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Warnings: This is slash. Boy/boy. Don't like it, don't read it.
Summary: Robin takes a vacation from the Titan's to visit Bruce. He didn't expect his boyfriend to follow him. Are they ever in for a surprise.

Author's note: Hello all. This is a side story for the story: For Better or For Worse by Wynja, though it can be read on it's own. It was inspired by a sentence in the first chapter of her story. I have been given permission to right a side story to her fic. It is a great story and I suggest you read it and her other works. I'm not sure how long this will be, though it will be at least two chapters. I hope you like it, and I would love too hear if you do or not. Thank you.

He holds back a laugh as he followed Batman's lead and jumps to the next building. They were chasing the Joker again, and it felt good to be back into a familiar routine.

Robin had decided to take a short break from the Titans and pay a visit to Gotham. Batman had happily welcomed him back, and said he could stay as long as he wanted.

The first night they had spent catching up and Robin had told Bruce about what had happened with Slade. When it came to explaining about Red though, he simply said he had a boyfriend named Richard. Bruce had easily accepted this, much to Robin's relief.

It had been two weeks since Robin returned to Gotham when Joker decided to break out of Arkham again. After trying to rob the Bank of Gotham, and being stopped, Joker had made a run for it. So they were chasing him.

Three blocks away from the bank they caught him. After explaining things to the police they handed him over and headed back to the Batcave.

"Hmm…" Batman says under his breath, looking over something on the computer screen.

"What is it?"

"In the past week there have been complaints made to the police about thefts. But it hasn't been about anybody we've put away. They say it's just a guy in a ski mask and a black suit. They only know that because he's been caught on their surveillance tapes."

"Oh. Well, should we go after him?"

"I think that we could. Nothing else has come up tonight, and while the police could probably handle it, we could do it faster. Let's go."


They climbed into the Batmobile and drove to the spot Batman predicted their thief would be striking next.

Robin got out of the Batmobile to take up a stationary position across the street so that he could easily catch the thief once he exited the building, but not be seen unless he wanted to be.

After waiting for 2 hours Robin's legs started cramping.

"I don't think he's coming here tonight Batman." He says through his ear piece.

"Patience, Robin."

"We've been here for two hours!" Robin says, while standing up to stretch.

"I'm sure he'll hit this building. It has some of the most priceless diamonds in Gotham stored in it."

"But what if…" Robin whining gets cut off by someone suddenly darting out of the building.

"There he is! But how did he get in without us seeing?"

"He could have been in there earlier. Follow him!"

Robin gives chase as Batman quickly gets out of his car and follows.

"He's heading for the warehouse on 5th! Keep following him, I'm going to go around and cut him off!"


Saying that Robin runs harder to catch up to the thief, finally yelling "Hey thief! You can't run fast enough to escape jail time!"

The thief looks over his shoulder, laughs, and keeps running.

The chase continues for a few blocks, until they come up the warehouse, and just before the thief gets to it Batman jumps in front of him.

"That's as far as you go! Hand over the diamond!"

"Oh come on! That's so not fair! It's two against one!" The thief whines.

"Well that's a first, a whiny thief." Robin says sarcastically, laughing.

They advance on the thief, Batman holding his hand out.

"Give me the diamond."

"I don't think so!" The thief says, and runs straight at Batman, then jumping over his head just in front of him.

Batman spins around and manages to grab the hood of the thief's sweater when he lands.

"Aww maaann!!"

Robin laughs coming up beside Batman.

"Just hand over the diamond."

The thief glares at Robin before surprisingly handing the diamond to Batman.

"Thank you. Now then, I'm going to remove your ski mask, and then we are going to take you to the police."

"No way! Hey! The mask stays! Back off!"

"Let it go! Why are you here anyway?" Robin asks, taking the thief's hood out of Batman's grip, but not letting go himself.

"What? You know him Robin?"

Robin turns red under his mask, and looks sheepishly towards Batman.

"Um, yes? ... I just didn't think he would follow me here, let alone be stupid enough to actually steal anything." He finishes with a pointed look at the thief.

The thief ducks his head saying "Well… You've been gone for two weeks now! You said you would only be gone a couple days…"

"But to actually come to Gotham and steal stuff?! How stupid…"

Robin's rant is cut off by Batman laying a hand on his shoulder.

"Robin. Who is he?"

"Aww, you did tell him about me right? Or were you to ashamed, Richard?"

The thief tries to wiggle out of Robin's grip angrily.

"Shut up you idiot! I did tell him about you! And don't call me that out here!"

He lets go of the thief's hood to give him a quick hug, then hits him on the back of the head.

The thief hangs his head a tiny bit, before lifting it and laughing.

"Sorry… You know I'm the jealous type though. Thought maybe you were ashamed of me or something, and came here to escape…"

The thief doesn't have a chance to finish whatever he was saying, because Batman now has him pinned to the wall, with his hand around the thief's neck.

Now, Batman prides himself on being a patient man both as Bruce Wayne and the Batman, but seeing Robin talking with a thief like it was an everyday occurrence was pretty frustrating. Once the thief said Robin's real name though, his defenses went up, because if someone knew Robin's real name, it was that far of a reach to Batman's.

"Who are you? How do you know his name?"

"Batman, no!! Let's go back to the Batcave and I'll explain there! Let him go!"

"Robin, I trust you with my life, but I am not going to let someone I don't even know into the Batcave!"

Robin steps up to the thief and looks him in the eye. They seem to communicate silently for a minute, before the thief nods. Robin turns back to Batman, and squares his shoulders.

"Batman, this is my boyfriend."

Batman just stands there for a few minutes absorbing this information. He then drops the thief and walk towards the Batmobile.

Robin helps the thief up and stands there awkwardly for a moment.

"Well, are we going back to the cave or not? I'd think you have quit a bit of explaining to do!" Batman calls behind him, climbing in the car, which he called with the remote on his belt.

"Well, I think he took that rather well…"

"Shut up, Red…" Robin mutters, while dragging him over to the vehicle.

There are only two seats in the Batmobile, so Red ends up having to sit on Robin's lap.

They climb in and the whole ride home is spent in silence leaving the occupants of the vehicle to their own thoughts.

'That stupid idiot… I hope Batman's ok with this…' Robin thinks.

'I'm sure he has a good explanation…Yeah, there is a really good reason for it… I'm sure of it…' Batman tries to convince himself, none of his apprehension showing on his face.

'Hahaha! I was wondering how long it would take him to catch onto the fact that I was here. Well, this should be interesting… What if batman doesn't approve though… Would he break up with me…. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea…' Red thinks, trying to subtly inch back closer to Robin.

Author's note: Sorry to do this, but I will have the next chapter up very soon…