Disclaimer: I do not own My Girl, Spectacular, or any characters. This plot is based on Filipino Remake of Koreanovela My Girl. I do not know if Australians have another language. Just stick with me!

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Ages: Courtney/Nikko/Janet/Caspian/Tammi/Robin/Michael: 22 Uncle Greg: 58 Kristine: 45 Bell: 42

Chapter One: My Girl

Courtney Lane hopped off the tour bus, "Hello! Welcome to New York!" she said happily, "Come on! Let's go!" she said happily. She led the Saudi Arabians to the Statue of Liberty, "This is our statue!" she stated, "It's my favorite statue!" Her best friends Janet and Caspian stood by her side. "You speak very good Arabic." said Saudi Arabian.

Courtney looked down, and then up, "My mother is Saudi Arabian decent." she continued, "She taught me how to speak Arabic." she became happy, "I also watch Arabic movies!"

Nikko Alexander's car door was opened by his butler, Royce. "Good morning Sir Nikko." he said. Nikko nodded at him. His personal assistant, Robin spoke to him. "Sir, the visitors are here."

"How about grandfather?" he asked, following her into the mansion.

"He's in his office." Robin said.

In his office, was Nikko's grandfather, Greg. He was looking at a picture of his daughter and Nikko's cousin. He put it down, that's when Nikko came in. "Well, are we not going down yet?" Nikko asked.

"I'm just waiting for you!" His grandfather said.

"Really grandfather? Your neck tie isn't even fixed yet." Nikko said. He helped Greg with his tie.

"I used to fix ties for you." Greg said.

"I remember." Nikko said.

"You've grown up to be a fine young man, Nikko." Greg said, "I'm proud of you." Nikko and his grandfather embraced.

"Yes! Where do we buy snacks?" asked a Saudi Arabian in Arabic.

"Wait a minute!" Janet said in Arabic, "Caspian!!" Janet called out. Her brother got off the tour bus. She walked to him with Courtney, leading everyone, "This is my brother! His name is CASPIAN!!"

"How are you Caspian?" the Saudi Arabians asked.

"Hello! There are plenty of snacks here for all of you." Caspian said in Arabic, holding a big basket.

"Geez what are you?" Janet asked, "They answered in English." she continued, "I hope you can answer them in English."

"I don't want to you know already that I'm not good in English." He said in Arabic, "Come on, stop this, they're already hungry."

"Okay...okay!" Courtney said.

A family came into the big mansion, "Laila!" said Bell.

"Hi, welcome." Said Nikko's aunt Laila.

"Hi Auntie." said Bell's son. Their families were so close, they called each other family.

"It's so good that you can come." Laila said.

"Of course!" Bell said, "I will not miss Uncle Greg's retirement party." she continued, "And who am I not to be there for his lash 'Hoo-rah!'."

"Excuse me." Laila said, she turned to Bell's son.

"Nelson." She said, and left.

Michael started walking, until his mother stopped him, "Where do you think you're going?" she asked.

"Ma, I'm just going..." he was cut off.

"Don't call me ma. We're in public." Bell said.

"Isabella, I'm just going to see Nikko." Nelson said.

"No you can't." Bell said, "You're just going to hide from me. Just stay here."

"Come with me." She said.

"Bell!" said Nikko's other auntie.

"Kristine!" Bell said, "Hi!"

"Is it true what I heard?" Kristine asked, "I'm so happy for you!"

"Which one?" Bell asked.

"That you're going to be president of Alexander and co." Kristine said, "Congratulations Madame President."

"Oh, thank you!" Bell said, "But it's not official yet, because Greg has not called me yet."

"You're the senior vice president of Amana hotels, who else should become the next president?" Kristine asked, "It's you!"

"Geez, it does not mean I will get the position right away." Bell said, "But thank you for your support."

Greg was talking to two friends, Neil and Joseph, "I'm not even thinking about that, I still have two months before I retire officially." Greg said, "You've met my grandson, Nikko."

