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Chapter Three: Blurred Visions

Alice's POV

I look back at Edward.

"No, she is not afraid. I can't really listen to her thoughts as well as the others. But she is quite interested in you. I'm sorry but that's all I can tell you," he answers my thoughts too fast and low for any human to be able to hear him.

I smile to him, "Thank you, that's all I needed to hear. Well, I'll see you guys later."

I walk straight to her table. I can hear that guy, it seems that his name is Mike, is beginning to fill her with the gossip about us. Fortunately, even in that slow human pace, I get there before he can go on.

"Hello," I greet them.

Standing right behind Bella, I lean a little bit so I can smell her scent better; she smells like jasmine and mint, I smile to myself. At that moment she turns around and looks straight into my eyes. I can hear she whisper "hi" back to me.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Alice, Alice Cullen." I continue smiling softly at her and even though she is blushing it doesn't affect me that much as I try to control myself so as not to touch her delicate, pale, warm skin.

"I'm Bella, Bella...erh..." she starts saying.

"Swan...yes, I know. You're chief Swan's daughter," still too into her features, I complete her sentence. Oh I just hope she doesn't wonder how I know. Before she can think about that I change the subject to the first thing that comes in my mind.

"I know you've already made new friends, but would you mind walking with me to your next class?" she looks at me with confusion and in some kind of trance. Is she feeling okay? I grab one of her hands to call her attention, maybe I should just leave…

"Yes... I'd love to. Can we go now?" Bella answers before I can remove my hand from hers.

My smile, I am sure, widens with her answer and I pull her lightly towards the door not minding the people staring at me, but something tells me she does, so we better talk on our way to class. As we walk past the cafeteria doors I look at her and she doesn't seem very well. I decide to take her to the girls' bathroom, maybe she is feeling sick…

"Bella? Bella…" I try to call her name a couple times until she turns her head to me blushing more.


I must say I never liked school so much in my undead life. Even with all my visions I never expected her to be so kind and concerned with me, someone she knows for less than a day. I can't say I am complaining. It was so much better then what I imagined to be. Everything about her seems to pull me, like a gravitational force.

"Yeah. But you should keep your distance. She is only human, you could harm her," Edward, of course, couldn't get out of my mind.

"You know very well that even with her blood being so alluring, she is my mate and I'd never harm her. But both of us know that you should keep your distance indeed; she is your singer and I don't want to fight you Edward. I love her and I'll do what's necessary to protect her;" I said out loud even though he could read my mind. I was just warning the rest of the family as well.

Carlisle came into my room at that moment.

"Edward, Alice is right. You should feed a lot more and try to avoid any direct contact with her. And about Alice's thirst, she has already proved that she can control it. Alice, I need to ask you a favor though," Carlisle said putting an end on our argument.

"Yes, Carlisle," I answered his unspoken question with a little bit of concern. "I can't really see them, but there is something coming as I told you before and each day they are nearer. I still can't tell who or what they are but I know there are two of them."

"I know I can't see the werewolves but these things were different. As if they were trying to block my visions from happening. I can't deny I am awfully concerned, even more that their approach matches the time I finally found her. Bella. I already miss her," I answer him and take in an unnecessary deep breath at the end.

"Hm. That's interesting. Two of them. Don't worry Alice we'll be prepared and Bella is a part of the family since the day we welcomed you into our family. We will protect her. But what makes you think this has anything to do with her?" Carlisle asks after absorbing the information I just gave him and putting the pieces together with the vision I had as soon as me and Bella stepped out of the classroom.

"I told your Carlisle. I can't really be sure because this vision was totally scrambled and I couldn't understand very well, but something tells me that she is deeply involved with all of this," I answer him deciding that I can't stay here any longer; I need a peaceful place to think.

"Are you going to Forks Park?" Edward asks reading my mind, that's annoying sometimes. "I am sorry. You know I can't control."

"I know Edward. It's okay. And yes I will, I need to think about all this alone."

"Yeah, you better think about this indeed." Rosalie voice came entering the room.

"Save it Rose. I already know what you are going to say, since long ago. So just keep it to yourself." I hissed at the end letting a small growl form into my chest as a warning.

"Fine. But don't come to me later saying that I was right." Rosalie left to hunt and I went to the garage to grab my car. I would need it. As I saw in a vision.

"Good luck, sis." Edward is smirking at me, he also saw my vision. I smirked back.

I have no time to come back home… I thought to him and left.

As I drive towards the park I can't contain my happiness as I think about earlier today.


"I'm okay...sorry. I was just lost in my thoughts," she answers. But I am still concerned, she seems a bit off.

"I thought you would faint when we got out of the cafeteria. You were a little paler and with your eyes closed as if you were feeling something." she is blushing and I can't resist, it is so cute. I place one of my hands on her cheek.

