but hey, its just a once in a life chance- I don't even know her name.

Fuck! What's wrong with me! Here I am fantasizing about a girl that I DO NOT KNOW! (which is step number 1) who kissed me!! (step number 2) and whom I wasn't abe to clearly see for she kissed me, a stranger, in a dark alley as she ran away from some guys!! I slapped my forehead and put my hands in the pockets of my sweatshirt. felt something like a piece of paper and took it out.

'Nice scenario 4 meeting some1, huh? Call me - XXX- XXXX- XXX(imagine a random telephone number)

Hyuuga Hinata'

so… she planned all of this?? well… I doubt that she knew about Hikari… but… I do walk around this street at this time- mainly because Hikari always sent me to buy her something- maaaaan so she used that time to be with my brother?! That's just sick!!... but… Hinata planned all this… I guess… I'll give it a shot and call in two days time- don't want to seem too desperate.

haha drabble. dunno why I wrote this… I think I'm tired of stories with decent meetings xDDD I wanted a random one so I simply went for it. Kinda bored and in the process of writing my Philosophy homework –sweatdrops- xDDD lol. anyway, hope you enjoyed. Maybe I'll do this as a chapter fic but it depends on you guys.

haha luv ya!