Author's Note: I've decided after a long time away from it that, although this story is the worst Mary Sue fic I've ever even SEEN, I just love it too much to let it go. I've grown a lot since I first wrote this unfinished epic, and I absolutely abhor much of the writing mechanics I used for it. I'm revising the entire story, and I'm going to pick up where it left off after I've finished editing it. I'm sorry to all of the people who reviewed the originals; I hope you'll forgive me.

Chapter 1: A Reunion Gone Sour

Bulma slowly breathed in the cool ocean breeze. Muten Roshi's island did have at least one good quality, she admitted to herself. It was miles away from everything. She frowned as she thought of her last fight with Yamucha. Lately she had begun to doubt that Yamucha would ever take their relationship seriously. Sure, they'd had some great times together, but every time Bulma had tried to get serious, Yamucha had just avoided her and cheated on her with some floozy. Last night she had had enough of his playboy attitude, and she'd finally broken it off with him for the last time. It had hurt to do it, of course, but what had hurt her even more was Yamucha's reaction to her suggestion of their breakup. He had simply shrugged and left. There'd been no goodbye, no apology, and not even a protest. With just one wave of his hand, he had left her.

Shaking her head angrily, Bulma forced herself to concentrate on matters more relevant to her current situation. Irresponsible though he had been, Yamucha had been an excellent martial arts teacher. After the whole Piccolo Daimaou fiasco at the Tenkaichi Budokai, she had asked him to teach her martial arts, and although he hadn't taken her very seriously at first, he soon found out just how serious she was. She had been a natural, and it wasn't long at all before she had managed to grasp the basic concepts and move onto more powerful and remarkable techniques.

Yamucha had taught Bulma every technique he knew, including the ones he himself had created, such as the rouga fu-fu-ken (fist of the wolf fang), so-ki-dan (a devastating chi attack that took enormous amounts of control and concentration), and even bukujutsu, the technique that allowed so many of her warrior friends to fly through the air by chi power alone. She smiled as she thought back to her training sessions with him, and how much they had both enjoyed them. Fighting had seemed to be the one thing that they had connected on, ironically enough, and simple lovers' quarrels quickly became channels for intense training bouts and sparring matches. Considering Bulma's confrontational nature, these impromptu sessions happened quite regularly, and thanks to Yamucha's flirtatiousness with other women, her temper flared up even more often than most men would have liked. Still, if nothing else came out of their rocky relationship, Bulma's abilities had become nearly identical to his in terms of mastery.

She was indeed a fast learner, and when it had dawned on him that she was quickly mastering all his techniques, he had been both surprised and a little hurt, to be frank. It had taken him his whole life to get to where he was, and for some reason, Bulma took to martial arts and chi manipulation as quickly as a tadpole to water. In fact, thanks to her inquisitive and innovative nature, she was also quite good at creating her own techniques, and she often surprised him with them during their sparring matches. When at last he felt that he couldn't teach her anymore, his pride forbade him to admit it, and he did his best to hide it by having her concentrate on her stamina and physical strength. Although she was extremely bright, she never really caught on that she had reached his limitations, so she continued to revere him as her sensei long after he had ceased to teach her anything new. Even now, though they had broken up, Bulma had a great deal of respect for Yamucha as a martial artist, and were it not for their separation, she would still be training under his affectionate eye.

So far, none but she and Yamucha knew about her powers. She was keeping her chi suppressed and subdued, even now, in order to surprise everyone when Goku arrived. Now that she no longer had a sensei, she knew something had to be done. She still wanted to continue her training, and although it would be wonderful to see Son and the others after so many years, she hadn't come to the turtle hermit's island simply for a reunion.

She smiled as she wondered wistfully whether Goku would be able to find time to train her. She really had no idea what he had been up to since she last saw him. She wondered if he had kept in shape. If he wouldn't be able to, she would have to lower her standards a bit and ask Kuririn. She had thought about considering the old man, but somehow the idea of dodging his groping hands and roving eyes didn't seem like the kind of training she would particularly enjoy. She hoped Goku wasn't too busy these days.

Kuririn left the Kame House and after letting the screen door swing shut behind him, he casually walked up next to her and watched the waves hit the shore. "Hard to believe it's been five years, eh Bulma?" he commented, grinning and glancing up at her. "You're looking great. How's Yamucha doing these days?"

Bulma's contemplative, carefree expression immediately soured. "Don't ask," she snapped at him as she crossed her arms and closed her eyes. "If I never see that insensitive jerk again it'll be too soon."