"Of course!" Neil said, "Your grandfather always talks about you."

"Not only talks about you, but he's proud of you." Joseph said, "And with good reason, I heard that you earned top honors at Harvard University. Congratulations!"

"Not only that." Greg began, "He's in his last year of Master's degree in buisness." he continued, "And as expected, he's in the top of his classes."

"And where else did I get those genes from?" Nikko asked, "You, grandfather."

"It's so hot!" Janet said, "Did you not put swimming in our itinerary schedule today? They don't care, I'm sure they'll be fine with it."

"Did you know, it's expensive?" Asked Courtney, "Do you know what expensive means? Hmmm? Expensive."

"All of you are the reasonhs why Amana Hotel and Resorts is a sucess." Greg said, "This started as a small family inn, and grew to be one of world's best and biggest hotel-resort chain in New York."

Everyone applauded for him, "I love this company." Greg began, "There's a lot saying that I love it too much." he continued, "Because of this, I have many things I have not attended to." he continued, "My health, and my family." he looked at his wife, Jocelyn, "And this is why I am looking forward to my retirement." he said, "I've already reached a decision as to who will be the next President of hotel and resorts. So, without further adieu."

Bell stood up in the crowd. "I give you, our new president...my grandson, Nikko Alexander." Everyone clapped for him.

Nikko was with Greg in his office, "I'm not ready to be president." Nikko said, "There's Auntie Isabella, she's your Senior VP."

"You're the one, who I want to continue what I started." Greg said, "I've been training you for all your life. "

"Thank you grandfather, but I will be in peace if someone could help run it." Nikko said, "How about Auntie Kristine?"

"I already tried to convince her before," Greg began, he stood up, "She really does not want to. She wants to run our home instead of the hotel." Greg stood by a table. Nikko got up and stood by Greg, "Grandpa, I can't run this alone." Nikko said.

"Nikko, you're the only one left in my family that can run the buisness." Greg said, "If you want someone that can help manage the hotel, then find Jade. Find her."

Janet and Courtney were doing a skit, "Joc-joc, Mark, my sons, where are you?" Courtney asked. She ended the skit and stood up, "Clap your hands!" Courtney said, "That was an excerpt from our favorite movie, Where did you go?." Courtney said, "Clap your hands!!" Her cell phone began to ring, "Excuse me!"

"Hello?" Courtney said, "Miss Aliza, why?"

"Courtney, a problem your dad is gambling again."

"What!?" Courtney asked.

Eli Lane was at the horse race, with his boss, Asyong. "It looks like you are pretty lucky today, you're on a winning streak." Asyong said.

"Just a little, boss." Eli said.

"So, who's going to be next? Crystalla Diamond?" Asyong asked.

"Not her, she will lose." Eli said.

"Really?" Asyong asked.

"Yeah really, it's me you're talking to." Eli said.

Asyong handed him a pouch, "Here."

"What's this, boss?" Eli asked.

"Bet it on whoever you like." Asyong said, "That's $3,700."

"Really?" Eli asked.

"Maximum, bet it." Asyong said.

"Are you sure boss?" Eli asked, "Thank you boss."

Greg was looking at a picture, "Jade." he had a flashback.

"Are you going crazy Anya?" Greg asked, "You're going to get married to a security guard?" he yelled, "He's just going to use you!"

"I'm pregnant." Anya said. Greg slapped her daughter, Jocelyn hugged her.

"Just try seeing David again." Greg said, "If you do that...just forget that you have a father, forever. I'm not going to recognize that garbage you call a baby you're carrying!" Greg yelled.

Greg felt a tear fall, Forgive Me. He thought, he started to wheeze. He clutched his chest and collapsed.

Nikko came in, "Grandpa, here you go." he said, he dropped the glass and rusht to Greg. "Grandpa! Auntie Kristine! Grandma Jocelyn!" Nikko yelled.

There you go! Chapter one!