Bella's kids

This is a story of Bella's kids. Their twins and their names are Alexandria Rosalice Swan (ARS) and Edward Jammett Swan (EJS). In my story, Bella never jumped from the cliff and Edward didn't come back for her. She had Edward's kids and died giving birth to them. Here is their story.


It was the first day of high school. My twin brother and I are freshmen. We are 14. We live in the town of Forks. It is in Washington and rains 99% of the time.

"Alex, are you ready to go?" called EJ. That's what we call my brother. I quickly put my bronze colored hair into a ponytail and ran downstairs.

My brother and I live with our godfather, Jacob Black. Our mother died giving birth to us.

We got into Jacob's car and he drove us out of the La Push Indian Reservation and into Forks. We would be attending Forks High School instead of the high school on the reservation.

When we arrived at school, we said bye to Jake and went to the main office for our schedules. That's when we saw them.


My sister and I walked into the main office and there were students getting their schedules. That was a normal action the thing that wasn't normal was the people. There were 5 of them. They were the Cullen/Hales. There was Emmett Cullen, Alice Cullen, and Edward Cullen. Then there was Rosalie and Jasper Hale. The Hales were blondes. Alice was a short girl with black spiky hair, Emmett was big with dark curly hair and Edward was in the middle with bronze hair. His hair was sort of like my sister and mine. Wait a minute it was the exact same shade. They were all very good-looking and very intimidating.

They looked at us. Then the receptionist asked for our names. "I'm Edward Swan and this is my sister, Alexandria Swan." I said.

The Cullen/Hales looked at each other than back at us.

We were given our schedules and then we left. When we were safely outside and outside of hearing distance of the Cullens, Alex whispered "Did the Cullens look weird to you?"

I thought about it for a minute. They were pale and they had weird colored eyes. "Now that you mention it yeah, they sure don't look like freshmen and sophomores." I added.

"I don't know about you but I'm going to figure out what's up with them." Alex said then left to her first class.

Dang, I thought, why couldn't I have a normal sister? Then I headed of to class after her.

EC (Edward Cullen)

We are back in Forks, Washington and enrolled once again in Forks High School. We were in the main office getting our schedules when THEY came in.

They were twins, no doubt. They both had bronze colored hair, like mine. They were also very pale like my family and me. I knew they weren't vampires because they had heartbeats. The girl had her hair up to her waist in a ponytail and chocolate brown eyes. They looked like Bella's eyes, My Bella, the one that I left 15 years ago.

The secretary, Ms. Lonnie, asked for their names. The male said "I'm Edward Swan and this is my sister, Alexandria Swan."

When he said 'Swan' my siblings and I looked at each other quickly. Their thoughts were centered on the same thing.

Jasper thought: "They aren't…"

Alice thought: "Oh my…"

Emmett thought: "Ha-ha, you lost ya girl."

Rosalie thought: "…"

The Swans got their schedules and left. When they thought they were out of earshot of us, Alexandria spoke. "Did the Cullens look weird to you?"

Well of course we looked weird we are vampires for the sake of all goodness.

EJ thought for a moment. "Now that you mention it, yeah, they sure don't look like freshmen and sophomores."

Alexandria had a determined look on her face. "I don't know about you, but I'm going to figure out what's up with them." Then she left.

EJ stared after his sister and thought. Dang, why couldn't I have a normal sister?


After we all got our food we went to sit at the table we sat at 15 years ago. I noticed that the Swans also sat at a table by themselves. Alexandria and Edward Swan were talking about us. The rest of my family and I listened to their conversation.

"Alex, I don't understand why you care so much about the Cullens!" EJ exclaimed.

"I don't care about them like that. I just want to know if the stories are true. I want to know if our mom dated that Cullen and if he indeed left her. I want to figure out who our father is. EJ do you realize that we never met any of our parents or grandparents for that matter." Alex cried.

"I know that we don't know our parents. I want to figure all that stuff out, too, but we need to let things fall into place. Face it sis, our mother is dead. Finding all that stuff out isn't going to bring her back. So keep your head out of the clouds and focus on the present." He said harshly.

Tears started to well up in Alex's eyes. I felt the need to go over their and comfort her like a father would comfort his child. I can't believe EJ said those things to her. She jumped out of her chair and ran out the cafeteria.

EJ got out of his seat, threw away their trays then went to find his sister.


Alex was sitting against the wall with her knees in her chest, sobbing. I sat down and pulled her into me.