Kuririn laughed and shook his head. "I see you two are getting along as great as ever. Anyway, I was just curious. I caught a game of his on TV the other day and he looked pretty good too. I hope you guys patch things up again like you usually do."

Bulma wondered if she should go ahead tell Kuririn about her fighting skills. Now would be a nice time, what with the hermit not being around to offer his expertise on the matter. After a moment's though, however, she decided that it would probably be better to wait and tell everyone at once. She didn't feel like explaining herself over and over, and besides, Kuririn didn't know how to keep secrets, and he'd be sure to spill the beans to Goku the moment he landed. He was such a fidgety runt sometimes.

Like a bolt out of the blue, Bulma sensed a strong chi presence approaching the island. It was a strong one too; it just had to be Goku. Grinning expectantly, she looked up in the sky in the direction of their approaching visitor. If her senses truly were as keen as Yamucha said they were, Goku must have kept himself in good condition after all.

Kuririn noticed that she was staring off into space without a spacey look, and his curiosity got the better of him. "What're you looking at?" he asked, shielding his eyes from the sun and squinting at the part of the sky she was focused on. "Hey! I can sense someone coming from up there! From the feel of his chi, it's gotta be Goku. Boy, I can't wait to see him after all this time!"

Bulma smiled. She could see Goku now. He was riding Kinto'un, the yellow cloud the turtle hermit had given him so long ago during their first dragonball hunt. She wondered if Goku often used the finicky cloud for his means of transportation. Hold on a second... who was that with him?

Kinto'un zoomed down in a graceful arc just above the sand, and Goku leapt off and landed neatly on his feet a few feet away from Bulma and Kuririn. He was wearing his Kame gi, and he looked nearly the same as she remembered him, if not just a little bit taller and beefier. He was holding a small child in his arms, and as he shot them an eager wave, the little tyke clung to him a little more closely.

"Hey Goku," Kuririn exclaimed. "It sure is great to see you! It's been a long time, buddy."

"Too long," Goku chuckled, nodding and grinning at them. The little boy peeked interestedly at Kuririn and Bulma from his vantage point in Goku's arms.

"Who's the little guy?" Bulma asked Goku, smiling at the adorable way the kid hid his face when she had referred to him. He must have been pretty shy.

"This is my kid, Gohan," Goku declared proudly. He set the little boy on the ground and patted his head. Muten Roshi had come out of the Kame house just in time to hear that last statement, so he added his two cents to the collective gasp of surprise.

"Wow, Goku!" Kuririn cried. "You, a dad? Who knew you had it in you?"

"You're not kidding," Muten Roshi chuckled. "I remember a time not too long ago when you were so thick you didn't even know the difference between men and women. Now look at you! Oh!" he cried suddenly as something occurred to him. "Did you say Gohan? You named the tyke after your Grandpa, eh?"

"That's right," Goku replied, nodding. "Gohan loves t' hear stories about Grandpa. It's too bad he'll never get to meet 'im."

"Goku with a son!" Bulma cried in amazement. "That's incredible, Goku! You and Chichi must be so proud!" As she and the others recovered from the shock of hearing that Goku was a father, little Gohan stepped forward and bowed.

"I'm very pleased to meet all of you," he said politely, his cheeks flushing a little in his shyness.

Everyone bowed in return, each one amazed at his etiquette, considering the level of sophistication of his parents. Neither Goku nor Chichi were high on social graces, and it was amazing that the little guy wasn't running around like a little monkey.

"He certainly is polite," Bulma remarked, beaming at Gohan in admiration.

"Yep," Goku replied. "Chichi's been teachin' 'im manners, and lots of other stuff."

Bulma stooped down to meet Gohan at eye level. "How old are you, Gohan?" she asked him, smiling brightly.

Gohan counted on his fingers. "I'm four," he told her, holding up his stubby little fingers for emphasis. Bulma was almost overwhelmed by the cuteness. She couldn't help but press him for more adorable tidbits.

"Are you going to be a great fighter like your dad?" she asked him, glancing up at Goku and grinning.

"No," Goku interjected. "Chichi doesn't let 'im train. She says it's a waste of energy, now that the world's at peace an' all. Instead, she makes 'im study night and day. She's bound and determined to make 'im some sort of genius scientist."

Bulma didn't exactly agree with Chichi's approach, since she herself was both a scientist and a martial artist, but Gohan wasn't her child, so there wasn't much point in arguing about it. She didn't want to ruin the atmosphere, so she switched to another subject.

