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CrossWorlds ~ Part I ~ The Beginning ~ Chapter Thirty-Eight ~ Darkness Falls

I was still grinning my 'Grimmjow grin,' as a few friends called it , as I leapt through the trees into the night. Thinking of Grimmjow, I would have almost preferred to visit the Bleach world than the Naruto world if given the choice. Bleach seemed much more interesting to me with its plot twists and turns than the Naruto world's plot. I did like Naruto better because the main character in Bleach, Ichigo, seemed almost Mary Sue at times, sprouting a new power just in time to save the day. Naruto seemed more real as a person to me, but the guys in Bleach were hotter than most of the Naruto characters.

Itachi… I remembered, making me grin wider. Yes, Itachi was defiantly nice to look at. So was Kakashi, even with the mask. Kisame's sharky appearance was interesting and he had an awesome sword. Same thing with Zabuza, only he was better looking than Kisame.

I snorted and shook my head, what was I? A hormonal teenager? Possibly, I was a few weeks shy of my eighteenth birthday after all. I reasoned I was allowed to have a few crushes, even if they were anime ones.

I steered my mind away from thinking about attractive males and concentrated on running through the trees. It was hard work, especially on my poor legs that had been bound for who knows how long by Takacha and his men. It didn't help that I was still bruised from the fight in my world and every step hurt at least a little bit.

I knew I couldn't get very far in my condition and I didn't know if Time would stay stopped if I stopped to sleep, "Hey," I thought at Kasugami, "If I stop Time and go to sleep will it stay stopped?"

"No," The ram replied in my head, "Keeping Time stopped requires your will to keep it so. If you are sleeping your will sleeps as well and your hold on Time is lost," He told me, not unkindly, but, as I was starting to expect was normal for him, he didn't offer anything that would be useful.

I sighed and put my frustration into my push off of the tree I was against, the wood popped from the force. I blinked in surprise and glanced over my shoulder at the tree, it had a clear indication of my bare foot in its bark. I grimaced at the foot print, it would provide a clear sign to anyone saying 'Look! Someone went this way!'

I rolled my eyes at my own stupidity as I landed on a large rock and crouched there a moment as I panted to catch my breath. I scowled to myself, this ninja stuff was hard work! I considered myself in decent shape from karate, helping out the neighbors, and roaming the woods, but this ninja stuff made me feel like a complete wimp!

I sighed out gustily with irritation and closed my eyes as I tilted my head back. I hadn't been running for more than ten minutes, fifteen at the most, and I was nearly out of breath. I growled in my throat as I opened my eyes to glare ahead into the darkness.

The darkness was my second problem. Although I could see pretty well in the dark, I was having trouble here. I guessed I was used to having the light from town lighting up the sky enough that I could even see a little bit when there was no moon. There wasn't any light here, the trees even blocked out any star light there might be.

My third problem… I didn't know if I was going the right way to get back to Fire country. More importantly, back to Kakashi, Rin, Obito, and Minato. I frowned then and my eyes lidded, I wasn't sure if there would be an Obito when I returned. At least I knew Minato would be there and he could help me. He was a master of space/time jutsu so he just might, might have some idea how I got into this world and, more importantly, a way to get me home.

The fourth problem was my friends, or rather, finding my friends. My enemies too I supposed, it wouldn't do to simply leave them behind in a strange world where they would die… Though that would be fitting for them, they would have left me behind.

I'd caught my breath by the time I'd counted off my problems, which only served to further irritate me and made me see just how much of a pickle I was in. A new one was forming as an annoying buzz at the back of my head. I winced at the sudden headache's onset. How many of these things had I had since coming here?

I could almost believed that Naruto's world was cursed with all the bad things that happened to it. I didn't really think this stupid war classified as one of those things, true war was bad, it happened in my world too. Still, they had the Nine Tailed Fox that was called a natural disaster several times that I remembered, but could a thinking creature really be considered a natural disaster?

I shook my head to clear it of such thoughts, I didn't need to make my headache worse, as I pushed off from the rock I'd been crouched on. I had to keep moving. I was afraid that if I stopped I'd be tempted to sleep and Kasugami told me if I fell asleep I lost my control over Time and if that happened it wouldn't be long before a group of angry Stone ninja found me…

I suppose the smart thing would have been to kill them while Time was stopped, but I wasn't a killer and I didn't want to be. I also couldn't chance fundamentally changing something in this world and risk it affecting something in my world or any other world.

That thought made me pause on my next landing and then stop altogether on the landing after that. Was that even possible? I shrugged and shook my head, I supposed it was. If the Naruto world was real, why couldn't others?

