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"Well, that wasn't so bad…"

"Red, you are lucky he's not shipping your arse back to Jump City in a box! You couldn't leave well enough alone could you?"

"Well I'm sorry! I was just trying to play up the part!"

"I still don't understand why you came to Gotham in the first place."

"I missed you! It was boring stealing things when your not there, your team just isn't as much fun as you."

"Well, thanks I guess. But did really have to steal so much?"

"I guess not… Sorry."

Robin laughed a little at that.

"It's alright. Just ... I can't believe I'm saying this… Just be more subtle next time."

"But I wanted you to notice that I was here!"

"Well… Whatever then. Let's just go to sleep now. Before Bruce realizes you're in my room."



"Don't be mad… I'm sorry."

"Red, I promise, it's alright."

Robin smiles gently hugging Red close.

"Ok… Your right though, we should get some sleep."

"Thank you."

They curl up under the blankets on Robin's bed, trying to relax after the conversation with Batman.

"Love you Robin…" Red mutters, snuggling into Robin's chest.

"I love you too Red." Robin says, smiling and stroking Red's hair.

Red smiles and drifts off to sleep. Robin however stays awake a while longer, mentally going over the conversation with Batman in his head.


They pulled into the Batcave, and Batman quickly got out and walked over to the computer. He pushed a button on it and a moment later Alfred's voice was heard.

"Yes Master Bruce?"

"We need refreshments for three Alfred."

"Right away, sir."

Bruce turned off the computer and turned to face Robin and Red, who were standing awkwardly in the background.


At that one command both boys quickly sat on the chairs Robin had pulled out a few seconds earlier.

"Robin. What does he know?"

Robin looks at his hands for a few seconds in embarrassment. Red gently lays his hand on Robin shoulder, and this boosts Robin's courage.

"He knows everything Batman."

Batman inhales sharply before nodding and then turning his back to them for a minute.

At that moment Alfred walks in with the tea. As he sets the tea on a small tray that they can all reach he calmly walks over to batman and lays a hand on his shoulder.

"Just trust his judgment before making any rash decisions sir." He says quietly enough for only Bruce to hear, and then walks back upstairs.

Batman sighs and sits down across from the boys.

"In that case, I suppose masks aren't necessary."

Robin nods and removes his mask. Red and Batman stare at each other for a few seconds before Robin reaches over and pulls off Red's.


"Red. Don't."

Robin and Red have a short staring contest before Red ducks his head muttering "Right, sorry."

Robin takes Red's hand reassuringly and looks up at Batman expectantly.

Batman inclines his head a minuscule amount to Robin before reaching up and slowly removing his own.

They all sit in silence for a few minutes before Bruce says "Hello. I'm Bruce Wayne. Welcome to my home. You are?"

"Nice to finally meet you, Mr. Wayne! My name is Richard Knight."

Robin chuckles saying "And I'm Richard Grayson. Now that the formalities are over, if you can take a moment from mentally analyzing him Bruce, I'm sure you have some questions."

Bruce nods.

"How did you meet? Why are you together? I never thought you would have a criminal for a boyfriend Robin. And above all, why does he who you are, and especially who I am."

"Wow! He is the detective you were telling me about! Does he always do this? The whole 20 questions thing?"

"Red! Shut UP! Sorry Bruce… He has a bit of a mouth on him…" Robin says, blushing.

"It's fine Dick. Maybe we should talk with a bit more privacy."

Robin nods.

"What about Red? He's really good at being oblivious, can he go wait over there?"

Robin points to a far corner, that isn't near any of the equipment.

Bruce nods, so Robin drags Red, and his chair, over to the corner. He pushes Red into the chair, and says as gently as possible "Now stay here! This is really important to me!"

"I know. Sorry. I'll be good."

Robin rolls his eyes muttering "I highly doubt that."

Red just gives him a cheeky grin before sipping the tea he had grabbed before they moved.

Robin just shakes his head and walks back over to Bruce.

"Sorry. Um, I'll try to answer your questions in order as best as possible."

Bruce nods and gestures for him to continue.

"Um, well, we met when I created Red-X to get to Slade. He happened to steal something just as Red-X was going for the same thing. He was just after something petty, but he was still planning to steal something, so I sent everyone else after Red-X and then stayed behind to deal with him. We somehow got talking, and by the end of the week, we were boyfriends, and he had agreed to stop being stupid. He has this bad attraction to shiny things though. This is the first time he's stolen anything shiny in a while though. I'm not trying to make excuses for him, but I'm sure he'll give it all back. WE are together because… Well, I guess because we realized that, while on opposite sides of justice, we have a lot in common. He's normally just a goof, and he's really good at helping me just forget all the stresses of being a hero. I know the whole criminal thing should be a turn-off, but we have this agreement thing. It's hard to explain, but as a general rule we don't interact with each other on opposite sides of justice."

Robin pauses to let everything he just said sink in. He reaches over and takes a steady gulp from his tea, just waiting for Bruce to say something now.