"Is that a real dragonball on his hat?" she asked, as Gohan walked off to meet the turtle.

"Sure is," Goku replied. "That's the suushinkyuu, or four-star ball that my grandpa left me. We've been collecting them over the years. We have two others at home. Gohan wants to see the dragon, but it'll be hard to make him give that ball up, since he likes it so much."

Kuririn looked at Gohan again and noticed something more than a little unsettling. "Check it out!" he cried. "Gohan has a tail, just like Goku used to!" They all gaped at Gohan's wriggling, monkey-like tail and began sharing the same anxious thought.

"Yeah, he was born with one, like me," Goku replied. "I kinda wish I still had mine. It sure did come in handy."

Bulma glanced at Muten Roshi. He asked Goku – in a carefully worded question – if Gohan had ever seen a full moon. When Goku replied that they all went to bed a little too early for that, everyone breathed a sigh of relief and pretended that there was nothing to the question at all. Pretty soon the conversation had turned to nostalgia and talk of old times, and it was quite a while before Bulma remembered her other reason for coming.

"Wait a minute!" she exclaimed. "I nearly forgot! There was something I wanted to show you guys, now that we're all here together."

"What's that Bulma?" Goku asked.

"Well," she began, "I suppose the best way to explain this is to show you. Now everyone stand back!" She decided to create a so-ki-dan and use it to make a nice big splash out in the ocean. That would certainly get their attention! However, before she even got the chance to focus herself, she was interrupted by a gasp from Goku. She hesitated and stared at him in surprise.

He had tensed his muscles, and his face bore a look of anxious surprise. He spun around and turned away from Bulma to stare up at the sky. He began to tremble slightly, and he unconsciously assumed a defensive posture.

"What is it Goku?" Kuririn asked him worriedly.

"I…I don't know," said Goku. "I feel somethin' up there. He's really strong, and that chi feels mean!"

Suddenly Bulma could sense this mysterious power too. Goku was right; something was definitely up there, and it was incredibly strong. It was so strong, in fact, that she felt herself begin to tremble too. She'd never felt anything so intimidating before.

"I sense it too!" said Kuririn nervously. "What do you think it is, Goku? Do you suppose it's Piccolo?"

"I don't think so," Goku said anxiously. "Not unless he's gotten a heckuva lot stronger!"

"There he is!" Bulma shrieked, and she pointed to a speck in the distance. They all watched as it grew larger and larger. Soon they could see him distinctly. Bulma guided Gohan behind her legs as they all backed up toward the Kame House, all except for Goku, who stood his ground. Gohan peeked around her legs in curiosity as a strange man with long, bushy black hair landed on the sand in front of Goku.

Bulma's muscles tensed as she eyed their visitor warily. He was sizing Goku up, and he didn't seem at all disturbed by the many pairs of eyes gaping at him. What on earth could he have come for?

"Who are you?" Goku demanded. "Why are you here?" He kept his guard up as he spoke, and he didn't relax a muscle when the strange man only gave him a sneer in reply.

"He resembles you, Goku," Bulma said. "Have you ever seen him before?"

"No, never," Goku replied. He studied the strange man for a moment, and then he gave a start. "Hey, wait a minute!" he gasped, pointing to the newcomer's midsection. "He has a tail!"

The strange man laughed. "Have you recognized me now?" he said with a sinister grin. "It's about damn time. You act as though you don't even know how to recognize another Saiyan when you see one, Kakkarot."

"Huh?" said Goku, obviously perplexed. "Kakkarot? I think you've got me confused with someone else. My name is Goku. And what is a Saiyan? And who are you?"

"'What is a Saiyan?'" the stranger exclaimed. "Stop babbling nonsense! What a fool question to ask! A Saiyan is what we are, Kakkarot – what you are! Do you honestly expect me to believe you don't know this?"

"Sorry, but I don't," Goku replied. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"It's as simple as the tail on your... wait a minute! Where is your tail Kakkarot?! What has happened to it?"

Goku was obviously bewildered. "Why?" he asked angrily. "What's the big deal, anyway?"

"Tell me, Kakkorot!" the stranger roared.

"It was removed for good a long time ago," Goku replied, scratching his head but glaring at the stranger angrily. "What are you so upset about, anyway?"