I rubbed the space between my upper lip and my nose as I turned that over in my head as a slow smile spread over my face. It would, undoubtedly, be fun to end up in a select few other worlds and meet some of my favorite characters… I winced suddenly as my headache gave a particularly painful surge. I rubbed my temples with the first two fingers of both hands, hoping that the presser with relieve some of the pain.

It didn't.

I sighed with regret and disappointment before closing my eyes and rubbing my closed eyelids instead. Couldn't I just deal with one problem at a time? I had enough of them piling up without adding a splitting headache to the pile to distract me. I had more important things to focus on, I couldn't afford to be distracted.

I narrowed my eyes and pushed my headache to the bottom of my list, trying to ignore it as I pushed off from the tree branch I had been perched on to the next one. I had to keep moving, I had to get as far away from the stupid Stone Ninja as I could before I could even think about stopping and only after I found a suitable hiding spot that I was certain they couldn't find. I knew if they found me again after what I did to them I wouldn't walk away unscathed, if at all…

The thought made me swallow with fear. It was one thing to imagine what would happen if I ever managed to get into the Naruto world, it was quite another to actually be there and be in actual danger and have the threat of death hanging over my head.

"Coward," Kabegami's sneering voice echoed in my head.

"Shut up," I muttered angrily aloud. She wasn't out here running for her life. I counted myself very, very lucky that Kasugami let me use his power to stop Time. Otherwise my goose would have been cooked a long time ago.

"You're welcome youngling," Kasugami replied, though, to me, it didn't sound like he really cared one way or the other if I got to use his power or not.

I frowned then as I pushed off a tree branch, what had I done to vex him so? I waited, expecting him to barge into my head and read my thoughts then reply, but only silence answered. I rolled my eyes and focused more on running and conserving my strength.

I continued on for another good ten minutes before stopping to catch my breath again. I crouched on another tree branch as I panted, then shivered slightly. It was cooler now that night had fallen in the forest and me being sweaty wasn't helping to keep me warm. I rubbed my hands against the sides of my arms, feeling goose bumps ripple up.

Whenever I decided to stop and find someplace to hide I was going to make sure it was warm. I hated being cold. I'd much rather prefer to be too hot as to too cold. I can always take off more clothes if it's hot outside, but I can only put on so many when it's cold before I resemble a marshmallow and can't move besides wiggling. Which I as annoying as it is embarrassing.

Cold weather wasn't all bad though, I did rather like ice skating and a snowball wars in the country we had were the high light of my winters. Everyone took part in them and I mean everyone from three year olds to some grandparents. Afterwards, we would go have a potluck supper with make hot chocolate coffee and socialize.

A smile tugged at the corners of my mouth as I thought about the snow wars, but I pushed back my wandering thoughts yet again as I took a deep breath and frowned at the darkness ahead of me. I had to get my friends and get home.

I leapt for the next branch, landed, jumped for the next one. My body quickly settled back into the rhythmic movement as I tried to alternate which leg I used to push off with so I wouldn't tire myself out as quickly. I had strong legs and while I was fast over short distances, long ones were hard for me.

I landed and faltered as I pushed off from the next branch as my head split with pain, making me wince as I just barely managed to land on the next branch. I squeezed my eyes shut and pressed my hands to the side of my head in a futile attempt to block my headache out.

It was bad enough that my eyes watered and my nose started running. I gasped and started coughing as the stench of rotted meat combined with the stench of something dead and rotten eggs met my nose. I could handle each one by itself, but all three mashed together, at the same time was almost more than I could handle as my stomach rolled and threatened to empty itself.

I coughed one last time before jumping forward and jumped again as soon as I landed, desperate to get away from the stenches. If I'd had a handkerchief with some perfume sprayed in it over my nose I would have gone to investigate would was making such an awful smell.

I landed on another branch and jumped again, but neither the smell nor my headache was abating. If anything, both got worse. My vision swam from my eyes watering and my runny nose was making it difficult to breath. I almost missed my next landing as a coughing fit overtook me.

Hacking and coughing I crouched on the branch, just barely managing not to throw up. I gasped for breath, panting before forcing myself to jump for the next branch. I was halfway to the next branch I was jumping for when I was knocked aside by something slamming into my right side, startling a yelp out of me.

I gave a choked gasp as my flight was cut abruptly short as my back met with the hard, rough surface of another tree. It knocked the wind out of me and I fell less than a couple feet before something slammed into me and pinned me against the tree. The smell of rotten meat and eggs with a good dose of something dead assaulted my nose as my head screamed.

