I've seen several stories similar to this where Naruto characters appear in our world or us in theirs and I like them enough I decided to write my own. ^_^

CrossWorlds ~ One ~ A Not So Typical Tuesday


I gave a low, drawn out groan as my alarm clock began its morning routine of rudely awakening me. I heaved a sigh and sat up while muttering under my breath, "Stupid, no-good, ungrateful, hateful thing…"


I cut it off in mid beep as I yawned and sat up. At least it wasn't Monday, but Tuesdays are just as bad. I still had to get up early and go to my lovely high school, but the good thing about this particular Tuesday was that for some strange reason unknown to me it was a seven period short day.

It was also bad due to the fact that my teachers either tried to cram a lesson and assignment into a twenty minute class period or the whole class sat and did nothing. The whole thing was enough to make me drop to the floor and foam at the mouth.

I pulled on yesterday's jeans, flip flops, and a random t-shirt from my closest that turned out to be last year's spring fling tee. I rocked back on my heels and after a moment of thought decided I didn't care what I looked like and simply pulled a brush through my hair and pulled it up into a high pony tail with the ends tucking into the last loop so it looked more like a strange bun.

Grabbing purse with required contents and backpack with the other essentials. I made my way to the other end of the small house I shared with my parents and dog to eat breakfast. A bowl of cold cereal was sufficient then out the door I went.

Mom and dad were both off on business trips so I had our little country house to myself. Locking the door I made my way to my car and headed off to my glorious high school. Take note, that was heavy sarcasm on the glorious part.

The twenty minute drive to school was uneventful as usual. I pulled into my assigned parking spot that I can brag happens to be one of the best in the school. Cheered by that thought and the fact that I had ticked off a great many people from grade school by getting it made me all the happier.

I grabbed my things, locked the car, pocketed the keys, and off to class I went. I hummed softly as I met up with my small group of friends at the usual place under a big old oak tree just outside B building. We met there unless it was raining or it got to cold. Since it was spring cold wasn't a problem after first thing and since it wasn't bad we all toughed it out.

"Aaaaliiiii!!" A perky, happy voice squealed out right before a very solid weight crashed into my right side and wrapped skinny arms around me. I chuckled and freed one arm to return the hug.

"Good morning Kitty-girl" I replied with a grin as I surveyed the shorter girl with mock exasperation, yet maintaining a grin. Audrey was cute with her dimples, pixie cut blonde hair, and dreamy hazel eyes. She was even pretty, but her happy-go-lucky attitude and obsession with fairies meant she wasn't prep material. My little group treasured her.

"Meow" She answered with the trademark that gave her the nickname 'Kitty-girl.' She suddenly released me whirled to shove her latest drawing of Gaara into my face, "Look! He's so cute!!"

She went on with squeals of glee. Next came a picture of the infamous Itachi Uchiha as Audrey swooned in place. I laughed all the while as I dumped my bag and purse on the bench with our other friend's stuff.

"I'm jealous Audrey. You're going to have to loan me your books again so I can learn to draw Naruto too" Our other friends rolled their eyes, used to these exchanges. Out of the six of seven regulars that gathered under our tree only Audrey and myself were real Naruto fans.

Audrey only watched the anime while I read the manga on the internet so I was way, way ahead of her and had to be careful about spoilers. I didn't like the anime since they had gone off with a bunch of random stuff before the time skip that I found pointless.

"Will do Ali!" Audrey replied with a thumbs up as the ten minute bell rang. I grinned and picked my stuff back up as I waved a goodbye. Most of them wouldn't leave until the five minute bell but I needed to stop by my locker first.

Dialing in the combo I opened the door and assessed what I'd need. Most of my teacher's wouldn't have us do anything since it was a half day.

Biology, History, and… Oh shit. Here they come. They were the school's jocks and cheerleaders that formed the prep posse headed by the Queen Bitch of the school herself, Brittany. I went to grade school with her and we'd been best friends at one time, but now… Hehe, now we were sworn enemies.

"Ali" Brit said in her sickly sweet voice as if we were still friends, "I have a History paper on the Great Depression due Friday. Could you do it for me please?" At least she didn't dance around wasting time.

I smiled and leaned against the neighboring locker as I pretended to think about it, "Hmm… Yeaaaaa- No. I have my own to write. So no."

I watched her pretty face turn ugly as soon as the words left my mouth and her group began to close ranks around me. I kept my posture casual, they couldn't do anything to me here, but it wasn't like I was afraid of them any way.

Brittany shoved her face into mine, a scowl marring her pretty features, "Listen here bitch, I need that paper wrote and you will do it for me" She smiled then, "I'll see you Friday."

Then with a flip of her oh so perfect blonde hair she turned and fallowed by her Prep Posse walked off to class. I waited until they were out of sight before sliding to the floor in a fit of giggles. Did so not know how utterly ridiculous she sounded?

