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When Bella and her mom face's problems she goes to live with her father and falls for someone and gets more than she was expecting for.

Chapter One : Strangers in the night

Bella's POV

I need a quiet place to let my mind divagate(wonder) to a far place where the reality can't reach me, I remember of this park near my house here in my new hometown of Forks. I sit in a branch wondering about the reasons that lead me to here, my emotions are confused I feel lonely as if there is no one out there for me, I know I am not beautiful but I am okay I suppose, not even my mother understood the reason I didn't want any of the boys back there in Phoenix and why they didn't seem to want me either, but this wasn't the reason of our fight, I just can't believe she didn't tell me that she wanted to live in another country! Of course I'd rather stay here with Charlie, what were she expecting me to do? Go to a foreign country? I don't think so. I'm still angry with her, but I already miss her. As I stare at the dark park I see something shining across the trees and remember that there was a lake I used to come when I was younger so I walk towards it. As I got closer to the lake I could discern a small figure sitting across the lake, she was gorgeous as the moonlight touched her pale skin and with her spiky black hair going on every directions, I wonder how soft it would be touch her arm, she seems to be away deep in her thoughts, her beautiful hazel eyes are unfocused as she stare at her reflection in the lake. I walk forward to the lake margin but I trip in a tree root, as usual, and when I get up and look across the lake she is gone like a dream that slips through your fingers when you wake up. After that I just sit by the lake and try to convince myself that it must had been a dream, a trick that my eyes did with my mind because I wish I had someone to talk to, a couple hours pass and I get back home and go straight to my bedroom since Charlie won't be home tonight and I'm not hungry. I lie in my bed and fall asleep right away.

I wake up and look at the clock, Oh God!! I'm late. I grab the first t-shirt I can put my hands on and a pair of jeans, then I run downstairs, pick up my car keys, an old red truck, and drive to school. As I get in the parking lot I can see it is empty, so I check my watch and realize that I hadn't fixed the time zone, so I'm early. That's great! I think sarcastically to myself. I park the car and walk to a building which has a sign that read "Front Office". I go inside and ask to the old lady that is in there about my schedule, she hand me it and a paper so each teacher can sign we talk a bit before she receives a call from a parent. I left the front office and walk towards my first class building, checking the map once not needing it anymore after I see a big number 6 hanging in front of the building. I sit at the last chair in the darkest corner so no one can notice me, I don't want to be the center of attention for being a new student. A couple minutes later the students start to arrive they don't seem to notice my presence --- thankfully. As soon as the bell ring, the teacher enter the classroom, I consider going there and ask him to sign the paper, but I can do this in the end of the class or all my efforts to being invisible will be in vain. The class goes on slowly and due to the boredom level of it the students start to talk with each other and ---of course --- look around the class, and to my lack of luck a blond boy, who seems to be very popular with the girls population, looks directly at my direction and smiles for some unknown reason and winks at me and from that moment on he just can't stop looking at me now and again so I let my hair fall over my right shoulder and partially in front of my face, in the end of the class the girl who is next to him seems to notice that he isn't paying her attention so follows his gaze to find me. A few minutes later the class is over and I start to pack my things to head to the next class, first I walk to the teacher's desk and introduce myself and ask him to sign the paper, before I can think about how to get to my next class the blond boy and the girl are right in front of me as soon as I get out of the classroom.

"Hi! I'm Mike. You're chief's Swan daughter, Isabella. Aren't you?" the blond boy that kept staring all class asks me.

"Hi. Yeah, I'm Bella." I correct him.

"Hi! I'm Jessica. You came from Phoenix, didn't you? Weren't you supposed to be tan or something like that?" the girl says as if she can't see nothing special in me to hold Mike's interest the whole class. "We have got to go now, our class is about to start." She says while pulls Mike with her.

"See you later, then?" He asks as Jessica drag him with her.

"Sure." I answer briefly. As I pick the map to see that Spanish, my next class, is in the building 5 right next to the one I'm.

The rest of the morning goes a little more embarrassing as some of the teachers feel the need to introduce me to the class. Can't they just leave me hidden in my chair? I'm eager to the end of this day, it seems that every eye in the school is on me. My trigonometry class is finally over and it is lunch time I really don't want them to stare at me more so I decide to skip lunch, but my plans are ruined as Mike sees me and invites me to sit with him and his friends at the cafeteria. He introduces me to all of his friends, I'm not really paying attention because at that moment all I can pay attention to is at a far table across the cafeteria where the girl I had saw yesterday is. I can't believe in my eyes, all five of them are so beautiful, but the black haired, pixie like girl I saw yesterday was different she is unique --- that is the only word that occurs to me to describe her perfect being. Suddenly I meet her gaze, she is looking directly to my eyes, those hazel golden eyes locking on my owns, I can't understand why I get like that just by looking at her eyes but I' lucky to be sitting because I might had tripped if I was standing --- what is happening to me?!