"You fool!" the stranger cried. "No wonder you haven't completed your mission! You allowed the source of your greatest power to be taken away from you! Now you can't transform in the light of a full moon!" He looked as if he were about to explode from his anger. However, after taking a few angry breaths, he managed to cool himself down. Savagely cursing and shaking his head, he let out an angry sigh.

"Oh well," he said, shaking his head in disgust. "What's done is done. Now, Kakkorot, what do you mean 'what is a Saiyan?' How could you forget such a thing? Did something happen to you when you were young? Did you take a blow to the head or something?"

"Well, yes," Goku replied, more puzzled than ever. "But why…"

"You idiot! You must have forgotten your mission too! No wonder you don't know who I am! Well, let me refresh your memory, Kakkorot. I am your big brother, Raditz."

"What?!" Goku said, taken aback. "My brother? But, that's impossible! I don't have a brother!"

"Oh, but you do," Raditz said, his face cracking into a frustrated grin. "And there's much more. You are from the planet Vegita. You are a Saiyan - a space warrior. The place you've so foolishly considered your home all this time is not your real home at all."

"I don't believe you," Goku shot at him angrily. "I've lived here all my life."

"Goku," Muten Roshi said quietly, "There's something your grandfather told me once that I think you should hear." He told them all about how Goku was found by Son Gohan in a little space pod when he was a baby, and what a holy terror he was before he bumped his head.

"I came from outer space?" Goku said in disbelief. The turtle hermit nodded. Goku turned back to Raditz with a look of pure disbelief. "Let's say what you're telling me is true. If I came from this other planet, then why am I here now?"

"We Saiyans are what you might call in the real estate business," Raditz chuckled. "We send our warriors out to hospitable planets so that we can make them ideal climates for our customers who want planets of their own. To planets with powerful inhabitants, we send powerful warriors to clean them up. To weak planets like this one, we send our children to do the job for us. You were one such baby. Your mission was to eradicate all life on this planet so that it would be hospitable for our customers. There are still just as many of these pathetic earthlings here as there were when you landed, if not more so. Although you've disgraced yourself and me, I'm going to give you one chance to redeem yourself, Kakkorot. Not long ago, our home planet was destroyed by a comet. Only four of us Saiyans were away when it hit. You are one of the four. It just so happens that our next target planet has inhabitants that are particularly lethal, and we would welcome another member to our team. You can see why we need every available man, so I'll cut you a little slack. Get rid of these puny earthlings and join your Saiyan brethren. We are willing to overlook your past mistakes provided you perform your mission now."

"Ha!" Kuririn jeered. "This guy's obviously had too much of the bottle. C'mon, buddy; we don't really like it when you drunks stop by the island." He walked up in front of Raditz and waved him away. "Allow me to show you the way off."

Suddenly Raditz unwound his tail from around his waist. It began to glow with a yellow aura.

"Kuririn, watch out!" Goku yelled. He was too late. With one strike of his tail, Raditz slammed Kuririn in the face, sending him flying – horizontally – past them and right through the front of the Kame House. One of his legs twitched a little as it hung out of the new hole. Other than that, Kuririn didn't move.

"Kuririn!" Bulma cried, horrified by what Raditz had done. Glaring angrily at Raditz, Bulma's temper began to flare as she marched away from the safety of Goku's rear flank and made her way toward Raditz.

"How dare you!" she snarled, all thoughts of suppressing her chi having been forgotten. "You're nothing but a beast! Get the hell out of here!"

Raditz sneered at her and his tail wiggled menacingly. "Don't make me angry," he said, taking a step closer. "That is, unless you're willing to share in his punishment."

"I'd like to see you try it, you smelly, hairy ape!" she growled, balling her hands into fists and adopting a more guarded posture. "You just try that and you'll be missing a tail!"

Goku placed his hand on her shoulder. "Knock it off, Bulma. This guy isn't going to back down from someone like you," he told her. She realized suddenly that she had let her anger get the better of her judgment, and that Goku was absolutely right. There was no way she could hold her own against someone like this. Suppressing her chi so quickly that it felt like she was deflating a balloon, she stepped back away from Raditz and glanced at Goku sheepishly. He looked back at her with a puzzled expression on his face. Did that look mean that he had sensed the increase in her chi? She wasn't sure, but at this point, it didn't make any difference. She retreated, albeit unwillingly, and joined Roshi and Gohan in their place behind Goku.

"I hope Goku clobbers that brute!" she grumbled, and she walked over to Kuririn, who was just beginning to recover from his encounter with the Kame house. "Are you alright, Kuririn?" she asked, helping him out of the side of the house.