They both sit there quietly with their thoughts for a few minutes before a crash comes from the area of the computer.

Their both on their feet and half there before they even realize what made the noise.

Red is sitting on the floor rubbing his head with one hand, and holding the diamond he stole earlier in the other.

Robin looks at him and just drops his head into one hand, shaking it.


Red's head shoots up to see a frustrated Robin and an angry Bruce.


"Just what do you think your doing?!" Bruce asks, trying to remain calm like Alfred had advised.

"Well… It was shiny… And I worked so hard for it…" Red drops his gaze from Bruce's as Bruce just stares at him in disbelief.

"Red. You know what you have to do."

Red nods and stands up slowly, so as to not put Bruce even more on edge than he already was.

"I'm sorry Mr. Wayne." He mumbles, pretending to be remorseful, and holds the diamond out to Bruce.

Bruce warily takes it, not quite trusting Red.

"Now then, Bruce and I are going to finish our conversation. Come on, back to your seat."

Robin and Red walk back over to Red's seat, where Robin gently makes him sit down.

"How am I doing? Think he's buying the clumsy clueless thief bit?" Red whispers as Robin Bends down to retrieve the abandoned cup.

"You're doing a great job. But could you just sit here now? Please?" Robin whispers back on his way up.

Red nods before pretending to stare blankly at the far wall, while actually watching Robin's every move and trying to hear the conversation.

Robin walks back over to his seat, and sets Red's cup back on the tray, then waits for Bruce to say something.

"Does he always do that?"

"Well… I told you he had an affiliation to shiny things. As you can see, I'm trying to change that…"

"It's fine Dick. From what you've said, he is an alright choice for boyfriends. It is your life and not mine, but if you were wondering, I am not disappointed. He compliments you well."

Robin releases the breath he hadn't realized he was holding and smiles at Bruce.

"Thank you. That means a lot to me."

Bruce nods absently before asking "Why does he know?"

Robin doesn't even have to ask what he means. He looks at his hands for a moment, and momentarily spares a mental laugh at the fact that he can find hardened criminals on a daily basis, yet is still nervous around a father figure.

He looks at Bruce and asks "Do you remember what I told you my first night here? About what happened with Slade?"

At Bruce's nod he continues.

"Do you remember the boy I told you was there with me? The one that was the only reason I didn't escape from Slade when I had the chance? Red is that boy. He was the one who got trapped with me."

Robin then looked over at Red fondly for a few moments before looking back to Bruce saying "He hasn't, and won't tell a soul Bruce. I swear. If for no other reason, know you can trust him because of his connection to me."

Bruce, who had been closely observing Robin's movements during the whole conversation, simply looks at Robin for a few moments in silence, processing everything he had picked up.

Robin really loved this Red fellow. Whether he noticed or not, he had been subtly glancing at him throughout the duration of the conversation, and he had been speaking with an affectionate and strong tone throughout the whole conversation. He wasn't ashamed of Red, and wasn't afraid to stick up for him either.

"Alright. I trust your judgment." Bruce finally says, just loud enough for Robin to hear, but not so loud as to startle the silence that had fallen.

Robin's face breaks into a huge grin before he jumps up and hugs Bruce.

"Thank you Bruce. We won't let you down, I promise!"

Bruce smiles and hugs him back, observing, not for the first time, just how much his opinion does mean to the little hero.

"Hey, hey, hey! What's going on over here! Mine!"

Neither hero had heard Red approach, and didn't realize how close he was standing until he pulled Robin back, wrapping his arms around him.

Robin turns a lovely shade of red while looking like he's about to yell at Red again. Then Bruce chuckles and both boys turn to look at him in shock and apprehension.

"No need to worry about that Mr. Knight. Dick is like a son to me."

Red grins cheekily, hugs Robin tighter, and says "Call me Red."

Robin and Bruce both laugh at that.

"So, um, Bruce, I have a favor to ask…"

Bruce smiles at Robin as if he knew he was going to ask and just nods saying "Yes, he can stay here while you're here Dick. But he had better not get in the way, or steal anything."

Robin smiles widely in relief, and both boys nod before taking off up the secret passage way.

Bruce shakes his head, and chuckles a bit to himself before moving over to the computer screen to see if anymore emergencies had shown up.

-End Flashback-

"Mmm, Robin…" Red moans sleepily, then whacks Robin on the arm.

"Hey! What was that for?" Robin grumbles indignantly.

"Stop thinking so hard. Go to sleep before the scary bat comes and drags me out of here."

Robin laughs and snuggles down into the covers, pulling Red closer.

"Ok, ok. You really shouldn't call him that though; he has ears all over this house."

"Mmm, whatever. Sleep. Deal with batty type characters and their names in the morning."

Robin laughs lightly before kissing Red on the top of his head, and slowly following him into slumber land.

Outside of Robin's door a very amused butler walks away with a grin on his face.

"Batty characters indeed. Master Wayne will get a kick out of that one." He laughs to himself, going to inform aforementioned 'scary bat' about the names.

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