Alice's POV

I'm sitting by the lake of Forks Park, since we moved to here this is my favorite place. I can't understand why this beautiful place is always empty, not that this really matter to me, I like the idea of having this lake just to myself. I'm staring at my own reflection and I can't avoid thinking why am I the only one in my family that has not found a mate yet? I'm a happy vampire but sometimes I wish I had someone to hold and feel complete just because I'm near of the person. I wonder how long will I have to wait until I can finally find the person I keep seeing in my visions since I became a vampire. For this particular subject my gift of seeing the future seems to be inaccurate to precise the time when I'm going to meet my mate. I look at the moon reflection on the lake, I can compare my vision with it, I can see the moon and she seems so near as if I can reach it only by stretching my arm but if you pay attention to the context you can notice that the moon is way up high so distant that all I can see is the reflection in the water. A vision is hitting me "I can see I'm in the school cafeteria I feel anxious and happy, my eyes seems to be glued on the cafeteria door and then the doors open and the one of my visions that gorgeous creature I thought it was unreachable is entering the cafeteria but with Edward grinning teasingly at my bouncy self I look at him briefly, I can't think straight anymore as I hear she pulling a chair and I can't stop looking at her she is already looking at us but she seems to notice my gaze and look straight at my eyes." The vision ends and I can't be more enthusiastic about it, finally I'm going to meet my moon, as I call her because she enlighten my darkest nights even being just a vision till now. A loud crack noise interrupt my happy moment as I see someone tripping at the tree roots and falling onto the floor, I take the chance to hide on the shadows of the nearest tree, climbing it to see who disturbed my thoughts. I can see a girl getting up with her hair hiding her face and I feel her wonderful scent as a breeze blow her hair, I'm glad I just come back from my hunting trip, I watch her slowly take the hair from her face. I can't believe in my own eyes. If my heart could beat it would be thundering in my chest, my moon is standing right in front of my eyes. She look confused at the place where I was sitting, I now wish I had stayed there, she seems sad when she look for me and can't find me. Maybe I can reappear and talk to her, I try to move but my body does not obey my mind, maybe it is best just to watch her, I can see she has a thoughtful look on her face as she sits where I was and stare at the lake. I'm watching her for some time now, I already memorized her beautiful features, I can see her perfectly if I close my eyes, a deep chocolate brown eyes, brown silky hair, heart-shape face. She suddenly gets up and start to walk to the entrance of the park, I'm following her from the shadows as she arrives in a house, her house, and enters in it. I can't see her anymore but I can hear her footsteps climbing a staircase and closing a door, I take a look at the house and see a window in the upper level, I climb in the nearest tree to her house right in front of the window. I can see her lie down and few minutes later she is soundly asleep. I lost time track as I watch her peaceful sleep. My cell phone rings, Carlisle is asking me to help him, I can't refuse, I know that beside Carlisle I'm the one with more control around blood. Unwillingly I run away from her, but she is all I can think at, her scent, her hair, her eyes. I stop abruptly right next to my car as I realize that I don't know her name yet. I can't hold a sigh, I guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow. I'm so excited! I get to where Carlisle is and as I help him I keep thinking about how I can talk to her in the school tomorrow, I wonder if she is going to like me. I try to look at the future but I can't see a thing as I haven't make a decision how I'm going to introduce myself. After helping Carlisle I get back to her house to watch her sleep, she is saying some incoherent words as "No mom", "I won't go" and I'm curious to know her and know the meaning of her dreams. As the dawn approach I leave her sleeping to talk with my family, they must be worried about my disappearance. I get home and Edward is sitting on the couch smiling at me as he read my thoughts. He can't keep quiet.

"Congratulations, Alice." Edward wink at me. And with that all my family is around me.

"What happened, little sis?" Emmett of course, I can't stop a smile spreading across my face.

"I think tomorrow is going to be an excellent day!" I walk away toward my bedroom leaving them curious. I can't keep track of time while I thinking about what happened tonight. I hear Rosalie saying to get ready if I don't want to be late to school. I quickly change and run to the car, where Edward, Rosalie and Emmett were already inside expecting me.

"So sis, you won't tell us what is going to happen today huh?" Emmett just can't control his curiosity. I giggle and remain silent. As we get into the school parking lot I can see the truck I recognize as hers and my smile grew wider.

"I've got to go." I leave before they can interrogate me.

I never thought that few hours could be so long and boring in all my existence I've never experienced something like this. Finally after gym class and biology it is lunch time, the moment I'm expecting since I saw her coming. I try to focus and keep a human pace in the way to the cafeteria. I arrive and there is no one in there yet.

I sit at our table and wait as the students arrive at the cafeteria. My siblings arrive and give me a questioning look, I don't mind answering them. I feel anxious and happy, my eyes are locked on the cafeteria doors and then the doors open and she come inside a guy next to her, who is he?! I'll take care of him later… I see Edward grinning teasingly at my bouncy and jealous self I look at him briefly, then I can't think straight anymore as I hear her pulling a chair and I hear that guy calling her name, by that time I already knew her beautiful name all students could talk is about her so it wasn't difficult to hear them. I can't stop looking at her she is already looking at us but she seems to notice my gaze and look straight at my eyes. I smile at her and her heartbeat increases and she holds her breath her eyes widen a little, is she afraid of me?

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