With a final snort of amusement I picked myself up and headed to class. The half day passed in a blur as nothing else that caught my interest really took place.

I loaded myself and my stuff into my car at eleven thirty when class got out and headed for home as my stomach started growling. Parking at home I got out and stretched. Smiling like a dork up at the sky just for the heck of it.

This would be a perfect day to stretch out out in the sun and read. Grinning to myself I dumped my stuff in my room and grabbed up another bag and stuffed sketch pad, pencils, a notebook, my two favorite issues of Naruto(26 and 27), a swiftly made turkey sandwhich, iPod, laptop, and with a quilt tucked under my arm out the door I went.

I hummed off key to myself as I made my way down my usual trail towards the Wreck. Ducking through some overgrown honey suckle I found myself at my favorite place in the whole world: The Wreck.

The Wreck was actually an ancient R.V. that had been parked back here when there had actually been a road back here. Now the whole place was over grown and the Wreck was nearly hidden by the honey suckle. I'd cleared a clearing in the honey suckle so I could actually get into the R.V. if I wanted to, which I usually didn't.

My destination was the roof. Climbing up the back of the Wreck I spread the quilt out on the shady roof and stretched myself out with a sigh. Fishing my sketchpad and pencils out of my bag I began doodling a simple image of a fox while munching on my turkey sandwich.

That simple turned to complicated as I got it in my head to turn it into the Nine Tailed Fox. I was completely absorbed in my drawing when a crashing in the brush not far off made me look up with irritation. Closing my sketchpad I sat up and glared in the general direction of the crash while listening for more.

I could hear voices, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. I frowned, this was my family's property. There wasn't supposed to be any one back here.

Climbing silently down from the Wreck I started sneaking silently towards the sound of the voices. There is a lot of honey suckle and it grows really, really thick back in our woods so it wasn't to hard to sneak up on my unexpected visitors.

"Where the fucking hell are we?!"

"How should I know? What are you two doing here anyway?"

"Don't know, we were just walking along when suddenly there was this weird ripping sound things started spinning, then whoosh and we're here with you three."

"Keep it down. We don't want to give our position away."

I blinked, Wow. There are a lot of people sneaking onto my property.

Easing my way up I peaked around the edge of the honey suckle and blinked in surprise at the four figures in a rough circle at the base of the bluff below me. Black cloaks decorated with silver edged red clouds.

Oh. My. God. There are freaking cosplayers on my property. I gave a mental groan as I watched people pretending to be Itachi, Kisame, Hidan, and Kakuzu pretend to argue. I stifled a giggle with my fist.

"To late for that. We seem to have been found out" What sounded like two voices said above my head. I looked up at a black and white man with a giant Venus flytrap around him looking down at me from partway inside a tree. I felt my jaw drop in shock as I blinked a couple times.

"Um… Hi?" I tried experimentally as I stepped backwards, promptly tripped on a tree root and landed flat on my backside. Zetsu seemed equally surprised by my reply as he stepped from his tree. An eye blink later and I found myself surrounded by the other four Akatsuki members.

"So girl, perhaps you can tell us where we are?" Zetsu asked. I stood up and brushed my jeans off, I'd left my flip flops back at the Wreck so I was bare footed.

"S-sure" I answered, "I think there's an old map back in the Wreck" I motioned for them to fallow as I walked back towards the Wreck.

"What the fuck is that?" Hidan asked as soon as we got in sight of the Wreck. I glanced at him and instantly took offense at him staring at my secret hiding place as if it had the plague.

"An R.V… You guys aren't from around here are you?" I asked as my brain refused to accept what my gut was telling it.

"That depends on what your map says little girl" Kisame answered. I glanced up, way up at his face but I couldn't read his expression behind the collar of his cloak.

"It's Ali" I said almost absent minded as I opened the door to the Wreck. It protested mightily but it came. I motioned for them to come in as I walked towards the front and began digging around in the glove compartment.

I finally found a map of the United States and kneeling on the floor I spread it out on the floor. I glanced up at them, but of course I couldn't read any of their faces. I sighed, "None of this looks familiar does it?"

A long pause before Itachi answered, "…No."

I gulped and looked at Kakuzu knowing my face was suddenly blank, "Can I see you hand?"

"Why?" Kakuzu asked with suspicion and narrowed eyes.

"Please. It's important" I replied knowing I was probably noticeable pale by now.

Kakuzu didn't say anything else, but wordlessly held out his hand, palm up. Shakily I stepped forward and took his hand in both of my and pushed back the cloak sleeve. I traced the stitches on his arm with fingers that shook. No amount of makeup could fake that.

"They're real…" I whispered. As if to prove it threads sudden whipped out to hold me in place.

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