"Yeah, but I wish I could say the same about Muten Roshi's house," he replied, brushing himself off. "Be careful of him, Goku. That guy's not normal." He and Bulma turned their attention toward Goku and Raditz and saw that Goku was poised to strike at Raditz at the drop of a pin. Apparently Goku had had enough. Gohan clung to Bulma's leg, watching the newcomer with some degree of awe, as well as a good bit of fear.

"Come now, brother," Raditz jeered at Goku. "You can't tell me that you'd rather protect these pathetic weaklings than join us. Imagine what you've been missing - Countless battles all over the universe against some of the most powerful races imaginable! Doesn't it make your Saiyan blood stir? You've missed out on all the glory for so many years, but it's not too late to start over. What do you say, brother? Join us!"

Goku didn't hesitate to reply. "And if I refuse?" he said angrily.

"Then we have no use for you, and you'll be destroyed, along with the rest of the weaklings on this backwater planet. I warn you now, Brother. We have no use for simpering fools. If you don't choose wisely, it will be your end."

Gohan broke away from Bulma and ran over to Goku, wrapping his arms tightly around his father's leg. "You won't go with him, will you, daddy?" he asked Goku with tears in his eyes.

"Get back, Gohan!" Goku hissed, trying to push him away. "My answer is no!" he said to Raditz.

Raditz glanced at Gohan and chuckled sinisterly. "That's quite a shame," he sighed. "Still, if you won't join us, then perhaps we can negotiate a trade. Is that whelp your brat?"

Goku glanced down at Gohan and a flicker of fear flashed in his eyes. "No!" he barked.

"Oh, give me some credit, Kakkarot," Raditz chuckled. "How many children are born on this planet with Saiyan tails? If you won't join us, perhaps we should take the boy and train him instead. He might make a decent Saiyan, even if his father was a failure."

"Try it and I'll kill you!" Goku snarled at him. "You stay the hell away from him!"

"Oh, come on, brother," Raditz said, sounding only slightly annoyed. "You couldn't defeat me on your best day. I don't think you have much choice."

"We'll see," Goku said coldly. He picked up Gohan and handed him to Bulma. He turned back toward Raditz as Gohan began to wail in protest and struggle in her arms. Bulma was surprised by how strong Gohan was, even if he was Goku's son. She was having a great deal of difficulty in holding him still.

"All right, Raditz. If you're going to destroy me you'd better do it now, because I refuse to harm a single inhabitant of this planet for your 'customers,' whoever they may be," Goku snarled. He poised himself to attack.

"You poor fool," Raditz said, grinning. "You really do think you can beat me, don't you?" He pressed a button on the apparatus attached to his ear. A figure flashed on the green screen in front of his left eye. "Just as I thought," he said, shaking his head and smirking. "Your chi power is pitiful, even by Saiyan standards. You won't last beyond the first strike, Brother."

"He must need that little gadget to gage the strength of his opponent," Bulma thought to herself. "I wonder how accurate it is, considering the fact that Goku isn't really fired up yet. I hope he's got a lot of power in reserve. This Raditz guy is definitely bad news."

Suddenly Goku attacked. Bulma was barely able to follow his speedy movements, but she was able to see the results. Raditz made a swift counterattack, which immediately launched Goku out into the surf. He cried aloud in pain as he clutched his stomach and cringed in the shallow water. In her surprise, Bulma loosened her hold on Gohan, and he broke free to run to his father, crying in fear and concern. Laughing, Raditz snatched Gohan up by his shirt and held him up for Goku to see.

"Let him go!" Goku begged him, holding an arm up toward his son.

"You may have him back after you kill 100 earthlings," Raditz said. "Pile the bodies here, and I will be back in one days' time to examine your work. Hell, you can even get your friends here to help you if you want. If you do as I ask, the boy will be spared, and so will you. If you don't, you both die. Until tomorrow, brother! I think it's high time your son gets to know his uncle!" With that, Raditz took to the sky with Gohan in tow, who was bawling his scared little head off.

"No!" Goku shouted desperately. With some effort he managed to struggle to his feet, but he quickly stumbled and fell back to his knees. "Bring him back!"

Bulma wanted more than anything to take off after Raditz, but the realization of the vast difference between her power and that of her adversary made her hesitate. She stared helplessly at Goku as she wondered whatever she could say to console him.

