Thankyou Everyone!

Now Then
As Most People Know, My Pen Name Has A Story Behind It
It Was One Of The First Dreams I Had When I Read New Moon In 2007
And It Was Pretty Good
I'm Now Re-Writing It To Make Things Sound Better

Cause I'm Betterer At Writing Now
See... I Are The Grammarist (:
So The Biiiiig Question Is

Do You Guys Want To Delve Into My Dream World
And See Where The Name Came From??

Just Review And Tell Me
I'm Too Lazy To Make A Poll (:

And If Anyone Likes Titanic/Twilight Fics Go Read April, 1912 By Haley Cullen
Freaking Amazing

And If Anyone Likes The Paring Bella/Aro Go Read A Tale as Old as Time In My Fave'sOr Even If You Don't -
Its Actually Incredible