I stared wide-eyed as a black thing pinned me against the tree. It was vaguely human shaped, with arms, legs, and a head but that was where the resemblance ended. It was entirely black, blacker than the forest around us to the point that it made the forest look brighter and it smoked. I didn't really know what to make of the wispy black smoke that constantly oozed off the entire thing, shrouding what it really looked like so that it just looked like a… A shadow thing. Then there were the eyes. I would have expected something like this to have crimson eyes, but instead they were narrow white slits with only a tiny, contracted pupil in their center without an iris.

Its eyes narrowed further, its head shifted slightly and it hissed. It was part angry snake, part angry crocodile, and part steam escaping through a small hole. Its right arm dug into my shoulder to pin me against the tree, I could even feel claws digging in while it held onto the tree with its left arm. Its lower body pressed against mine with a knee braced between my legs to keep me from sliding down.

I didn't know quite what this thing was, but I knew it was evil and I knew I wanted to get away.

I steeled myself as it moved its face closer to mine and scrunched my eyes shut then thrust my head forward as hard as I could. Our heads cracked together and the shadow thing roared as it released my shoulder to clutch its face. I wasted no time in pushing my own pain from a ringing head back and dug into the tree with my heels and kneed the thing in the crotch.

Man or woman, getting hit in the crotch hurts and the shadow thing let out and ear splitting, high pitched squeal as it pushed away from me. I hesitated only a moment before pushing off the tree after it, turning my body as I did so and aiming a kick at its belly.

It recovered from my earlier assault and grabbed my foot with one clawed hand and uttering another hiss it lashed out with its other hand, racking me across my collar bone from my right shoulder to my left. I tried not to, but I couldn't stop the scream of pain that escaped me that quickly turned to rage. I don't cower when I get hurt, I get mad. Plus I didn't even know what this thing was or why it was attacking me which pushed my anger that much further into near rage.

I lashed out with my right fist next, bending and twisting the leg the shadow thing had to bring me closer to it. It caught my fist in one hand and squeezed and several small pops and cracks accompanied by a shooting pain from my hand told me that several bone in my hand were broken. I roared and was preparing to lash out with my left fist next when it let go of my foot and snaked its hand forward to grip my left side. Then it squeezed.

I howled with pain as I felt my ribs crack then break. I kicked out blindly, counting myself a fool for attacking this thing in the first place. Now, all I wanted was to get away alive. I her a deep, wet gurgling sound and my eyes widened with shock and fear as I realized the thing was laughing at me. It liked hurting me.

I was panicking now. I had to get away from this thing. I kicked, I swung out with my unbroken hand and I thrust my head forward to try to head butt it again. It laughed again and released me completely and let my own momentum carry me forward so it was behind me. Both of its arms wrapped around me and pulled me back against its chest. Claws scarped from my right thigh to the left side of my ribcage before that arm moved to wrap around my upper chest and the other arm around my stomach.

It chuckled again as I felt teeth brush the top of my left shoulder. What was this thing? A vampire! Well, two could play that game and I bit down on the arm around my upper chest as hard as I could. It grunted, then hurled me down a short distance into the ground.

I cried out with pain with the impact along with the jarring of my other hurts. I had landed stomach down, but I flipped myself over, thrashing around on the ground as I moaned and cried with pain. My mouth burned where I'd bitten the thing and the taste of it was worse than the smell.

I flopped over on my side and emptied my stomach of what little it held, just barely managing not to choke. I coughed, then struggled to try to get up, trying to ignore that my entire front was wet and the fact that it was wet with my blood.

The thing chuckled from nearby and when I managed to glance at it, I couldn't help the anger and panic that filled me. It was merely sitting on a rock watching me struggle and the shape of its eyes suggested it was smirking. I was angry that it was merely watching me, but panicking because if it wasn't bothering to attack me anymore it might mean that it was going to watch me die.

I choked and coughed again, knowing that the dark liquid I was spitting up now wasn't vomit, but blood. Tears of rage leaked from my eyes and that only served to fan my anger higher, I hated crying. I had to get up, I had to get away, I had friends to save.

The sound of something ripping caused me to jerk my eyes to the source right below my hands. The thing snarled angrily, but I didn't get a chance to see it rushing toward me as the portal thingy that opened beneath me swallowed me up and closed behind me.

I squeezed my eyes shut, expecting more pain, but nothing new came. There wasn't any sound, but it still felt like I was flying through space, almost like falling. Before I could open my eyes and look around there was sound again and a short woosh of air past my ears before I crashed into a cold, hard surface.

I groaned with pain and cracked my eyes open, a pair of approaching feet was the last thing I saw…

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