"I'm gonna find you, Gohan," he growled. "Somehow, I'm gonna bring you back."

"Goku..." she sighed. "What are we going to do?"

"Bulma, do you have your dragon radar with you?" he asked her. She blinked a couple of times before pulling out her capsule case and digging out one of her travel capsules.

"Yes," she told him. "Why do you... oh! The dragonball on Gohan's hat! That's right!"

"With the radar, you won't have trouble finding them, at least," Kuririn muttered. "As for beating that musclebound bully, I wish it would be that easy."

"Well, if it comes down to it, Goku, you should know that I'll give you all the help I can," the turtle hermit cried, stepping forward and staring boldly at him. "Kuririn too."

"What? Er... well, yeah," Kuririn agreed rather shakily. "Maybe if we all worked together we might... just... win?"

"No, you two can't come along for this," Goku groaned, standing upright and sighing angrily. "You've both already died once before and been brought back by Shenlon. He won't revive someone twice."

"Oh yeah..." Kuririn replied, his hopeful expression falling dramatically. "Well... I guess I'm still in. What are pals for, right?" he looked down in fearful anger as he realized that he had never even gotten himself a girlfriend, much less realized his dream of getting married one day.

"Let's face facts, guys," Bulma sighed. "If Goku couldn't handle this guy, I don't think it'd help much if you two went along. He's way better than both of you, isn't he? I don't know, Goku. I have a terrible feeling that you may have met your match this time."

"Quite the astute observation," someone said above them. They all glanced up and gasped in horror. Hovering up above them was none other than Piccolo!

"Man, when it rains it pours," Kuririn gulped, backing off a bit as Piccolo floated down to the ground and glared stonily at Goku.

"What do you want, Piccolo?" Goku asked him, eying the green-skinned member of the demon clan warily.

"I followed your brother here," he replied. "I had an encounter with him earlier, and I thought it might be in my best interests to see what he was up to. At any rate, I can see that he may pose a problem."

"I was just about to go after him myself," Goku said, glancing over at the dragon radar, which was still in Bulma's hand. "He took my son. I have to stop him."

Piccolo sneered. "Feh. I care not what happens to your brat, Son, but I too wish to pursue this menace. Much as I hate to admit it, I - like you - will have no chance if I try to fight him alone," he said dryly. "I think we should join forces for now. His power is much stronger than anything I've ever sensed before, and it will take the two of us to defeat him."

Goku's eyebrows shot up in surprise as the gravity of Piccolo's offer hit him like a ton of bricks. He stared at his mortal enemy in surprise, while he received a resentful stare in return.

"Do not think that I have changed my intentions toward you, or toward my plans for conquering the earth," he said, baring his teeth. "I'm only offering to join you because unless we join forces, Raditz will thwart my plans himself, and I will not allow that. Rest assured that when we have dispatched your brother, you will be next."

Goku grinned. "I'll bet it's eating you alive to have to do this," he chuckled wryly. "I accept your offer, Piccolo, and I understand your terms. When this is over, we'll go back to hating each other's guts."

Piccolo sneered at him in reply, but did not say anything in return. He waited as Goku walked over to Bulma and held out his hand.

"Bulma," he said, frowning at her, "we need to use your dragon radar."

"All right, Goku," she agreed, handing it to him. "Here. Please be careful. Don't die out there."

Goku grinned, and he yelled for Kinto'un. He leapt onto the yellow cloud as it swooped down to him, and then he and Piccolo took off after Raditz.

"Man, I don't like this," Kuririn griped. "It's bad enough for Goku to have to fight Raditz, but when they're done with that, he'll have to fight Piccolo too. We ought to go after 'em in case they need help."

"I don't think we'd be all that much help to them," Bulma sighed. "Those two are way out of our league, Kuririn."

"Bulma's right," Muten Roshi said, sadly shaking his head. "We could only, at the most, serve as a distraction to Raditz. It's far more likely, however, that he'd use us as a way to get to Goku. Much as I hate it, m'boy, we don't have a place in this battle."

"Well, we can't just stay here," Kuririn said angrily. "What if something happens to Goku? I want to be there in case things go wrong."

Bulma had been thinking the same thing. "Well, come on," she said. "Let's follow them in my air car. I remember where that dragonball stopped, so I think I can find where they're going. By the time we get to them, it's pretty certain that they'll have had enough time to fight, don't you think?"

They both liked that idea. In no time at all they had piled into Bulma's car and had taken off for the battlefield.