Title: M o n t h s

Author: Silver Symphony

Rated: K+

Summary: Love reflects the months, the months don't reflect love.



Clumps of gold, red, and amber leaves sprinkle the withering green grass outside. Just enough chill is in the air to signal the coming of winter, but enough warmth lingers to remind one of the pleasantries of summer. Under the reddish glow of the sun, their eyes meet. Sapphire clashes with aquamarine. A blush that contradicts the strong chill stains their cheeks. The park bench has just enough room for two. Day melts into night. Two strangers enjoy each other's warmth while the temperature drops.


Sora is sweet; so sweet. Chocolates don't even compare. Sora loves chocolate, though, and that is precisely what Riku gives him. He melts in Riku's arms. And Riku's insecurities melt with him.


Thanksgiving comes with howling winds. Sora reminds Riku repeatedly that he's a terrible cook. Riku doesn't mind. This year, he actually has someone to cook for.


The spirit of giving infects Riku. Wrapped in sapphire paper— paper the color of Sora's eyes— is a watch. A sterling silver watch. And Sora gives back plentifully. God, his kisses make Riku weak.


Six months ago marks the ending of Riku's last relationship. Soft kisses collect the bitter, searing tears. Riku's hands twitch in protest. Sora is too kind. Riku doesn't deserve such kindness.


Silence loiters in their bedroom. In their phone conversations. Even in their kisses. Sora senses it. Riku's starting to freeze him out.


Spring seeps into the dreary chill of winter. And Riku's heart has warmed up— to someone else. Sora can't stop shaking, and it's not due to the cold.


Daffodils begin to bloom, yet their relationship continues to rot. Riku can't take Sora's tears. He wishes that Sora would simply punch him. Bite him. Cut him. Watching him sobbing on the floor wounds him more than the blade of a knife or a blow to the face ever will.


A letter sticks out underneath Sora's door. He already knows who it's from. He tosses it into the trash without a single glance at the words. Enough tears have been shed.


Sweat soaks Riku's sheets. His heart thumps painfully in his chest. His mind races as his body cools. Sora's love felt different. The feeling was gentler, calmer. And now his heart aches for a different reason. Sora didn't make him sweat. And he wasn't used to that.