"It's okay. I was just wondering about some things and you caught me by surprise," she says shivering as my cold hand touches her face.

"Sorry," I sigh too low for her to notice, trying to take the sad tone out of my voice as well. "A good surprise, I hope," I change the subject.

"Of course," she smiles at me beautifully and grabs my hands. I relax a little and as a reflex my hold on her hand loosened but she tightens her hold on mine.

"You don't mind the temperature of my hands?" I ask anxious.

"No. I don't. Are you cold?" she surprises me as she takes off her coat and places it around my shoulders. "Feel better?" she asks while grabbing my hands again and rubbing hers along mine.

Oh God. She is so warm… I love the feeling of her skin on my hand. I wonder if her lips are softer and warmer. I want to kiss her and hold her so much. No, I don't want to scare her away. But I can't stop looking at her eyes. She has such beautiful chocolate eyes. "I waited so long for you…" I whisper too fast and too low.

"Yes... thank you. This feels nice..." I stare at our hands. Without looking up I can feel her cheeks getting warmer. She is blushing again, but she continues rubbing my hands in a vain effort to make them warmer. "My hands are always cold. I have a different body temperature. You are so warm..." I bit my lower lip. I should keep that to myself… I hope she didn't notice the passion in my voice. I close my eyes to focus and kick myself mentally. I need to go slow.

As I open my eyes I see her smiling to me. The bell rings. Jeez, what a time argh.

"Oh..." she sighs. Oh she wanted more time with me too.

"What class do you have now?" I squeeze her hands softly and smile at the thought that she wants to spend more time talking to me. As she let go of one of my hands I have a vision.

'We are walking out of our English class towards Architecture class I can see Edward coming to greet me and walk to our class. I can see the grin on his face. Oh God he is going to tease me to no end! His grin widens as he hears my thoughts.

"You have Architecture next too right?" I ask Bella turning to face her.

At that moment she loses her balance as she slides on a candy that fell from one of the students in front of us. She tries to steady herself grabbing the door knob, but the thing is almost falling apart by itself and couldn't support her weight, breaking with a loud 'tock'. The sharp metal part cuts lightly on her forearm, but enough to spill a little of blood. At that moment Edward and I smell her scent and before I can hold him he is biting her wrist sucking her in front of the whole school.'

Shit! Edward? Edward? I think and hear his reply as he passes outside the bathroom door.

"Yes. I've seen it," he sounds controlled, "I am holding as much as I can. I think I am going home. Can't be too close now," Okay. It's better this way.

At that moment, as Bella replies I was hit with another vision.

'We are leaving the class and before she slide I grab her hand and pull her towards me gently so when she falls I support her with my body frame. She looks at me blushing

"Sorry…" she says ashamed.

"It's okay. Better me than the floor I guess." I answer playfully.

"Much better…" she says under her breath, if I wasn't vampire I could have never heard it.

My smile widens as we walk, she notices that we are still holding hands and lets go of my hand embarrassed.'

"Um... English," I am glad my visions only last few seconds, so I won't look as a lunatic all the time.

"Great. You are in my class, then," I answer right away, smiling even more happy now as I pull her with me to our class. "Let's go."

I stay with her while she waits for the teacher to sign her paper. We pass by the other students and they have a surprised look on their faces. Silly teenagers. I glare at them. And now they are looking at me. I know she doesn't like the attention. I sit at my usual chair at the last row by the right corner and she sits next to me. I watch her thoughtful expression as I right on a piece of paper.

Do you have plans for this weekend?

She takes the note and looks surprised that I am asking her that. Was I too upfront? She passes me the note back before I can dwell on it too much.

No. How about you? We could do something?..

I smile, she is inviting me before I could do that. I giggle a little.

No I don't. Yes we could. I already have something in mind. Would you like to come shopping with me?

I slide the note back to her barely containing myself from bouncing in my chair. I love shopping. And with her it's going to be perfect. As soon as she reads it she looks at me with a puzzled look and something that looks like fear. Is she afraid of me or the shopping trip?

I am not really into shopping… But you seem so excited about it… Yes, why not?

She writes her answer and slides it back to me. Yay! It was the shopping, but she is going with me anyway! I smile at her, beaming. Her heart skips a beat. I look t at the teacher as he calls my attention. I answer his question as I brush my hand lightly on hers, hearing her heart skip another beat. I smile inside. This shopping is going to be great!


I park my car and walk towards my favorite place, at the lake margins. I already saw in a vision that Bella is going to come here later today. It seems that now I have to share my park with someone. But I don't mind at all. I can share everything with her. I sit by the lake thinking about Bella and how things are much better now that she finally appeared in my life. At the same time I am worried about those strangers that keep appearing in my visions. They don't seem to know where they are going exactly but they are coming closer to us without planning. I wonder how they can be connected to Bella.

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