"I'm sorry" I said softly. "It's hard for me, too." We sat like that for a minute. Then she spoke "" This made her cry harder.

I felt sorry for her so I said "Alex, if you want to we will find our father. I will go around with any and all crazy schemes that you have unless it might land me in jail." She laughed.

Just then the Cullens came out. I got up then helped my sister up. She smoothed out her purple sweater dress which she had on over black skinny jeans. She turned toward me and said "Thanks EJ."

"No problem." I replied.

AC (Alice Cullen) P.O.V

I saw EJ run after his sister who had run out of the cafeteria after he said something harsh to her. I could hear the conversation and I knew that my siblings were listening, also.

"I'm sorry," EJ said "It's hard for me, too." There was a minute of silence and then Alex spoke "I know and I'm sorry for making it seem like I am the center of attention. A girl relies on her mother. You have Jacob to do all the guy stuff with. I have nobody." The she started to cry harder. My family and I made our way out of the cafeteria. On the way out I heard EJ say "Alex, if you want to we will find our father. I will go around with any and all crazy schemes that you have unless it might land me in jail." Alex laughed. It was good to know how close of a relationship they had. We walked out of the cafeteria to see Alex's head in EJ's chest and his arm around her shoulders. When they saw us EJ got up then helped his sister.

Alex smoothed out her clothes and said "Thanks EJ". Then EJ left. Alex started for the girls' bathroom but I called her. My family and she looked at me. "Yeah" she said.

I had never talked to a human besides Bella. I guess this was the same thing since Alex was Bella's daughter. "Do you want to hang out sometime, just us. We could talk and shop and I know that we can be really good friends."

I saw Alex measure my expression. Then she smiled at me showing her teeth. "I don't seem the harm in that." Then she threw me an object. It was an iPhone. "Put your number in" she told me. I did and gave it back to her.

She walked into the bathroom.

"What was that about?" Jasper asked.

"You heard didn't you. She lost her mother and I think she needs a friend other than her brother." I said I really felt sorry for her. My family and I split up for our afternoon classes.

End of School


I told EJ what happened after lunch between Alice and me. He said that it was weird. We went hunting after school to Goat Rock Mountains.

I loved mountain lions. This hunting trip would last the rest of the night so we did our homework first. I also changed my outfit. I had a date with my boyfriend, Seth Clearwater, who was a werewolf. He is 30 but looks 17. I put on a chocolate brown sweater dress with knee-high black boots. I also curled my bronze hair so that it was in springs. The EJ and I went to hunt.

When we were in the mountains, I sniffed the air. There was a lion a mile east of me. I took of running in a half crouch. I got to the lion and had it down without a drop of blood on my outfit. Then I sucked his blood. It was 1,000 times better than school food. I felt a presence behind me, I stiffened. Then I turned around and standing behind me was Edward and Emmett Cullen. I could feel my eyes widen, I got scared and yelled "Eeee Jjjjjj". EJ was at my side in a matter of seconds.

Now I knew what they were… vampires.


Emmett and I had gone to Goat Rock Mountains for a feast of bears and mountain lions. I smelled something other than animals. It wasn't completely human and it wasn't completely vampire.

I tapped Emmett's arm and we followed the scent. In the forest by the river, I saw a bronze haired girl in a brown sweater dress crouch over a lion drinking its blood. When we came close, she stiffened. She turned around and we saw her face. I was Alexandria Swan! Alex opened her mouth and yelled "Eeee Jjjjjj". In a couple of seconds, EJ was in front of us.

"Well, this is weird." Emmett broke the silence. Alex stood up from her half-drained kill and stood beside her brother. She was obviously mad at me fro ruining her meal.

Her thoughts said "I have a date tonight and I have to hang with the monkeys. Great!"

I ignored her thoughts. I was very curious with what they were.

"You're not human and you're not a vampire." I said it wasn't a question.

"We are vampire hybrids. Our mom was human and our father is a vampire." EJ said. I could tell without reading their minds that they were uncomfortable talking in the middle of the woods.

"Do you want to continue this conversation at our house?" I asked. They looked at each other, questioningly. EJ looked at his watch and nodded.

We led the way to our house. They stopped outside the door looking scared. "C'mon. We won't bite." I laughed.

She looked at me in disbelief. "Don't forget that we bite back." She grinned widely. EJ and Alex walked into the house. Esme and Carlisle were at the door in a second.