Hello All! Like My Other Story Endure Eternity I Had A Dream. And This Was My Dream. And Cause My Dreams Are Sometimes Half Decent To Write In Words I Shall Do It!

Buaha! Don't Worry. Bella Gets Her Happy Ending (:

This Is Just A Short Snippet I Wrote In English Lit When I CBA To Watch Shakespeares In Loves (CAUSE ITS CRAP!) And The Teacher Was Being Mean Again. What A Woman! Sat there Drinking Her Cranberry Juice Glaring At Me. Haha! Funny Teacher Though, Pretty Decent When Shes Not Handing Out Coursework (:


I ghost through the corridors of this ancient castle; a plague among my enemies; an asset to my masters' ranks. I am seen by all, I am seen by nothing. I exist only in body. My soul: burnt at the stake, for a lover whose pretence was dissolved.

I smile empty smiles, I laugh only at pain. I am everywhere and no where all at once. Who am I, you ask?

I am Isabella Volturi-the withered rose that brings death, disease and suffering to all.